Art show sees Europe as 'new Roman Empire'

From JAH:

The Whore of Babylon/Rome ( ) proposing to call itself simply “The Union” as a counterfeit of the “Union of Jacob” ( ), should come as no surprise, as they already misuse the blue flag with a crown of twelve stars, pretending to be the Woman in the Wilderness of Revelation chapter 12, even though there are now many more member countries of the Common Market than twelve.

This calling it “The Union” is also further proof that they are serving Satan trying to imitate/counterfeit God's Kingdom with this Roman Europe misadventure.

Art show sees Europe as 'new Roman Empire'
Gibraltar will become the venue for the United Nations headquarters according to a futuristic exhibition of European Union policy looking 50 years into the future that was launched this week in the heart of Brussels. The exhibit was co-ordinated and sponsored by the European Commission and other European institutions. The article also states that the EU is poised to overtake America to become the premier superpower in the world.

The article reads: “The pop-art collage mounted in a tent outside the European Commission narrates 50 years of EU history and projects events into the future in an unusually frank display of European ambition. Segments sketched across 80 yards of canvas predict that the 21st century will be the “European Century” as the EU pushes its borders deep into Eurasia, North Africa, and the Middle East and comes to dominate world affairs through its vast “legal and moral reach”.” according to an article in the Daily Telegraph.

Under the heading the “Roman Empire returns”, it says the EU will be renamed “The Union” once it grows to 50 states over the next three decades

The UN headquarters will be moved to Gibraltar as the EU defends the international order against the “American onslaught”.

The euro will break the “overbearing monopoly of the dollar” by 2010 as China and India switch their reserves to punish America for its “stratospheric deficit”.

Casting the United States as the villain of modern times, it says: “The lonely superpower can bribe, bully or impose its will almost anywhere in the world, but when its back is turned, its policy is weakened.”

Entitled “The Image of Europe”, the display is not a formal expression of EU policy but it captures views that can be heard every day in the corridors and canteens of the Union's institutions.

The EU's Dutch presidency said yesterday it was designed to narrow Europe's “iconographic deficit” by conjuring up forceful images.

(Gib Chronicle)

Ironically, the black pope or Supreme Jesuit General, who really runs the Vatican, is a Dutchman called Peter-Hans Kolvenbach and in Dutch the word “Vader” (as in Darth “Vader”, who, in the StarWars films, represents the black pope, means Father.

Sadly, 70 – 75% of Gibraltarians are catholics and the rest are a mixture of Protestants, Muslims and Jews, so Rome has a strong foothold in Gibraltar already. Gibraltar needs cleansing and purging of this Satanic catholic religion and its idolatry and blasphemous Mary worship.

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