The Al kidders is commin'

Published on Sat Jun 24, 2006 9:10 pm

Michael Morris - In Focus

It is almost embarrassing to be an American today. In the aftermath of being told that planeloads of people went to their death paralyzed in fear of a few petite men sporting box cutting knives we seem to have abandoned freedom and common sense. Last week the national media was filled with the sensational stories of how the FBI "thwarted" an "attack" on the Sears tower in Chicago by arresting a group of our poorest after provoking them to claim a desire to blow up the building. Most Americans seemed entirely unable to perceive that these events came down amid debate about bringing our troops home from Iraq. If a group of guys living in the worst of slums being mad at "the system" is the kind of threat that has caused us to abandon nearly all of our freedoms then we all ought to be ashamed.

It surely stretches the limits of even a vivid imagination to actually believe that a group of folks so poor that the FBI had to buy them shoes was planning to bring down the Sears Tower. But, hey, the government says so right? Even the Justice Department concedes this was not a credible threat by any stretch of the imagination. Why then did it make the headlines in every paper in the world? How on earth do they keep the lid on the real threats that are thwarted? Ponder that a moment. The shame is we, as a people, have been dumbed down enough to buy into this nonsense.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez declared that this is an example of the new threat of homegrown terrorism. All this time I thought Tim McVeigh was the beginning of the new wave of homegrown terrorism. At least, based on what we were told, McVeigh acted. In this case it appears it was idle chatter amongst a group of very poorly educated individuals too dumb to realize the FBI was orchestrating the whole thing. Of course there is a chance that if they saved their $100 a day combined income for a couple of years they could have been busted trying to buy ammonium nitrate over the counter somewhere. On the other hand had not the FBI bought them shoes they could not have walked up to the FBI office the FBI man drove them to in order to take photos on the camera the FBI bought for them. Come on folks the only truth in this whole affair is that we the sheeple are stupid enough to buy this.

But Mike how can you say this? The Al Kiders is a commin'. They're hiding everywhere just waiting to attack us because they hate our freedom. Have you ever given that even a little consideration? Young men from around the world are lining up to give their lives because they hate it that in a far distant land some people have what we used to call freedom? If that actually were the case then the threats should have subsided now that nearly all of the euphemistic freedoms we knew growing up have been legislated away. Even before the Patriot Act removed most of the facade of freedom once identified as uniquely American slavery to debt and addiction had replaced actual freedom. Mortgages, car loans and credit card groceries had eviscerated most American freedoms prior to the Patriot Act. I'm thinking this freedom hating thing has little to do with why someone could hate us. Then why are the Al Kiders a commin'?

Ask yourself why there have not been any attacks here since 2001. Five years and not a single attack. The FBI says it is due to the massive internal spying operation. If the arrest of a few simple folks in a ghetto in Florida makes the front page everywhere how is it the FBI is able to keep the really big well armed and financed plots they foil out of the media entirely? Why is it that each of these specious plots seem to come unglued only when debate on the cost the invasion of Iraq or the cost the Patriot Act on our society is getting loud? Could it just be because we the sheeple are so dumbed down and pacified by an educational system more focused on condoms than history that we see an unquestioned police state as a viable alternative to a society where people have something worth protecting?

Personally I have more apprehension of a government that lies to drag us into a war that is none of our damn business. I have apprehension of a president who is publicly proud of his poor education and lack of curiosity. I have apprehension of living in a nation where both parties unite to strip away the freedoms our founders felt were worth risking everything for. Most of all I fear life in a nation that has forgotten its reason for being.

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N. W. O. Zion-Nazi mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of Hungerford, OKC, Dunblane, Port Arthur, Jonesboro, Columbine, 911, 7/7/7 and the phoney War on Terror:-

Time is running out:-

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