The Sex Life of Mohammed


(Contrasted with the Lofty Morality of the Rabbis)

by Michael A. Hoffman II, Editor

August 5, 2005



On Aug 5, 2005, at 10:27, ******** wrote:

Mohammed made his religion desirable for the carnal-minded man, and women were degraded to a lower class as being "deficient in intelligence and religion" (Hadiths, vol. 2, #541 & vol. 3, # 826), and therefore not entitled to equal rights under Islamic law. Mohammed himself had 16 wives and 6 slave concubines. His favorite wife was Aishah, whom he married when she was 6 years old, and he consummated the marriage with her when she was 9. Mohammed was notorious for his virility and libidinousness. Consequently, the Islamic conception of Heaven, formulated by Mohammed to recruit followers, involves carnal indulgence with females of the human variety and females of the half-human and half-angelic variety (Houris), a fact well known to Muslims. (End quote)

[Jacob/Israel had four wives. David had 600 and Solomon 1000 - JAH.]

Michael Hoffman responds:

The rabbis made their religion desirable for sex perverts, and adult women are degraded to a lower class as "meat from a butcher shop" and not entitled to equal rights under halakha. Children may be molested at a young age with no penalty for the adult Judaic molester. Rabbis may have sex with boys under nine and with girls under age three. Anal sex with a Judaic wife of any age is also permitted. The esteemed Talmudic "sages" (rabbis) of "blessed memory" were notorious for their virility and one bragged that he had had sex "with every prostitute in the world." These facts are well known to Orthodox Judaics.

--Michael Hoffman Expert on Judaism Excerpted from his 75-minute PowerPoint slideshow presentation on "The Religion of Judaism" (illustrated with all relevant citations from the Talmud, in English and Aramaic). To book Mr. Hofffman's PowerPoint presentation at your Church or Mosque (no one under 21 admitted due to the sensitive nature of the presentation) e-mail [email protected] for fees and requirements (speaker's fee + plane fare + hotel and meals + equipment for PowerPoint display--usually supplied by the hotel or your church or mosque).

Mr. Hoffman further observes:

When criticizing Mohammed for his alleged sexual practices and teachings, it would be only fair to always accompany such criticism with an honest and accurate appraisal of the sexual practices and theology of the rabbis of Orthodox ("observant") Judaism (see above).

It is also incumbent to accompany all such criticism of Mohammad with the observation that Islam does not use as a secret weapon against the West, pornographic media, culture, fashion and advertising. Rather, Muslims attempt to uphold classical Christian standards of male and female modesty (last seen in America in the 1950s) for themselves and Muslims heartily welcome such standards among western nations.

Muslim activist Amani Aboul Fadl Farag writes, "In Christianity for example, nuns cannot show up without their hijab. Also, regular ladies wear it while attending (Catholic) masses, which is a reflection of self-admission that God wants to see them this way!... Remember that your own puritan American society, before being swept over in the 1950s, by this permissive value system, used to look with embarrassment to any woman going out to the street without her hat..."

In contrast to the good will that Islam expresses on this subject, it is hardly a coincidence that Hollywood and the New York media are replete with numerous Judaic executives, producers and trend-setters who relentlessly promote whoredom and nudity among the Western masses of gentiles (see my pamphlet, "Hate Whitey!). They also blaspheme the holy name of the Christian savior by making "Jesus Christ" a casual and omnipresent swearword in hundreds of movies, and attack Jesus whenever possible (Wasserman's production of Sicilian-American turncoat Martin Scorcese' s "Last Temptation of Christ" and, in the present, screenwriter Akiva Goldsman's script for the forthcoming movie "The Da Vinci Code," are but two examples).

Criticism of Mohammed for polygamy and "subjugation of women" takes no courage in America. Zionist plaudits will be received all around. Applause from both neo-cons and liberals will be unstinting. The same "brave" and "prophetic" voices which crusade against Mohammed's polygamy have not one single word to say about Judaism's license for child molestation and degradation of women, which this writer can document in black and white from the rabbinic texts, on any seven-foot PowerPoint screen in any church or hotel in this nation.

When the Israeli army rampaged through occupied Palestine in 2002, one of the first things they did when they seized the Palestinian television channel there was to broadcast hardcore pornography, at a time when Palestinians were under military curfew and the only diversion they had for their childrens' cabin fever was the Palestinian television network.

This is yet another despicable moral outrage covered up by the supposed "pro-family" heroes like Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) and a legion of paid rabbinic agents and gutless wimps like him who howl at Islam and wimper before Judaism. I find such "family values Republicans" to be exactly the hypocrites Jesus castigated in the Gospels; yet these Pharisees have millions of "Christian" followers.

I recently asked Charles Provan, the traditional Protestant theologian, what he thought was wrong with Christianity in America. He replied, "The problem is, there is no Christianity in America anymore." (cf. Luke 18:8).

I am reminded of Mr. Provan's trenchant observation every time I espy some "Christian" fundamentalist blowhard, who, with his arm around an Orthodox rabbi, attacks Mohammed for his "immorality." Wow, what courage. I'm so relieved. I was very worried about Mohammedans conquering America and imposing their "lustful morality" on our pure and modest population. Those who warn us of the Mohammedan attack on our morals are certainly far-sighted leaders. Yesiree. And while I'm expressing my gratitude, I'll be a good patriot, switch on the glass toilet and watch 500 channels worth of televised filth.

God Bless America, y'all!