Stopping The Next Pearl Harbor

I believe this is how the next government organized terrorist event will play out if we do not stop them.

By Daniel F


If enough people read this essay, we just might stop the Bush administration and Israel from engineering the next Pearl Harbor. The Japanese “sneak attack” on Pearl Harbor was publicized two weeks in advance in the headlines of one newspaper. If our generation does not act to stop the Next Pearl Harbor, we will be responsible for launching of World War III and for the end of life as we knew it.

How could the Israelis and the Bush administration engineer us into World War III? There has been much talk of another 911. Previously, I have said too many people know that the World Trade Center was taken down by controlled demolitions so they cannot do that again and expect the same result. Nor can they set off a dirty bomb and radiate tens of thousands of Americans. As I said,would you want to walk around on the same streets as those thousands of people if you had irradiated them and induced terminal cancers in them? If they cannot pull off another 911, what can they do?

The Iranians have Russian-made SS-N-22 Sunburn and more advanced SS-NX-26 Yakhonts anti-ship missiles which were designed to sink American aircraft carriers. Both the Sunburn and the Yakhonts are unstoppable killing machines. In 2001 the incoming Bush administration tasked the Navy with finding a defense against these missiles but has not met the challenge to date. The Sunburn has a range of 90 miles and travels at Mach 2.5 nine feet above sea level. The Yakhonts has a range of 180 miles. The Iranians also have 300 NATO made Exocets and large numbers of Chinese Silkworm anti-ship missiles. The Iranians have recently said they will fire 11,000 missiles and artillery shells in the first minute of an attack They have Russian made artillery with ranges up to 180 kilometers. Within minutes of any attack on Iran by either Israel or the United States we could lose 20,000 plus sailors and marines in the Persian Gulf. Those who do not die immediately risk capture by the Iranians who have 1,000 fast rubber boats and an endless supply of men willing to commit suicide. The old Soviet military doctrine of mixing a few advanced weapons in with large numbers of older but deadly ones might succeed in creating a New Pearl Harbor. Our fleet is in the Persian Gulf and not in the Indian Ocean precisely so they would be in range of Iran's Russian made missiles. Sacrificing the lives of 20,000 sailors and marines is essential to the Zionist plan to launch World War III.

Vladimir Putin has formed a partnership with the nations of the Caspian Sea which obligates Russia to defend Iran against an American attack. This means the U.S. must wait for Iran to attack America before we can bomb the Iranians. The Israeli Lobby is so powerful in Russia that Putin could only defend Iran from an American attack and not from an an Israeli air assault using U.S. supplied bunker busting nuclear weapons. Iran has said that they would respond by attacking both the United States and Israel if this scenario occurs. If Iran defends itself as it said it will, those in Israel and the United States whose fondest dream is to launch World War III will have engineered Pearl Harbor II and will see their dreams and our nightmares come true. The American TV watching public would demand revenge because they would not know that their leaders deliberately sacrificed our sailors and marines. Thanks to Bush we have no military left to do anything but to use nuclear weapons to exterminate the Muslims and steal their oil for Wall Street and Israel.

Exterminating Muslims is not practical as there are 1.3 billion of them and we do not have enough soldiers to defend ourselves from the inevitable consequences. Giving Arab oil to Wall Street has not worked well either. Oil used to be $20 a barrel. After four and a half years of occupying Iraq, oil is closer to $99.

The CIA has used the term Blowback to describe Isaac Newton's law that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The Blowback to using nuclear weapons to kill Muslims will be enormous. The Iranians and their allies will close the Persian Gulf to oil exports and to the imports of military supplies into Iraq. Oil will hit $300 a barrel. China, Japan, Singapore and Korea have enough surplus dollars on hand to pay cash in advance for oil at $400 a barrel for the next three years. America could only borrow money to buy oil, but, if the American fleet in the Persian Gulf is sunk, the dollar will drown as foreigners will want to dump their dollars. The stampede would be first started by the Muslims who would refuse to either accept or to hold dollars. They would dump hundreds of billions of dollars And then as the dollar decline gains momentum, all foreigners, including the drug cartels, would have to get rid of theirs as well.

