Scandal over Bush's military records teaches foreign policy lesson
 Here's the lesson that Americans should learn as a result of the controversy over George Bush's service in the National Guard. When governments wage futile, unnecessary wars -- such as Vietnam and Iraq -- young Americans will try to avoid them.

 The scandal isn't that so many Americans tried to avoid going to Vietnam; it's that their government tried to send them there in the first place. The fact that Bush is sending troops to Iraq proves he hasn't learned that lesson.

 While Democrats and Republicans spar over Bush's service in the Guard, Bush's service as president is a far more important issue.

 We may never know whether Bush entered the National Guard to avoid service in Vietnam. But we do know that thousands of men his age did so, or sought college deferments, or even fled to Canada, to avoid getting killed or maimed. And who can blame them? More than 58,000 Americans who fought in this mindless military misadventure never came back.

 The tragedy isn't that Bush, the Guardsman, may have avoided Vietnam. The tragedy is that Bush, the president, has sent more than 1,000 Americans to their deaths in Iraq.

 There are several similarities between Vietnam and Iraq: Neither was a defensive war; both were justified based on false claims; and both became increasingly unpopular with the American people as the truth became known.

 Contrast Vietnam and Iraq with World War II. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, American teenagers weren't lying to get out of the war; they were lying about their ages to get in.

 In Vietnam, politicians instituted the draft because too few Americans were volunteering to senselessly sacrifice their lives. In Iraq, Bush has already instituted a 'backdoor draft' by extending deployments, and there's little doubt that a formal draft would be just as widely evaded as it was in Vietnam.

 The point is that the American people know which wars are essential to national security and which are not, regardless of what the president says.

 Fortunately, there's a way for Bush to salvage something positive from the controversy, while ensuring that no American is ever again accused of 'hiding out' in the Guard. Quit waging wars that have nothing whatsoever to do with national security, and start by pulling our troops out of Iraq.

Source: LP-Announce

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the evil N.W.O. warmongers:-
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