What's the microwave REALLY doing to those leftovers?

Q: I remember reading an interview published in Nutrition & Healing years ago where the person said something along the lines of "take that microwave oven, set it on the driveway, and back a truck over it." That's what I've always suspected should be done, but is there any evidence to support my opinion?

JVW: Microwaved food contains molecules and energies not present in food cooked "normally." Under the impact of microwaves produced in these ovens, naturally occurring amino acids undergo isometric changes in shape ("morphing," as your children or grandchildren might say.

What difference does this make to human health? Well, one study found some significant -- and disturbing -- changes in the blood of people who consumed microwaved foods.

Eight volunteers ate identical portions of raw milk, cooked milk, pasteurized milk, or microwaved milk; raw vegetables, the same vegetables cooked conventionally, or those same vegetables frozen and defrosted in a microwave oven. Each person ate each type of food at a separate time, on an empty stomach, at two to five day intervals. The researchers took blood samples before the volunteers ate each food, as well as 15 minutes and then again two hours after.

The microwaved milk and the microwave-defrosted vegetables caused decreases in the subjects' hemoglobin (which carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body) and lymphocyte (which plays a role in immune response) levels to decrease. The microwaved foods also caused the volunteers' cholesterol levels to increase.

Of course, one study isn't absolute proof. But these results certainly raise enough warning signs for me to recommend that you try to avoid using microwaves as much as possible. I know they're such a common and accepted part of most people's everyday lives that it might not be possible to stop using them entirely. But please try to be conscious of how often you use the microwave in your own home and cut back on the frequency as much as you can.

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