The Hidden Truth about Russia's Beslan Siege
Submitted by: Anonymous "September 11, 2004

The events at Beslan have a precedent and follow a clear pattern. People are recruited to carry out acts of terror by the CIA, MOSSAD, MI6 or Russian FSB but are not told everything and sometimes are caught as at Beslan. This was the case at Bali, 9/11 planners in Germany, Hamas and in Kenya etc.

According to Russian lawyer Mikhail Trepashkin (google him) the Russian secret services were responsible for the 1999 apartment bombings blamed on Chechen muslims and the Moscow theatre seige last year also blamed on Chechen muslims. He has been imprisoned for 4 years for saying so.

According to the Jamestown Foundation, 4 agents of the Russian secret services were among the hostage takers at the moscow theatre seige and they were in COMMANDING POSITIONS.( type "dubrovka" at the Jamestown Foundation's own search engine). They also say that the storming of the theatre was totally unecesssary as an agreement was reached with the "terrorists". Was the storming of the Beslan school necessary? Probably not if it had not been for the FSB.

The following is what most likely occurred and the links below back it up...

Russian security forces go to Chechnya where in a forest they recruit a number of easily manipulated chechens to take part in a hostage taking operation.(That is what they did for the Moscow theatre siege.) But these Chechens are not told that their target is a school because this would have put them off as it would not have done their cause anygood. Women are also recruited and told to wear a Saudi-style burka as this presents the image of Chechen muslims as medievel women hating savages with their brainwashed subservient suicide bomber women. They are told that they are doing this on behalf of Shamil Basayev although ofcourse they never meet him because he has nothing to do with it.

The Russian security services bribe local police in Beslan and plant the bombs in school days before the hostage crisis begins. The siege begins and teachers and pupils are taken to the gym. The real chechens are uncomfortable holding kids hostage as it is obvious to anyone that this is putting back the Chechen cause by decades. Then some of the Russian FSB start raping some of the teachers ( why not it, will be blamed on muslim chechens anyway ) and kill them as reported in some newspapers. Some kids are stabbed for asking for water and others are ordered to pray to Allah. So no one is in doubt that these are really nasty muslims. This is too much for the real Chechen muslims who object to holding kids hostage and the rapes and killing of some of the children and teachers. The leade r of the Chechen objectors is shot and killed by the leader of the Russian agents who then detonates the bombs strapped to the two Chechen women. NOTE HOW THEY WERE NOT SUICIDE BOMBS BUT RADIO CONTROLLED BOMBS.

The bombs had to be detonated before the real Chechens, who are by now sick of holding kids hostage and outraged by the rapes, can surrender or reach an agreement. When the bombs go off the fighting begins and the school is stormed. From the FSB point of view this is a very necessary part of the plan. There has to be carnage and confusion and mass murder otherwise the identity of their agents as the terrorist leaders could be blown and without mass death their will be no mass sympathy for Russia's war on terror and its campaign of rape and murder in Chechnya which was the whole point of the seige. In the confusion and mayhem the Russian agents who recruited the Chechens and raped and killed some teachers escape knowing that they will be protected by their FSB colleagues waiting outside the school. These Russians agents pretending to be Chechens probably account for the 3 to 4 terrorists who escaped and the "terrorist" who managed to get into an ambulance but was pulled out and kicked to death by some parents. Most of the other "terrorists" are then shot along with hundreds of kids some of whom are shot in the back 46 times probably by the Russian secret services to show the sheer barbarism of the "Chechens."

Now Putin can embraced a sympathetic America in its “War on terror”

*** terrorist leader shot their own and detonated bombs russian agents among terrorists in commanding positions in Dubrovka Moscow siege lawyer arrested for saying fsb linked to moscow theatre siege same lawyer gets 4 years raped by terrorists"
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