The End Justifies the Means

Prior Knowledge and Government Involvement
in the Terrorist Attacks of September 11th 2001


By Paul Joseph Watson

"Behold our secret. Remember that the end justifies the means."
Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati.


When one considers the voluminous evidence derived from official sources, domestic and foreign mainstream media, and alternative media, the only logical conclusion is that elements within the US Government had specific foreknowledge of the events of September 11th and allowed the attacks to take place when preventative measures could and should have been taken to prevent them. There are many fingers pointing in different directions as to responsibility and culpability. I claim not to be able to pinpoint precisely which party, if singular, is to blame. Furthermore, I think that to attempt to identify an individual faction (such as al-Qaeda) is limited and naive. However, I can state with absolute certainty that the consensus viewpoint concerning the attack on America is not merely incorrect, but a damning betrayal towards the thousands people killed and their mourning relatives.

   What is also patently clear is that a New World Order has been fuelled and accelerated by September 11th. The societal de-evolution is achieving what the terrorists were supposed to have failed to accomplish, namely throwing the United States of America into an abyss of tyranny and despotism. Every measure and approach that would feed the demonic soul of a totalitarian control-freak such as Hitler or Stalin has been veiled by a facade of preventing further terrorism and accepted by an alarmed and paranoid population. Despite this, such fear is not unjustified. Another attack is coming, unless we circumvent the controlled media and inform the public of the gargantuan inconsistencies concerning September 11th. This is the second in a series of reports in which I intend to fulfil that exact brief.

   This instalment mainly concerns events prior to September 11th and not the actual day itself. A full synopsis of the events of that day will be detailed in a subsequent part of this series.

   September 14th, just three days after the attack on America, FBI director Robert S. Mueller stated, "perhaps one could have averted this."
(1) This was in response to reports confirming that several of the suicide hijackers had received flight training within the United States. For the moment we will set aside the shocking revelation that seven of the named nineteen suicide hijackers are still alive(2), this evidence will appear in a later part of this report. For the sake of clarity, at this point we will work from the notion that the FBI's nineteen named hijackers are actually the ones who carried out the September 11 atrocities (albeit operating under slightly changed birth dates and/or names with regard to the discrepancies between military training records and the official FBI list). As you will see, the consensus line can be attacked from numerous different angles.

   The Pensacola Naval Air Station is recognized as the premier naval installation in the Department of the Navy. The Complex in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties employs more than 16,000 military and 7,400 civilian personnel. It is also where as many as four of the FBI's nineteen suspected suicide hijackers participated in the facility's flight training program for foreign military trainees in the 1990's.
(3) Three of these individuals listed their addresses on drivers licenses and car registrations as the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla. according to a high-ranking U.S. Navy source.(4) Namely Saeed Alghamdi and Ahmad Alnami, who allegedly were two of the four men that hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 and subsequently crashed in Stony Creek Township, Pennsylvania, and Ahmed Alghamdi*, alleged co-hijacker of United Airlines Flight 75, which hit the south tower of the World Trade Center. Military records also confirm that the three used their address as 10 Radford Boulevard, a base roadway on which residences for foreign military flight trainees are located. The Florida link is clear. The FBI lists no less than eleven of the hijackers as having lived or living in Florida, including six in the Delray Beach area alone.(5) It is also interesting to note that several of the hijackers, including the lead hijacker Mohamed Atta, lived in Hollywood, hardly a puritanical hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism. With regard to the three Pensacola students, it is confirmed that their training was financed by Saudi Arabia, birthplace of the majority of the nineteen hijackers and a supposed ally of the United States. Days after Newsweek published this story, Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson angrily faxed a message to Attorney General John Ashcroft, demanding to know if it was correct. The response was a deafening silence. A spokesman for Senator Nelson subsequently stated, "In the wake of those reports we asked about the Pensacola Naval Air Station but we never got a definitive answer from the Justice Department. So we asked the FBI for an answer ‘if and when’ they could provide us one. Their response to date has been that they are trying to sort through something complicated and difficult."(6)
This was over five months ago as of February 2002. The Pensacola-terrorist link has been buried. The story broke in a few mainstream publications in mid-September but has since vanished. Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Bob Graham also requested information on the Pensacola tie-in. We must assume that he was also stonewalled or otherwise told to keep the information confidential, due to the fact that, once again, this story has not since appeared in the mainstream media.

