Controlling The News: In-House Memos on Television And Print Media News Presentations

"...During the middle of March, 2003, tbrnews received an email from a man who claimed to be a mid-level executive with a major American television network. He stated in this, and subsequent, emails that he was in possession of “thousands” of pages of in-house memos sent from his corporate headquarters in New York City to the head of the network’s television news department. He went on to say that these memos set forth directives about what material was, and was not, to be aired on the various outlets of the network.

a few quotes from the memos:

This individual claimed he was developing serious doubts about the strict control of media events and decided that he would pass this material along to someone who might make use of it...".

(October 12) Apparently, SARS is expected to return with the flu season. No vaccine available so any reporting on this is to be very circumspect. The key word here is “pneumonia” and not SARS…

(October 14) We expect an official release about “large shipments” of Iraqi oil in the near future. Ain’t happening men. Our vehicles can’t even get enough gas there and, believe it or not, their fuel has to be imported from the US!…the sad arrival of dead military personnel at Dover is a thing of the past. Strictly forbidden to comment on or attempt to photograph arriving aircraft with the dead…the higher death tolls are redacted for the time being (waiting for after the elections? Hum?)

(March 19) No mention, repeat, no mention, of Palestinian suicide bombers during the Iraqi operation….

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