The Iranians recruited 40,000 suicide bombers. These are trained and educated people who could do a lot of damage. In 1993 The FBI recruited an Egyptian military intelligence officer to find some patsies to set off a bomb in the World Trade Center garage. One illiterate was supposed to park the van 15 feet from the central pillar. He couldn't because a New Yorker had parked illegally in the tow away zone. He was not educated enough to select another pillar. Because the FBI had recruited a scientifically illiterate dupe the bomb went off 15 feet from the pillar and only 6 people died. The 40,000 Iranian suicide bombers are not FBI-CIA recruits and will do a lot more damage.

The Iranians could set aside 500 or so men and women to use explosives to take out American oil refineries and chemical plants. A small input yields a big blast. There are 20 oil refineries and chemical plants in the Houston Metro area. Other oil refinery targets of interest would be in New York, New Jersey , California and wherever targets of opportunity are easily available. They could take out 25% of our refinery capacity as they have been given more than adequate warning by the Neocons of their intentions to bomb Iran. Gas could sell for $10.00 a gallon and even require ration coupons to buy.

It would not take many men to blow up a sufficient number of power lines carrying electricity to cause a nationwide blackout. Without electricity the gas stations could not pump gas until the power was restored. Nor could anyone get money from a bank or use a credit card. The nationwide blackout, the sinking of our fleet and the collapse of the dollar would all be signs that America was through as a world power and probably also as a sovereign nation.

The Iranians have been buying a lot of weapons. For $5,000,000 they could have bought 5,000 shoulder fired anti-aircraft weapons. They could hand them out to anyone willing to shoot down either an American airplane or helicopter. We have already lost 10% of our helicopters in Iraq. They could arm thousands of their suicide bombers with a couple thousand of those shoulder fired missiles and automatic weapons to take down our helicopters in both Iraq and Afghanistan. They could send other units to cut off supplies entering Iraq via the two roads running from Kuwait. We could lose a lot of soldiers and marines. And many more could be captured.

The U.S. Military Central Command (CENTCOM) website lists U. S. forces in 25 Muslim nations and in two others where Muslims are a minority. What would happen to Americans stationed on those bases if the locals cut off their water and other supplies? What would happen if our soldiers were attacked by rogue elements of the host nation's military who objected to the use of nuclear weapons to kill Muslim civilians? One artillery unit could render an airbase useless with just 60 seconds of shelling. We have no military to send to rescue our men and women. We could use even more nuclear weapons to deter the local populations but that would only create millions of additional suicide bombers seeking revenge for the killing of their families.

When foreigners dump a few trillion dollars buying oil, gold, silver, copper, food and other commodities, those dollars will not disappear. The people who sell a few hundred billion dollars of commodities will have been given dollars that will be rapidly approaching zero value as prices soar. They will have to get rid of their new found money very quickly. Economists call this phenomenon the velocity of money. If the GNP is 12 trillion and the money supply is ten trillion, the dollar turns over 1.2 times a year. But, if Americans and foreigners collectively decide that the dollar is toast, it will turn over once every 6 months, then once every 3 months and then once a month. If velocity goes from 1.2 to 12, then prices will go up 1,000%. Pensions and savings will lose 90% of their value. After tax wages will decline by more than 50% even if workers can get raises because the working poor will be pushed into tax brackets designed for the wealthy. This increase in the velocity of money is what happened to the Weimar Republic in 1923.