   Common sense suggests that to prevent future acts of suicide hijacking, one needs to go to the source of their training and shut it down. At the very least, stern questions need to be asked concerning why three or more of the alleged September 11 perpetrators were trained at one of the USA's foremost Naval complexes, and why this shocking notion received scant media attention and was subsequently subject to a complete press blackout. Then again, the end justifies the means.

Saeed AlghamdiAhmad AlnamiAhmed Alghamdi
The Pensacola Terrorists: Left to right: Saeed Alghamdi; Ahmad Alnami; Ahmed Alghamdi

Now the next issue is complex but can be rolled into one nutshell. President George W. Bush threatened FBI agents with arrest if they didn't cease investigation of al-Qaeda two months prior to September 11. This was partly due to indirectly protecting a strategic interest in Saudi Arabian oil reserves(7), but serves to highlight the existence of an even darker agenda. This caveat also overlaps into information regarding business links between Bush and bin Laden, of which a subsequent report will be devoted to.

   A secret FBI document, 199I WF213589, released from the Washington Field Office, is believed to have been leaked by disgruntled FBI agents. It details how the FBI were ordered to discontinue investigation into members of the bin Laden family and WAMY (World Association of Muslim Youth) even though both networks had direct links to terrorism. Just weeks after the September 11 attacks, Pakistan and India expelled WAMY operatives, with India stating that the Saudi-based WAMY was funding the militant Students Islamic Movement of India, which has provided support to Pakistani-backed terrorists linked to bombings in Kashmir.
The Philippines military has also accused WAMY of funding Muslim insurgency. It also emerged in a January 2002 BBC Newsnight feature that WAMY spoke glowingly of bin Laden in their own educational pamphlets and advocated his ideals. When confronted with this documentation, a WAMY representative became noticeably apprehensive and provided a poor defence of his organisations links with terrorist cells such as al-Qaeda. This was after Nouredine Miladi, the head of WAMY's London office protested his organisation's innocence by stating, "we seek social change through education and cooperation."(8) It appears as if that education was fundamentalist in nature and the only cooperation was between WAMY and known terror outfits. Abdullah bin Laden and Omar bin Laden had helped run WAMY's operation right up to 2000 and beyond, Abdullah was the US director. They lived together in Falls Church, just outside Washington, conveniently close to WAMY's basement offices. So why were the FBI, according to a high placed member of a US intelligence agency, told to "back off" investigating these groups?(9) This dictate was activated as far back as 1996 and only intensified after the election of George W. Bush.

   Lawyer Michael Wildes offered FBI agents 14,000 documents relating to Saudi-backed terrorism after he represented one of the Khobar Towers bombers. The agents told Wildes they were not permitted to read the documents and blankly refused to obtain information that could have provided groundbreaking revelations concerning the international terrorist underground scene, including al-Qaeda. One such agent apparently grew indignant at this travesty and has since filed a judicial complaint with the Justice Department's Office of Inspector General and Office of Professional Responsibility. The agent is represented by former Clinton impeachment lawyer David Schippers and Judicial Watch, who state "Based on the evidence, the FBI Special Agent believes that if certain investigations had been allowed to run their courses, Osama bin Laden’s network might have been prevented from committing the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks which resulted in the deaths of nearly 5,000 innocents."
(10) Lawyer Michael Wildes states "They're (the FBI) cut off at the hip sometimes by supervisors or given shots that are being called from Washington at the highest levels...You see a difference between the rank-and-file counter-intelligence agents, who are regarded by some as the motor pool of the FBI, who drive following diplomats, and the people who are getting the shots called at the highest level of our government, who have a different agenda - it's unconscionable."

