JFK's head wound

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The Doctors from Parkland Hospital discuss President Kennedy's head wound and their descriptions are compared to the official autopsy photographs.

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1963 The CIA killed JFK and the cover ups

1963 The CIA killed JFK and the cover ups parts 1-5
The cover ups were by both Pres. Johnson who feared nuclear war with the Soviets and by the CIA who plotted to and killed JFK with the shoots linked to the mafia. Oswald was a hero, Kennedy and Khrushchev communicated via secret letters and both saved mankind from nuclear war. I request your feedback.

I finish the new chapter of my book, SOME UNKNOWN HISTORY OF THE U.S.

I had to break it up into small sections in order to get it posted on my yahoo website some 64 pages.

part one:







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Yes, the CIA killed off the NAME John F. Kennedy, but not the man... Think about that!

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