Why Were Queen Victoria's Diaries Destroyed and then Rewritten?

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by Michael Roll

The first thing we notice whenever we speak to indoctrinated Christians is that they know nothing whatsoever about their religion. For example, try asking an Irish person to explain exactly what a Catholic or a Protestant is, and he or she would not have a clue. So-called Christians only know what their priests want them to find out. They chant what they have been allowed to receive like tame parrots.

Henry VIII was a fanatical Catholic, not a Protestant, as we have been lead to believe. So vicious was Henry's attack on Martin Luther, who started the Protestant movement, that the Pope bestowed on Henry VIII the title of Defender of the Faith in 1521. Even today our Queen still carries this ridiculous title. Luther was only protesting against the outrageous power of the Pope - Indulgences, "Give me some money and I will make sure you get to heaven." Luther did not protest against the supernatural Catholic (all-embracing) doctrines and dogmas that were invented by appallingly ignorant priests at the Council of Nicaea in 325 of the Christian era. To check this look up Nicene Creed in the dictionary.

When Henry fell out with the Pope he simply made himself Pope - the head of the Catholic Church. With this in mind, we can understand why the British establishment forces are fighting so hard to make sure the truth never gets out about Queen Victoria's efforts to make contact with her "dead" husband through the mediumship of her gillie, John Brown. However, it was another head of the Catholic Church in England who really let the cat out of the bag.

During a live television broadcast the Queen was seen showing Neil Kinnock and other MPs around Buckingham Palace. Mr. Kinnock remarked that it was great to see Queen Victoria's diaries, "and in her own handwriting". The Queen then told the truth with millions watching, that Queen Victoria's diaries had all been destroyed because she had upset the British establishment. The diaries were all rewritten, taking out the most important bits where Queen Victoria recorded every sitting she had with the medium John Brown when she made contact with Prince Albert. Even those outside of the religion of Spiritualism are beginning to realise just how badly they are being deceived by a handful of tyrants, acting as a sort of thought police force, deciding what information is safe to allow through to the public.

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