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A report for the UK 911 Truth campaign presented by Tony Gosling in the Mahatma Gandhi Hall, Indian YMCA, Fitzroy Square London W1T 6AQ on Monday 19th March 2007.

Comverse Technology – www.cmvt.com
Wiretapping, phone billing and mobile phone voicemail software developers. An Israeli company now at the centre of $8bn fraud enquiry in New York. Comverse share six directors with a wider network of linked companies also under investigation. Comverse took over Hong Kong company Multivision Intelligence Surveillance Ltd. in January 2006 but Comverse directors didn’t file the financial information required by law. Delisted from NASDAQ and stock trading suspended on 1st February 2007 because of financial mismanagement and non-filing of essential accounting information along with Verint Systems who are now also NASDAQ delisted.

Verint Systems – www.verint.com
All activities of this business are directed by Comverse Technology who own 57% controlling stock. Two thirds of Verint’s business is security products used by law enforcement and intelligence services to intercept voice, video and email traffic, the other third is call centre monitoring and employee evaluation software. Approx 1000 employees worldwide. Awarded contract for all London Underground’s CCTV in September 2004 by privatised 'Metronet Rail' who, in turn, have a 30 year contract from the UK government to manage London Underground security. Privatisation was imposed against wishes of elected Greater London Authority (GLA) by Gordon Brown’s Treasury Department.
Verint CEO Daniel Bodner is a former senior Israeli army officer who gets $4m annual benefits (including salary). Verint currently being investigated by Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over proposed merger with Witness Systems Inc. for possible phone monitoring technology monopoly. Verint rumoured to be targeted by IBM for takeover.
‘Nextiva Transit’ is Verint’s networked hi-tech CCTV system now being installed on ‘London Underground platforms and remote portions of track’. The system is programmed to automatically ‘watch for people loitering on transit platforms or people wearing heavy coats on hot summer days’.
Verint spokesman Alan Roden was referring to London’s July 7th 2005 bombing claims when he told Michael Fickes, ‘video proved an effective investigation tool and highlights the value of networked video in mass transit systems’. An article in Government Security website went on to say that using CCTV images ‘London police had discovered who was responsible and arrested many, if not all, of the perpetrators who remained alive.’ Quotes and articles such as this misrepresent the historical record. No CCTV image of any of the four alleged bombers on the London Underground on 7th July 2005 has been disclosed, neither were there any perpetrator arrests, as all four suspects allegedly blew themselves up.

Comverse’s directors

Jacob ‘Kobi’ Alexander, chief executive
Target of FBI, Wall Street Journal and Securities & Exchange Commission fraud enquiry in New York, declared fugitive in August 2006. Wanted on 35 criminal counts including stock option backdating, conspiracy, securities fraud, money laundering and bribery. Arrested after 7 week manhunt in Namibia in September 2006. Travelling via. Israel he transferred $17m to Namibia, bought a luxury house and formed a new construction, tourism and agriculture company. Now building 200 low income homes for workers at the new ‘Langer Heinrich’ uranium mine. Alexander’s extradition hearing begins in Windhoek on April 25th 2007, he’s facing up to 20 years jail in New York. Known to be a close associate of former Chinese president Jiang Zmein.

David Kreinberg, chief financial officer
Turned state’s evidence, pleaded guilty and told New York FBI that Comverse CEO Alexander offered him financial inducements to take the rap for everything. CEO Jacob Alexander allegedly offered him $2m and he refused, offered him $5m and he still refused, then, according to Kreinberg, Alexander said “name your price”. To be sentenced February 23rd 2007.

William Sorin, company lawyer
Pleaded guilty. Paid $3.1 million fine at the end of 2006 as compensation for fraudulent activities. Permanent ban on acting as a company lawyer.

Roughly three million people a day use the London Underground network. Since privatisation, contracts are also shrouded in double walls of secrecy to protect both ‘national security’ and ‘commercial confidentiality’. But with that secrecy comes a caveat of absolute 100% trust and loyalty to the travelling public of London who use the tube network. Instead what we find is a company with 24 hour access to the entire tube network, run by a senior ex Israeli army officer, whose former employers are engaged in a largely covert war against Arabs for land and oil. Bodner's present employers are wanted in New York on 40 plus criminal counts, implicated in multi-million dollar fraud and conspiracy and facing several long jail sentences.
This report has been time-consuming and difficult because of the immense secrecy surrounding the security businesses involved. Though I have sent the story to the Evening Standard and the BBC for London it has not, to my knowledge, been reported. As a result tube staff & public are almost entirely unaware of the criminal nature of this firm entrusted with the safety of millions of Londoners.
The covenant of trust required by all those who use and work on the tube has been broken. For the safety of all Londoners contracts with Verint Systems must be immediately suspended by Metronet Rail, the GLA or the Government pending a transparent investigation into Verint and Comverse. Also control of the London Underground CCTV network must be wrested from those with close ties to the Israeli armed forces until the Middle East conflict is over.

http://www.verint.com/corporate/releases_view.cfm?article_level1_categ ory_id=7&article_level1_id=724&pageno=1&year=2007

All of the preceding information can be verified on the internet. For further information please contact Tony Gosling 10-12 Picton Street, BRISTOL, BS6 5QA. 0117 944 6219 www.public-interest.co.uk & www.officialconfusion.com

See also the July 7th Truth campaign at www.julyseventh.co.uk
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