Children: Victims of a Sex-Crazed Society

Paul Walter

I read with disbelief that a district attorney and his black robed friends prosecuted an 8-year-old boy. He was charged with felony assault and send to a rehabilitation program as a sex offender for fondling classmates. The child should have been taught the difference between right and wrong, not prosecuted as a sex offender. The child will be a sex offender for the rest of his life. This is pure evil disguised as law.

Children are taught in public schools that homosexuality is another form of love. They see nothing but trash, Satanism and violence on TV including cartoons, and then they get persecuted by the law as sex offenders.

Government says you can't force religion and morals on your children. Parents are afraid to discipline them for fear of arrest. Politicians protect pornography as freedom of speech, then prosecute little children for their slightest mistakes. And cops, who sell their soul for a paycheck, protect this whole rotten, stinking system. Church-attending state Representatives are not willing to undo insane laws to protect children.

According to an recent Washington Times article "The Federal Communication Commission ruled this month that Irish rocker Bono did not violate federal indecency rules when he used the f-word during an acceptance speech at the Golden Globe Awards..."

What do the children learn when government sanctions and protects filth? What kind of message did President Clinton send to our youth regarding Monica Lewinsky? Then the filthy black robed tyrants send little children to sex rehabilitation classes for their innocent mistakes.

Church leaders hiding behind the Bible get caught molesting alter boys hardly ever go to prison. No wonder the church leaders are silent against corruption; they're guilty as sin themselves.

As I said before and I'll say it a thousand times, the moral decay of this beautiful country belongs squarely on the shoulders of your politically correct, lukewarm pastors. Period. Money and tickling the people's ears are more important then preaching the truth or standing up to corrupters.

Example: Here in Grants Pass, Oregon, we recalled one of the worst black robed judges in the state, Family Court judge, Judge Loyd O'Neal. We managed to get 7,000 signatures to put the recall on the ballot, and guess what? Our biggest enemies for this recall were the local defense attorney's and most of the largest churches in town.

The Josephine County Sheriff, Dave Daniel, gave his name in support of Judge O'Neal, along with his public title of sheriff. When asked to sign the recall petition, Daniel declined and said he will remain neutral. I guess the big boys in the court house got to him.

The church leaders alongside the defense attorney's came out against the recall and managed to have the judge re-elected. Intimidated with the recall, Judge O'Neal resigned early this year, 3 years before his term was up.

When judge Moore fought the removal of the 10 Commandments only 100 people showed up in support. If 500,000, or better yet, one million had showed up, the 10 Commandments would still be there. I thought this is a Christian nation with courageous individuals?

Where is the people's back bone and the love of God they profess to have? What kind of a country are you leaving to your children and grandchildren?

The Roman empire could not have been conquered from without, it was conquered and destroyed from within. It collapsed from it's own corruption and decadence. If you don't want America to follow the Roman example, then you better wake up NOW.


The ONLY Solution is to enforce The Plan


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