Beware of China

King of kings' Bible - Revelation 16:12 And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great River Euphrates; and the "water" thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the East (eastern block) might be prepared. 



Over 3,000 companies in the United States are controlled by China's powerful Secret Intelligence Service (CSIS). Hundreds of Chinese intelligence officers and their well-paid informers are operating through the companies within this country.

Next to terrorism, the threat they pose is now regarded by the FBI as the most serious since the Soviet Union and Jonathan Pollard plundered America's defence secrets.

The revelations are contained in a briefing paper which FBI director, Robert Mueller, presented to a Congressional Committee last month. Despite the undoubted gravity of the report, it has virtually gone unreported by the mainstream media and the networks.

David Szady, FBI assistant director for counter-intelligence has categorised the situation as a "most grave and present danger". He added, "left unchecked, such a situation could greatly undermine US national security and US military and economic advantage. The Chinese have figured out that what they want."

The FBI have sent a "red alert" to all technology companies that they are now the prime target for Chinese operatives.

Corporate executives have been asked to review their internal security. Universities like Harvard and Yale are providing the FBI with details about Chinese students on campus. Organisers of technology conferences - which have always attracted Chinese scientists - are being briefed on how to recognise a possible CSIS agent.

"While the measures will seem draconian, the truth is that in the past three years, we estimate as much as $24 billion of secrets have been stolen by the Chinese", said a State Department intelligence analyst specialising in Asian-China affairs.

To meet the threat, Mueller has ordered 167 senior agents in 56 FBI offices to be transferred into anti-espionage operations for the first time.

They are working from a blueprint of CSIS methods provided by the highest ranking Chinese defector to reach America. He is Xu Junping, Director of Strategy in China's Defence Ministry. For five years, he oversaw all secret operations by CSIS against the United States. In his CIA debriefing, he told CIA George Tenet that he had set up the structure for the 3,000 companies now operating across the United States.

Xu Junping is now deep inside the Witnesses Protection Programme. But he still regularly meets top FBI and CIA agents to discuss their latest discoveries.

At each meeting, Xu has urged that President Bush should sent a blunt warning to China that its spying is bringing it closer to confrontation with the United States.  But sources within the Washington intelligence community told American Free Press: "there is a clear reluctance to move against Beijing. The intelligence consensus is that the President is receiving intense pressure from major US business corporations in this country who do not want their huge holdings in the People's Republic to be disturbed." 

There are currently $hundreds of billions invested in projects in China by corporations listed on the Forbes Top 500. 

FBI efforts have been further hampered by the reluctance of the Canadian government to allow its own intelligence agencies to co-operate. In Canada, there are known to be over 300 companies which are also CSIS fronts.

Brian McAdam, a former Canadian foreign service officer, said that it "is very clear that political influence is at play."

Adam worked on "Project Sidewinder" which detailed the penetration of CSIS into Canada. The report was never publicly released.

In the US, the "front" companies report to the Chinese embassy in Washington or to China's consulates in other parts of the country.

The material is then sent to China's secretive Leading Group on National Security (LGNS). It reports directly to prime minister Wen Jiapo. It also oversees CSIS operations.

The CIA's China Desk analysts say the LGNS has concluded that by late next year, the US will "attack North Korea, possibly its first move to tame China". Meantime, the FBI are following up leads which include:

* How many Chinese students attending post-graduate courses in the US have their tuition secretly paid for by CSIS? Sophisticated software is being used to track their payments back to China. * How many students, after qualifying in computers or science, receive orders to apply for jobs in key US corporations which have key defence contracts, or operate in the high-tech industry? * How many students have been trained to steal trade secrets from their US employers?

Meantime, the CIA are investigating: * How far has CSIS penetrated CIA operations in the Pacific rim? * How did CSIS secretly contravene sanctions against Saddam to re-arm Iraq in between the first and second Gulf wars? * What are the CSIS links to al-Qaeda? * How far will China go in supporting other terror groups and rogue states like Iran and Syria?

China now has the world's largest intelligence gathering apparatus. As well as CSIS (approx 4,000 staff), a third based overseas, the others are: * STD. Headquartered in the monolithic Ministry of Defence building in Beijing, the Science and Technology Department (4,000 members) has two prime functions. Collating all signals traffic from the Chinese Navy, overseas embassies and satellites. Targeting all foreign firms at the cutting edge of military and civilian technology. * MID. Reports to the Politburo and Army General Staff. Brief includes updating all foreign military capabilities. Members attached to every Chinese embassy and consulate. Number of staff estimated at 1,500. * ILD. Small specialist unit (300 members). Conducts high-tech intelligence gathering. * MSS (3,500 staff). Equivalent to MI5 but three times larger. Targets all foreigners in China and spies on its own citizens. * NCNA. Nominally a news agency reporting on Chinese affairs. Based in all major countries. Has long been a cover for all other Chinese intelligence agencies engaged in clandestine activities.


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