   A different agenda indeed. An agenda that can only ever benefit from heinous acts of terrorism against its supposed 'own people.'
   In addition, the former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Michael Springman, was consistently ordered by high level State Department officials to issue visas to unqualified applicants. These 'unqualified applicants' were terrorists operating on behalf of Osama bin Laden.
(9) Despite bitter complaints to the General Accounting Office, the Inspector General's office and the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, in the same vein as Sen. Bob Graham, he was stonewalled. Once again, protecting the terrorists and giving them authentication to carry out their evil intentions. These inexcusable courses of policy unfortunately only represent one grain of salt amongst a handful. September 11 has been put in perspective as being historically more significant than Hiroshima and such events do not take place as a result of accident or bumbling incompetence. They are engineered by forces very different to those that people who cannot see further than their CNN believe, to modify a Disraeli quotation. The end justifies the means.

George W. BushFBIEdgar Hoover FBI Building
The F.B.I. were ordered to "back off" investigation of members of the bin Laden family and WAMY who they were linked with. WAMY was known to be funding terrorist cells as far back as the early 1990's. This policy was enforced even more strictly after current President George W. Bush took office.

In the last instalment of this report we highlighted the fact that the Clinton administration provided the terrorist supporting nation of Syria with spread-spectrum radios, fibre optics and highly advanced computer networks that are invulnerable to wiretap. Syria in turn passed this technology on to numerous terrorist cells around the world... including al-Qaeda. However, this was by no means the only way in which this administration proliferated the exploits of international terrorism.
   Clinton security chiefs repeatedly rejected vital intelligence that would have resulted in stifling numerous worldwide terror cells, primarily Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. The government of Sudan offered to both arrest bin Laden or at least closely monitor his activities within the country, and turn over files, some an inch and a half thick, a vast database on bin Laden and more than 200 leading members of his al-Qaeda network. They included photographs, and information on their families, backgrounds and contacts. Most were 'Afghan Arabs', Saudis, Yemenis and Egyptians who had fought with bin Laden against the Soviets in Afghanistan. These resources would have entailed that "we probably would have never seen a September 11."
(11) Clinton's Secretary of State Madeleine Albright responded to the offer by giving the order for US missiles to blast the al-Shifa medicine factory, which supplied 60 per cent of Sudan's medicines, and had contracts to make vaccines with the UN.

   In the spring of 1996, Sudan, using a back channel direct from its president to the CIA, offered to arrest bin Laden and place him in custody in Saudi Arabia. The initial meeting took place at a hotel in Arlington, Virginia, on March 3 of that year. One of the officials who oversaw this and subsequent engagements was Mansoor Ijaz, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and chairman of a New York-based investment company. He states, "From 1996 to 1998, I opened unofficial channels between Sudan and the Clinton administration. I met with officials in both countries, including Clinton, U.S. National Security Advisor Samuel R. "Sandy" Berger and Sudan's president and intelligence chief. President Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir, who wanted terrorism sanctions against Sudan lifted, offered the arrest and extradition of Bin Laden and detailed intelligence data about the global networks constructed by Egypt's Islamic Jihad, Iran's Hezbollah and the Palestinian Hamas. Among those in the networks were the two hijackers who piloted commercial airliners into the World Trade Center. The silence of the Clinton administration in responding to these offers was deafening."
(12) Bin Laden's proposed extradition to Saudi Arabia wasn't met with enthusiasm by the Saudi Fahd Monarchy. Geopolitical hesitation meant that the White House did not press the Saudi's on this issue at all. This meant that, following intense pressure from Saudi Arabia and the US, Sudan agreed to expel bin Laden and up to 300 of his associates. They were now free to leave for Afghanistan, providing total anonymity and escaping the sophisticated tracking methods that the Sudanese were capable of and had offered. Subsequent analysis by US intelligence confirms bin Laden had full access to his Sudanese assets from his new position in Afghanistan(13), directly contradicting a previously held White House assumption that it was valuable in itself to force bin Laden out of Sudan, supposedly tearing him away from his extensive network of business, investments and training camps. This thinking was proven woefully inaccurate. Sudanese intelligence believed this to be a great mistake.

