Monsanto & Mad Cow

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5. 2001 Mark Purdey, the very bright British farmer who claims mad cow disease is really caused by the insecticide Phosmet, has had some trouble. His house was burned down. Corporate Watch magazine (issue 12) reports that his barn suddenly collapsed and his library of med/science materials was damaged. Purdey was shot at. His phone lines were cut. Purdey went to court to defend his right not to give his cows Phosmet. His lawyer, who won the case, died in a car crash. Purdey's veterinarian, who claimed Purdey had perhaps found a clue to mad cow disease, also died in a car accident.

Phosmet is spread on the spines of cows to eradicate a pest. It is manufactured by Zeneca Corp., a spinoff of the Brit chem giant Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). ICI was originally founded out of the famous explosives firm, Nobel. ICI was one of those big companies which was involved with the Nazi cartel IG Farben. Zeneca makes the cancer drug Tamoxifen, which has been linked to ovarian cancer.

Not a pretty picture. Phosmet, which is an organophosphate compound, comes out of a long line of research on nerve gas. IG Farben pioneered that research long ago.

One of the world's great toxic companies, Monsanto, is... well, seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Monsanto's stock had been shunned by pros and amateurs alike, mainly because everybody hated its genetically modified (GM) food division. Arrogant, unscientific, toxic. Activist groups all over the world were hitting them hard. Still are.

But now, with the mad cow scare everywhere, guess what? Farmers are looking to replace the crushed up animals they feed to their cows, and they're discovering Monsanto's GM soy. By the ton.

Monsanto's stock is trading higher. And maybe Europe will finally start accepting beef from the US that has been shot up with Monsanto's GM bovine growth hormone, since they're scared to eat their own beef.

Who profits from the mad cow terror? Whose name was listed under "special thanks" at the end of PBS's NOVA show on mad cow called The Brain

Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2001 From: Alex Constantine <alexx12 [at] mediaone [dot] net

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