Why Gas Costs $3.00 Per Gallon

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I was gassing my car beside a younger man filling a SUV with a big gas tank. I asked him, "Hey Explorer, this doesn't seem like much a bargain to me." He replied that he had moved to the Valley five years ago and gas was $.99 at the same pump then.

My turn: "Do you know for sure why the price so high?" He had some ideas, "it's not because it is mostly taxes, as in Europe, and at least they get something for it.... in programs." He went on, "I'm not sure we get much for our high prices."

"Has it occurred to you that this is simply the cost of paying for the war?" I asked. Explorer wanted to know how I could know this, and here is what I told him:

"Five years ago an eye witness confirmed to me that Iraq had so much gas for sale that Sadam Hussein's government was selling it to anyone inside Iraq for four to five cents a gallon. Now that we have bombed Iraq into the Stone Age, our prices are on the way to $3.00. And our leaders want to bomb Iran, the next biggest oil producer they can find. How much do you think that will cost us?"

Just then, SUV's tank filled up. "I gotta go," he said, as he pocketed his receipt of $48.00. Had he stayed a little longer, I would have given him a homey analogy:

"Suppose your government kills half the black and white cows in Wisconsin. Do you need a degree in animal husbandry to know what will happen to the price of milk in the supermarket?"

I am sorry to say, it's that simple; and there can be no excuse for the old, tired: "We did not know there would be a cost!" lies we hear from those who wanted the war. Haven't we already heard that line? We Hold These Truths didn't just dream up this strange but simple price theory this morning. Here are a few quotes from our story: "Why Gas costs $2.00 a Gallon," published March 27, 2000, just five years ago, and three years before our leaders decided to destroy the rest of the "black and white cows."

Quote: That same week, in a Middle Eastern country, a busload of Americans were stretching their legs during a fuel stop. A.W. Blumhorst, calculated the conversion of gallons to liters and native currency to US dollars in his notebook. He watched the attendant pump diesel fuel into the European made bus. "Do I have this figured right?" he asked the English-speaking bus driver. Is it possible you are buying fuel for four cents a gallon US? Are you really going to fill this bus for a 10-dollar bill? Maybe I should take a gallon home to Missouri or they will never believe me!"

Quote: Mr. Blumhorst learned on his trip to the Middle East that there is enough oil in the world to keep energy prices low if we were only allowed to buy it. It sells for pennies a gallon in those producing countries that are not in the good graces of our self serving Government leaders and their Warmaker bosses. Quote: Gasoline is selling for a nickel a gallon in Iraq, and a single dollar will buy 25 gallons of diesel fuel because Iraq is not allowed to sell its oil. In Iraq, children are starving while American bombs still fall regularly on the survivors. Yet American truckers and farmers cannot produce and haul food for lack of fuel.

Quote: Would you like to help millions of Americans to learn why? If so, put your shoulder to the wheel of the Truth Machine. Read the rest of the story here: Why Gas Costs $2.00 per Gallon, http://www.straitgateministry.org (click Pharisee Watch) It still adheres just fine to today.

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We repeat: Would you like to help millions of Americans learn why? If so, put your shoulder to the wheel of the Truth Machine.

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