The economic dislocations from the war and inflation will cause a depression and could lead to 25% unemployment just like in 1933. We have more than doubled our population since the 1930s. And our culture has changed. What do you expect young people to do if they were without a job and had no money to buy gas or food? What would you expect parents to do if their children had not eaten for three days? What do you think the 43,000,000 elderly and disabled on Social Security would do if they had nothing to eat? What would you expect America's street gangs to do in every major city? Would you be willing to walk down a street where thousands of people have neither food nor gas money and no way to pay the rent and utilities? The people who deliver the food and other services to you will have to live in those neighborhoods as they will not likely make enough to move to a safe neighborhood like yours. They might have to flee the cities thus cutting off the vital services you need. The crime rate will be enormous. This is in addition to the terrorist campaign previously mentioned. The public will demand and gladly accept martial law. Since the politicians who will give us martial law in either 2008 or 2009 work for the banks, they will also give us currency controls. Currency controls allow the government to regulate how much of your money you can spend. The wealthy will have sent their money overseas and have bought oil or gold. You will not be allowed to withdraw your money from the bank until it has become absolutely worthless. The purpose of currency controls is to allow the elite to dump their dollars while the poor will lose what little they did have. It is long past time that you heeded my warnings to get your savings out of dollars and out of the United States.

Martial law is the intended result of the the Next Pearl Harbor, the deliberate sacrificing of 20,000 sailors and marines in the Persian Gulf. Martial law will not mean the cancellation of the 2008 elections. Why would the bankers want to stop the people from voting for the candidates who will permanently enslave the citizenry by merging the United States with Canada and Mexico to form the North American Union (NAU)? The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Bilderberg Society have said they want to merge the U.S. into the NAU by 2010. The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has 120 people working to make this happen. The NAU will abolish the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If the President-elect in 2008 does not follow orders and end American sovereignty, the bankers can always assassinate him as they did President Kennedy in 1963 and his brother Robert Kennedy in 1968. Bobby was shot in the back 5 times. The “lone assassin” was never seen behind him, could not have shot him and does not even know what happened that night. The press did little to investigate the killing of the man favored to win the 1968 election and will do nothing to uncover the truth if another candidate is murdered in 2008. More recently the news media has covered up the killing of 3,000 Americans in controlled demolitions on 9-11-2001.

What would happen if there were no Pearl Harbor in the Persian Gulf? If there were no enemy at the gates, the voters might blame Wall Street for the coming economic debacle. There are two Presidential candidates, Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul, who want to repeal the Federal Reserve Act which created the Depression of 1929-1939 and the coming Hyperinflationary Depression. Wall Street used World War II to cure the high unemployment rate of the Great Depression. World War III will be used to eliminate democracy, to grab oil and other natural resources for Wall Street, to exterminate all those who resist the New World Order and to starve to death anyone in the Third World who cannot afford to pay the vigorish on their loans.

Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy issued non-interest bearing Treasury Notes and were killed by “lone assassins” for their efforts. If they had lived, we would not have a nine trillion dollar debt and would not be paying several hundreds of billions for interest on the “debt”. Money is a commodity that measures the value of all other commodities and services. Prices are a ratio of the amount of money in circulation to all the goods and services available. If you increase the GNP and the money supply by identical rates, you will have a constant ratio and stable prices. Notice that there is no mention of Treasury bonds being issued. Under the Federal Reserve system, the Treasury Secretary issues 100 billion dollars in bonds which he gives to the Federal Reserve in exchange for 100 billion dollars in Federal Reserve Notes. The Federal Reserve gets the money by paying 3 ½ cents on the dollar to the Bureau of the Mint. The taxpayers are then obligated to pay interest to the Federal Reserve until the end of time. There is no need to issue bonds so there never was a reason to have a government debt. Of course you never will hear about that in the news or even on a typical college campus. Both of these institutions are controlled by Wall Street.

The people of the Third World have a lot in common with the citizens of America. They both toil on the Global Plantation to pay the vigorish on fraudulent loans. The bankers create money and expect you to pay them even though the money the banks created devalued the pensions and savings of the working class in America. The citizens of the United States will soon learn that their masters think as little of them as they do of the poor in the underdeveloped nations. As I have said previously, at least 200 billion dollars a year is stolen from unaudited federal government contracts. That money has been sent overseas to finance drug running, to be invested in foreign currencies, oil, gold and other commodities. When the coming Hyperinflationary Depression arrives, the bankers will be able to buy America for pennies on the dollar. They will own everything. Wall Street has had the foresight to have the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act passed to take away your ability to resist. Martial law will eliminate any opportunity you might have had to just say no to dictatorship and to permanent poverty.

