Sodomizing Female Prisoners in Iraq Ordered by Intelligence Agencies

Sodomizing female prisoners, documented on camera, was ordered and condoned by the intelligence agencies, not only to defile and humiliate the prisoners - and defile the soldiers themselves - but to severely tarnish the reputation of America (even more than it already was) with the help of 60 Minutes, and all involved in now suddenly exposing it. Torture has been exposed in Guantanamo Bay for over 2 years now. Torture and other abuses of prisoners in Iraq by coalition forces has been known for over a year since the invasion. Yet, all have been downplayed by the mainstream media.

Until now. Why? Think about it.

In other words, this latest round of abuse was all staged and meticulously documented, and now heavily hyped in the media as part of the overall plan to make America into the Bad-Cop Evil Empire which will have to be brought down to heel by the global system Good-Cops.

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