   On the surface, it would seem bitterness and paranoia towards Sudan was responsible for the outright refusal to take up their numerous offers. The US proclaimed the country as being a 'terrorist state,' and the subsequent Bush administration has made noises about making Sudan one of the next targets in their crusade. This, despite the fact that in May 2001, a joint CIA/FBI investigative team concluded that Africa's largest country is in no way a sponsor of international terrorism.
(11) Sudan has its own internal problems. Over the past two decades, a civil war pitting black Christians and animists in the south against the Arab-Muslims of the north has cost at least 1.5 million lives in war and famine-related deaths, as well as the displacement of millions of others.(14)

   The Sudan-Clinton fiasco puts a haunting perspective behind September 11th. According to one senior CIA source "This represents the worst single intelligence failure in this whole terrible business. It is the key to the whole thing right now. It is reasonable to say that had we had this data we may have had a better chance of preventing the attacks."
(11) For those who seek to establish a New World Order out of chaos, such 'failures' of intelligence are extremely useful. The end justifies the means

Sudanese President Umar al-Bashir
The Clinton administration flatly refused voluminous reams of intelligence concerning Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. They also rejected Sudanese President Umar al-Bashir's offer to arrest bin Laden and US Tomahawk cruise missiles subsequently bombed the Al Shifa pharmaceuticals factory in Khartoum in August  1998.

“The question being asked here is if they put two and two together, they could have gotten a lot more information about the guy - if not stopped the hijacking.”(15) An individual at a flight school makes it clear that he is only interested in flying a large passenger jet over New York City air space at cruising altitude, and not taking off or landing. French intelligence repeatedly warns that this individual is a member of al-Qaeda. This alone, you would suspect, would mandate a cursory search of the individual's computer hard drive. Not according to the Justice Department. The case of Zacarias Moussaoui highlights another disturbing example of how key intelligence that would have prevented September 11th was purposefully withheld from well-intentioned FBI agents.
   It is now clear that Moussaoui was supposed to have been the fifth hijacker on board flight 93 that crashed in southwest Pennsylvania. He was absent from that role due to being placed in detention on minor immigration charges on August 17th, 2001, and cheered from his Sherburne County jail cell as the attack unfolded on that fateful day.
   Moussaoui, a 33-year-old French national, lived in London for 9 years, a follower of radical Islamic cleric Abu Qatada, before receiving $15,000 in bank transfers from known associates of the September 11 suicide hijackers.
(16) He then set off for the Pan Am International Flight Academy in Eagen, just outside Minneapolis. Once there, Moussaoui only sought training in making turns - not take-offs and landings - and specifically asked about flying over New York air space. Moussaoui made it clear that he was there to learn how to pilot a 747-400, despite the fact that he had only been trained on a single-engine Cessna, and was relatively incompetent as a student. His instructor, a former military pilot, urgently briefed Minnesota Congressman James L. Oberstar and other officials concerning his suspicions, and directly warned the FBI "Do you realize that a 747 loaded with fuel can be used as a bomb?"(17) - the FBI officials in turn promptly warned the Federal Aviation Administration, who took no action and saw no reason to check scores of other flight schools where Middle Eastern men were seeking flight training.(18) Local FBI agents were not so incompetent. They seized Moussaoui's computer in mid-August. As Moussaoui, now under arrest and scrutiny, told FBI and INS agents that he "always wanted to fly a big plane,"(19) Minnesota FBI officials begged the Justice Department in Washington for approval to open up the hard drive of his computer under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
   The concern about Moussaoui reached the top echelons of the FBI, prompting a flurry of unusual meetings between agents and bureau lawyers trying to secure a special intelligence warrant. A French intelligence report clearly implicated Moussaoui with an Algerian terrorist group and a trip to Afghanistan (where he is believed to have attended one of bin Laden's training camps). The French warned the US about his al-Qaeda links on two occasions, September 1st and September 5th. According to an account of that meeting in
Le Monde, US participants said Mr Moussaoui's case was in the hands of the immigration authorities and was not a matter for the FBI. The French also warned British MI5 intelligence about Moussasoui, highlighting the fact that the Abu Qatada meetings were also attended by Djamel Beghal, a 36-year-old Algerian who moved to London from France in 1997 and was arrested in Dubai in July 2001 for allegedly being part of a plot to blow up the American embassy in Paris. French requests to MI5 for Moussasoui to be placed under surveillance were completely ignored.
   The Justice Department shut the lid on the case and refused the FISA request. Decent FBI agents who actually did their job correctly and wanted to stop terrorism were outraged. A last gasp effort to deport Moussaoui to Paris, where French authorities could hold him for as long as three days while they sought a legal way to search his laptop, was cut short by the events of September 11th.
   After September 11th, it emerged that Moussaoui had direct ties to al-Qaeda operatives in Malaysia, home to the consulting firm where he claimed to work. The FBI now, albeit too late, had a search warrant for Moussaoui's hard drive. They discovered a flight simulation software program, plus a multitude of information concerning wind currents, jetliners and crop-dusting airplanes. The information was considered sufficiently alarming that FBI officials requested the immediate downing of all crop-dusting aircraft, fearing that terrorists might be plotting to use them for a chemical or biological attack.
   In mid-December, Moussaoui became the first person indicted for involvement in the events of Sept. 11, charged with conspiring with Mr. bin Laden and al-Qaeda. Although the trial will likely drag on for some months, Mr. Moussaoui faces the death penalty. Many law enforcement officials insist that a more aggressive probe of Moussaoui's activities, when syndicated with intelligence already in their possession, would have yielded sufficient information concerning the impending plot, that it could have been prevented. The Moussaoui case again emphasises that the real threats were ignored, the real terrorists were protected. The end justifies the means.

