The Crimes of Citibank - More CIA Connections


By Michael C. Ruppert -

[From the May 31, 2001 issue of "From The Wilderness"]

Special to NarcoNews - As the remaining unbiased press of the Western Hemisphere, and especially of Latin America, rises in outrage at the announced May 17 purchase of Mexico's giant Banacci Group (Banamex) by Citigroup, more skeletons come stampeding out of the Citigroup closet. Both banks have been firmly connected to drug money laundering and Banamex owner Roberto Hernandez owns land near Cancun, Mexico that is commonly referred to as "the cocaine peninsula." President Bill Clinton vacationed on the Hernandez property in the summer of 2000.

Taken collectively these skeletons reveal a well-defined financial and intelligence infrastructure that appears tailor-made for the global management of the drug trade's billions of dollars in illegal revenue along with the additional billions of dollars generated annually by the illegal looting of national economies by government officials.

One of these skeletons is Nora Slatkin. Having risen to a post as Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Acquisition in 1995 she resigned and was immediately appointed as the Executive Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. The Executive Director is the number three position at Langley and is responsible for all Agency operations. Her boss was then Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) and current Citigroup Board Member John Deutch. The timeline - as compiled from stories in The New York Times, The Washington Post and AP and the CIA's web site - around her tenure at CIA and of her transition to Citigroup is most revealing.

* May 10, 1995 - John Deutch sworn in as DCI.
* May 19, 1995 - The Senate announces that Nora Slatkin is leaving the Department of Defense (Assistant Secretary of the Navy) to join the CIA as Executive Director.
* December 15, 1996 - Deutch resigns as DCI.
* December 17, 1996 - A CIA computer security official visits Deutch's home and discovers thousands of pages of classified documents on unsecured (CIA) Macintosh computers. Almost immediately the CIA General Counsel, Tom O'Neil and Nora Slatkin are advised of the breach. Slatkin advises DCI Tenet.
* December, 1996 - Deutch joins the Board at Citigroup.
* Dec 20 ,1996 - Deutch begins deleting files from his computers.
* January, 1997 - CIA security officials complain to Slatkin that O'Neil is dragging his feet. Slatkin takes no action in response, except to "hold discussions." Deutch refuses to be interviewed by security staff.
* Summer, 1997 - The CIA security staff completes a report on Deutch which languishes in the security office awaiting action.
* Fall, 1997 - Claiming ignorance of the security office's investigation, DCI Tenet grants Deutch new security clearances.
* October, 1997 - On Deutch's recommendation Slatkin also joins the Board at Citigroup. Her current title - Senior Manger of Government Relations.
* December, 1997 - Because the Justice Department has not been notified, a one-year statute of limitations for the appointment of an independent counsel to investigate Deutch lapses
* March, 1998 - After seven years of service, CIA Inspector General Frederick P. Hitz retires to assume the Goldman Sachs Chair on International Intelligence at Princeton University. He later tells The New York Times that he assumed that his successor, Britt Snider, would advise the Department of Justice as to Deutch's possible criminal mishandling of CIA records. Oops!
* April, 1999 - Janet Reno's Justice Department declines to prosecute Deutch while nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee languishes in jail for similar violations.
* February, 2000 - After a CIA Inspector General's report on Deutch's conduct leaks to the press Janet Reno reopens the investigation. Prosecutor Paul Coffey recommends criminal charges.
* March, 2000 - Slatkin and Hitz contradict Tenet and state that he was much more involved than previously admitted.
* Summer/Fall 2000 - The criminal investigation of Deutch inches ahead in secret. Fears mount that John Ashcroft, as Bush Attorney general, will aggressively pursue criminal charges.
* January 20, 2001 - On his last day in office President Clinton pardons Citibank Director John Deutch.

Given the enormity of documentation on Citibank's direct involvement with drug and criminal money laundering and the extraordinarily detailed investigations by journalist Al Giordano at, several questions become obvious. Giordano's translation of Spanish language reports on the on again, off again relationship between Citibank and Peruvian CIA backed strongman Vladimiro Montesinos, suggest that CIA tells Citibank which criminal clients are acceptable for Private Banking money laundering activities. Clearly, the timeline implies that Slatkin's hiring at Citibank was a quid pro quo for her services in stalling the Deutch investigation. But more so it raises the question as to whether Slatkin is the CIA liaison at Citigroup to open approved channels for money laundering.

Also, it must be asked whether or not there is a partisan flavor to Citigroup's activities. All of the players here were Democratic Party apparatchiks. Is the Democratic Party the sole beneficiary of Citigroup criminal money laundering? Much will be revealed when the Bush Administration weighs in on the Banamex acquisition.


John M. Deutch is listed as a current director of the following corporations that are registered with the SEC:

Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Citigroup Inc.

CMS Energy Corp

Cummins Engine Co Inc

Raytheon Co

Schlumberger Ltd/NY/

He is also involved with the following ventures (some offshoots of above corporations) as an investor and/or officer:

Allied Digital Technologies Corp

Analog Acquisition Corp

Buenos Aires Bottling Co Inc


Citicorp Mortgage Securities Inc

Citigroup Capital

CMS Energy Trust II

CMS Energy X Tras Pass Through Trust I

Consumers Energy Co

Cort Business Services Corp

Davco Restaurants Inc

Delco Remy International Inc

Galey & Lord Inc.

GNI Group Inc

Green I Acquisition Corp

Hudson Hotels Corp

Landmark Fixed Income Funds/MA/

Landmark Funds I

Landmark Funds II

Landmark Tax Free Income Funds

Palomar Medical Technologies Inc.

Sybron Chemicals Inc.

Tower Automotive Inc

Travelers Group Inc