My Conversation with Rothsfeller

A short refutation of globalization by Dick Eastman

[As I entered Rothsfeller's office, impressive with its treasures of Venetian and Chinese art, Kissinger was just leaving.]

- Eastman, I've read your ravings. You are a loser and a whiner and a paranoid.

+ And I see, Rothsfeller, that you have 20 billion dollars and that you network with a hundred other people with that kind of money. May I ask how it is that you and your friends decide where to invest that capital?

- Sure. We invest it where it will yield the greatest return and, by the working of the invisible hand, the greatest social good.

+ I don't think so. You see, opportunities exist around the world in specific places in a constellation of changing unique circumstances. You may have the computers to handle the choices, but I know you do not have the input of all those particulars of time and place to feed to your computers in order to make those decisions -- you don't have contact with all the right entrepreneurial brains throughout the world and all those people who know the particulars of local conditions and needs.

All you know is what 200 or 500 corporations can present to you in a menu of their schemes.

But what is a corporation but a miniature soviet planned economy. They may buy and sell in markets, but internally they are planned despotisms and supremely inefficient -- in fact only government charity, government-bestowed privilege, and monopolistic bullying that create barriers to new entry keeps them alive. The comic strip Dilbert is popular because it so well captures the US corporate environment.

I am sure that money concentrated in so few hands cannot find its way to the best social uses around the world. Corporations have discovered slave labor in China and they have learned that enough money going to the right Princeling allows them to dump all their pollutants on the Chinese locals free of charge to the transnational corporation. That is the extent of their entrepreneurship -- their seeking of better and cheaper ways of satisfying consumer demand.

- You don't know what you are talking about. But suppose you were right, what is your alternative?

+ Simple. Let local savings go to local lending institutions so that local entrepreneurs can appeal to local lending officers who will select among the most promising choices given his knowledge of local circumstances and reputations etc. That is the system that made America great, before you pirates took it over and wrecked the greatest free society in the world -- in fact the hope of the world.

The problem is globalization of finance capital, the solution is localization of finance and investment.

- Oh, yeah? Where do you work?

+ Sorry, someone beat you to it. I'm a clerk at Blockbuster Video. But let me go on. You say you are a capitalist and that capitalism is the best system. Well, I emphatically disagree. First off I notice that you billionaires have been lending to foreign governments, not to the various the Edisons and Fords or other better mousetrap makers of these countries. Is that reliance on the market system? Of course it isn't. You give that money to the worst and least responsible element, so they can bid resources away from the responsible middle class elements of each society. In fact you destroy middle classes as a matter of policy because you know they are the ones with the intelligence and initiative to out compete your ridiculous anti-social corporation monstrosities. Your hand in any nation is death to that nation's standard of living, its self-sufficiency, its self-respect. How much drugs and pornography and what percent of media monopolization and how much in bribes to officials and politicians is necessary to get a nation to swallow that poison? You just tell me that.

- You are looking for trouble.

+ And you certainly are trouble, but I haven't told the half of it yet. Just look at the way you and your friends smash nations when you suddenly inject your billions and then, when the moment is right for you, withdraw it. Think of the economic dislocations -- the malinvestment as suddenly all of the building of thing planned in anticipation of one set of circumstances are suddenly rendered worthless junk by the dislocations you inflict. And don't tell me that you don't use you hot-money capital as a constant threat or a perpetual carrot to dictate your miserable deviant will in all these countries. And look at exactly what your kind has made of these countries.

Currency traders are a scum that rises to the top when international relations are designed by international pirates.

I won't bother going into the institutions that you have created to impose your will on the world, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg, the IMF, the World Bank, WTO, World Weather Organization (how many murders, sir, can be laid at your door on that one alone?) and all those NGO's created to do your self-aggrandizing bidding under the false flag of altruism. And of course you want world government -- world government represented by your pet NGO's, not democratic representation. The Protocols of Zion may be phony, but I could create a more terrible document based on your own stated goals over the years and your actions.

- Oh, so you're an anti-Semite too.

+ It is not I who is in favor of genocide against the Semitic Iraqis and Palestinians and it is not I who murdered Yitzhak Rabin and bankrolled Hitler. It is just too convenient for you do dodge behind the skirts of anti-anti-Semitism. Someday that trick is going to wear thin. How is it that in this planet, that has been filled with blood and gore from day one, has only one people with a monopoly on claims to victimhood?

- When I get through with your reputation no one will dare open one of your posts for fear of association.

+ Been there done that. Some people don't care any more. Either way, they see themselves ending up the same way, as debt slaves in the global plantation. Some will follow the truth wherever it leads, and they will keep from hate and revenge. That of course leaves them with the wholesome desire and determination to be free from corruption, fraud and slavery.

- Your nuts.

+ So I have been told. But do you say that because you believe it, or simply because you can be excused from paying attention to argument if you dismiss my rationality with slander?

At any rate, my point is that finance capitalism is not the only kind market system that is possible, it is merely the worst.

- Who let you in here?

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