Zacarias Moussaoui
Despite the fact that Zacarias Moussaoui showed no interest in taking off or landing a 747, only flying it, along with repeated French intelligence warnings of his al-Qaeda links, the Justice Department refused a request from Minnesota based FBI agents to obtain a warrant to search the now known terrorist's computer hard drive.

While borders remain wide open, numerous governments have used the tragedy to corral their populations into accepting draconian measures of control. Big Brother has seemingly been vindicated. Big government looks good again, they tell us. Of course, we were given the same line after the Oklahoma City bombing of April 1995. The surveillance state accelerated, anti-terrorism funding exploded. Did it protect us? The more the police state squeezes, just as a coincidence, the more dramatic the terrorism inflicted upon us. Recall Jefferson's warning, "I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it."
   Protection of known terrorists was not a policy that ended on September 11th. Our final example of protecting terrorists and preserving tyranny is a tale right from the war zone, in November 2001. Once again, for the purposes of clarity, in a nutshell...On direct orders from the White House, Pakistani Army Officers (fighting alongside the Taliban), Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders were given total amnesty and airlifted out of Kunduz on Pakistani air force cargo jets. In an ironic twist, this story broke as the world's media were debating the treatment of captured al-Qaeda prisoners being held at Guantanamo Bay. These individuals, at best, are extremely low-level members and had nothing to do with the planning and execution of the September 11 attack. An example of this would be Safiq Rasool and Asif Iqbal, both being held at Guantanamo. Their family and friends are bewildered at how they are involved in the international terrorist scene at all, with one friend stating, "God knows how he got there. I do not believe these allegations, they are absolutely wrong."
(21) In addition, it has emerged that since 11 September last year, up to 2,000 people in the United States have been detained without trial, or charge, or even legal rights. The fate of most is unknown.(22) Meanwhile, elite Taliban and al-Qaeda leadership have been protected, by the direct mandate of George W. Bush.
   After the fall of Mazar-i-Sharif, to the west; Taloqan, to the east; and Pul-i-Khumri, to the south, Kunduz offered sanctuary to the Pakistani, Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters, whom we will refer to as the 'axis of evil,' and they were prepared to negotiate their surrender. It has to be stressed that although Pakistan is supposedly an ally of the United States, the empire had hundreds of military advisers in Afghanistan before Sept. 11 helping the Taliban fight the Northern Alliance. Hundreds more former soldiers actively joined Taliban regiments, and many Pakistani volunteers were among the non-Afghan legions of al-Qaida. President Bush vetoed any surrender deal and the Northern Alliance took Kunduz on November 25th. However, before this siege ended, American intelligence officials confirmed that this 'axis of evil' was indeed flown to safety, in a series of night time airlifts approved by the Bush administration. The airlifts apparently became anarchic and the Pakistani's "brought their friends with them" - and "many of the people they spirited away were the Taliban leadership."
(23) Bush had ordered the United States Central Command to set up a special air corridor to help insure the safety of the Pakistani rescue flights from Kunduz to the northwest corner of Pakistan, about two hundred miles away. To emphasise, these rescued individuals were high level Taliban and al-Qaeda operatives fighting against the United States. This left both the Delta Force and Northern Alliance indignant. "These guys did Desert Storm and Mogadishu," said one military analyst. "They see things in black-and-white. 'Unhappy' is not the word. They're supposed to be killing people." Northern Alliance soldier Mahmud Shah stated “We had decided to kill all of them, and we are not happy with America for letting the planes come.”(24)
