Diebold voting machine fraud

It all adds up, and we knew it all months ago or should have.

1. Any experienced programmer could use a common flat file database to accept entries into columns and rows, like a paper ballot, add up those rows, and record the totals for each column, and print out hardcopy for each voter and for election officials.
2. This simple database could be open source for anyone to examine for its accuracy and reliability, and lack of back doors for funny stuff. And the feds could require it to be uniform and mandatory for all states, and allow anyone to examine the code.
3. But the touch screen corporations all had to create secret, proprietary code that's protected by law so no one could ever see whether it would alter individual votes internally or alter totals recorded, or see if it was programmed to test accurate for election officials beforehand and only alter the numbers on Election Day.
4. Those touch screen machines won't print hardcopy records of votes, even where states require recounts in certain situations and need hardcopy ballot records.
5. The three major touch screen machine corporations are all owned by diehard Republicans.
6. The Republican controlled Congress and White House legislated the new voting law that subsidized states to purchase these Republican owned touch screen machines.

Do we get the picture now?


The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan and reinstate God's Law:-

and God's Government:-

Time is running out:-

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