New Nicolas Cage Movie Features Illuminati Spin & Symbolism

 National Treasure

Alex Jones' Prison Planet/ Paul Joseph Watson | July 5 2004

A new Nicolas Cage film due to hit movie theatres in November deals heavily in Illuminati symbolism and secret society rhetoric.

The National Treasure, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, follows the story of Cage's character, an archaeologist-historian, who seeks to find a hidden treasure guided by a map secretly embedded within the Declaration of Independence.

The all-seeing eye which appears on the reverse side of the one dollar bill, according to the movie, was put there by the founding fathers as a means of communicating a secret about the hidden treasure. In reality, it was President Franklin D Roosevelt who made the decision to place the pyramid on the one dollar bill.

To many, the uncapped pyramid symbolizes the birth of, but not the completion of the Luciferian New World Order. This new movie has the witting or unwitting effect of replacing the real symbolism of the pyramid with that of a fictional fable. So when you try to explain to someone what the all-seeing eye symbolizes, they'll just tell you that you got it from a movie, just as The Skulls, a fictional account of the Skull and Bones Society, led a lot of people away from the fact that the society actually existed in real life.

Click here to watch the movie trailer and see the overload of all-seeing eye symbolism. For a historical account of what the all-seeing eye really means, click here and click here to learn about the real Illuminati

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