   But why did Bush directly order the 'axis of evil' to be flown to safety? Pakistani dictator General Pervez Musharraf had a huge geopolitical weight on his shoulders in endorsing US military operations in Afghanistan. The cost was the threat of internal insurgency and the overthrow of his regime. Musharraf bargained with Bush. If these Pakistani Army officers, intelligence advisers and volunteers could just be spared, his political survival would be almost ensured. Musharraf's message to the Americans had been that he didn't want to see body bags coming back to Pakistan. Bush agreed to protect the Pakistani leader, providing the rescued Taliban elements would be accessible to American intelligence. After the airlift, the 'axis of evil' went AWOL.
   Both US and Pakistani representatives deny the airlift even took place, or claim ignorance. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld stated "I have received absolutely no information that would verify or validate statements about airplanes moving in or out. I doubt them.”
(24) Pakistani government spokesman Anwar Mehmood labelled the reports as "total rubbish. Hogwash."(23) The Pentagon, whose satellites and drones are able to detect sleeping guerrillas in subterranean caverns, claims it knows nothing of these flights. On the other hand Indian intelligence "knew within minutes"(23) that around 5,000 Pakistani's and Taliban had been rescued, according to India's national-security adviser Brajesh Mishra. India sent diplomatic notes protesting the airlift to both Britain and the States, but was met with deafening silence.
   It is documented that the Pakistani Army's Inter-Services Intelligence agency (I.S.I.) had trained fighters in Afghanistan and then funnelled them into Kashmir, northern India. India and Pakistan have fought two of their three wars over Kashmir. India controls two-thirds of it and Pakistan the rest. Indian intelligence was convinced that many of the airlifted fighters would soon be infiltrated into Kashmir. Three weeks after the airlift, on December 13th, a suicide squad of five heavily armed Muslim terrorists drove past a barrier at the Indian Parliament, in New Delhi, and rushed the main building. At one point, the terrorists were only a few feet from the steps to the office of India's Vice-President, Krishan Kant. Nine people were killed in the shoot-out, in addition to the terrorists, and many others were injured. Indian intelligence quickly concluded that the attack had been organized by operatives from two long-standing Kashmiri terrorist organizations that were believed to be heavily supported by the I.S.I. Was this operation, which would have lead to full-scale war between the two powers had there been more casualties, a consequence of the planning of elite Pakistani and Taliban officials who were rescued on order of the US 21 days earlier? Is Musharraf another wind-up toy or did he have an unspoken, darker agenda in his plea to Bush? We have to remember that Pakistan has a staunch ally in China. China has publicly supported the war on terrorism but is geopolitically manoeuvring itself into a position to strike the US. Will this be achieved via the same Pakistani fundamentalists, armed with nuclear capabilities, that George W. Bush ordered to be flown to safety in November of last year?

   To the obsessive tyrants and despots that view human carnage as a means to an end, the end always justifies the means.

Northern Alliance prepare to take KunduzGuantanamo Bay Prisoners
Northern Alliance Troops Beat and Killed Captured Taliban Members after the Fall of KunduzGeneral Pervez Musharraf


As the world's media debated treatment of low level Taliban and al-Qaeda members at Guantanamo Bay, the leadership of these groups was airlifted out of Kunduz as it fell to the Northern Alliance. This was a consequence of a  direct order from the White House after Pakistani dictator General Pervez Musharraf requested Pakistani officials fighting on the side of the Taliban be rescued.

* The Pensacola News Journal report (2) states that Ahmed Alghamdi used the 10 Radford Blvd. address on his drivers license which was issued in 1998. However, CNN reports (link) that he "Lost his driver's license in 1995 for failing to pay a traffic fine." This is another example of conflicting circumstances in relation to the alleged hijackers.


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