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Next Step is Implants

This has nothing to do with safety for the children, any more than the "War on Terror" has anything to do with stopping terror, any more than the "War on Drugs" has anything to do with stopping drugs. This is the ultimate form of slavery, making the entire world into a gigantic open air prison, a cattle ranch wherein you are tagged and trackable property of the State.

Anti-Androgen Agents

"...One observation I made of Americans today is the noticeable increase in obesity, especially with our young, believing most of it was from inactivity playing Nintendo and watching television. A few interesting facts puzzled me though. One being the well reported decrease in sperm count of males in this country. Another interesting fact is that America has the highest cancer rate in the world. Yet another fact was that females were going through puberty on average two or more years earlier than generations before..."
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