What can we do to stop the Next Pearl Harbor from happening? We have been given a few months time to organize our resistance. Fortunately for us, the Israelis have a government that is as corrupt as ours. The Israelis recently announced that a billion shekels or about 250 million dollars went missing from their civil defense fund. The Israeli citizenry had been promised that new gas masks and other protective gear would be issued to them. About half of the country received theirs when the other half was told that there was no money left. That means that we cannot expect Israel to attack Iran for several months. I would like to suggest what we could do peacefully to prevent martial law from being used to cover the theft of our pensions, our savings, our property, our country and our democracy.

1) Continue with the 9-11 Truth Movement. I tell everyone to look at the videos of World Trade Center Tower 7 collapsing at . If the voters knew that the World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 were taken down by controlled demolitions on 9-11-2001, they might demand our leaders tell the truth.

2) Begin a new Truth Movement for Missing Money. Billions of dollars are being stolen from taxpayers each week because we are not allowed to audit federal spending. Do you really expect subsidiaries of defense contractors to adequately audit the wrong doing of their parent companies? Go to and type in “missing money” in the search box.

3) Tell people the specific consequences of what will happen if we allow Israel to attack Iran with American made bunker busting nuclear weapons. Tell them the economic consequences. Tell them that our sailors and marines will be deliberately sacrificed so we can have martial law and complete the transfer of all wealth to Wall Street.

4) If you see a candidate for office, you might ask them about the missing money and why neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have passed stricter auditing laws to protect the taxpayers. Study the issues in advance, ask the best short question you can and have a friend get it down on videotape so the rest of us can see it.

5) Please do everything you can to share the information about the coming Pearl Harbor in the Persian Gulf. If enough people know what to expect, then the people who think they own the government will not be able to launch World War III just so they can have martial law, eliminate democracy, steal all of your pensions and savings and permanently cut your pay 50%.

6) If you know someone who is well known and is trusted and respected by the American public, share a few ideas with them about the Missing Money and the collapse of WTC Tower 7. Give them time to absorb the issues. Then ask him or her to go public. We need one well known and respected American to come forward to encourage others to resist treason, tyranny and the killing of a few billion poor people.

The world is ruled by men who think that War, Economic Collapse, Hyperinflation, mass starvation and abrogating the Constitution and Bill of Rights are a Game. They have no regard for your life nor for the lives of your family and friends. They will continue doing what they have been doing until we stop them. We are the world's last best chance.

Postscript: The recently released National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) revealed that Iran suspended their nuclear program 4 years ago in 2003. According to a poll of Israeli citizens, two thirds said they oppose attacking Iran. But neither the lack of nuclear weapons in Iran nor the anti-war views of the Israeli public will deter the people who think they should rule the world. They know the dollar will collapse. They know that without economic reform America will cease to exist as a functioning sovereign nation. But conquering America has been their goal ever since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 and America's entry into World War I in 1917.

I stand by my original assessment that Israel is planning to attack Iran in 2008 after their civil defense preparations have been completed. The attack will be designed to sacrifice American sailors and marines in the Persian Gulf and push the United States into using nuclear weapons against unarmed civilians in Muslim nations. Our leaders have decided to sacrifice the America nation and not just our soldiers. The next six months will determine whether or not we are worthy to be a free people with a sovereign government, a Constitution and a Bill of Rights.



The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous legislating
bankster Satanic N.W.O. Zion-Nazi mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of
OKC, Port Arthur, Dunblane, Columbine, 911, Bali, 7/7/2005, Va-Tech and the
War on Terror and Freedom and reinstate God's Perfect Laws of Liberty:-

Time is running out:-

Soon, it will be too late.

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