"Over-and Under-Defining the Holocaust"

"Over-and Under-Defining the Holocaust" -- Prof. Andrew Mathis

Jan. 23, 2006

Dear Michael,

A colleague passes along an e-mail from you with the subject "'Over-and Under-Defining the Holocaust' -- Prof. Andrew Mathis," a link to my essay, and your remark -- "RePortersNoteBook memo: Have a look at this laughable nonsense!"

Isn't that a little harsh? I mean, if it's so laughable, then why don't you come and debate me at RODOH (www. rodoh. us) and we can see how ridiculous it really is?

Show some testicular fortitude and take me on like a man. Either that or shut the hell up. OK?

Andrew E. Mathis, Ph. D.

andrew [at] mathis [dot] net

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Re: "Have a look at this laughable nonsense!"

I think it warrants a bit more than such glib dismissal, even though it is filled with much cheap reasoning... but so is much revisionism, and this guy does a fairly good job, at times, of pointing out how revisers jump all over one conflicting story, thereby making the whole untrue... that is - and I think this every time I see it - overly simplistic, at best, and often very bigoted and hateful, at worst...

This kind of argument (Prof. Mathis makes) is deserving of a far more thoughtful treatment than to just regard it as "laughable", even though portions of it are just that - laughable!

But I find much that you put here "laughable" and occasionally say so... does that mean all of your argument is disposable in the same way?

I don't think so, but revisionists are going to have to learn to deal with more than the obvious inconsistencies in the story, given that they themselves use glaring, and often even more fictional shit about horrendous numbers of russkie-commie-demons slaughtered by Stalin or Lenin or some commie boogie man that they believe in as firmly as the holocaust folks believe their story...

And this guy does point out the most obviously ridiculous notions, that six million were gassed, are just that - ridiculous! yes, he does make other points that are less obvious, and he accepts things with seemingly little evidence, but he also includes people's own words - like Eichman's - and it does get a bit difficult to claim that everything anyone ever said in the way of confession was all based on pipe dreams, lies, distortions, torture, deals after the fact, etc.

The fact is that Jews were treated miserably, more miserably than any other group under the gun, and the proof in the hatred for them is all over the fucking place, with countless writings, not only Hitler's, calling them every kind of vermin and the need for them to be obliterated, etc.

I'm well aware that people doing hate speak can say all manner of things that may or may not correspond to physical reality, but when revisers treat the whole matter as just some overstatement by "evil" Jews, they play into the hands of those who persecute them... and reveal their own bigotry, if not total swallowing of the Nazi line... even if powerful Jews exercised that power in the fashion of bastards, how does that make it okay to treat an entire population with no power at all, like scum?

I'd like to see a point by point argument to this guy's piece, done by someone of decent thought and scholarship, before writing all of it off as "laughable"...

And I'm a skeptic and a critic as to the whole story, alleged by the supporters and the revisionists... am just more sympathetic to revisionists because of the overwhelming weight of authority and the incredible imbalance of power, but mostly because of the use all this bloody horror has been put to in order to make Palestine into a holy, uncriticised at cost of danger, Israel!

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Now you should send the same thing back out to your list interspersed with critical comments from one of our better guys.

-Neil seattlena [at] gmx [dot] net

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