AMEC Destroys Evidence in WTC Cleanup Scam


A foreign company - headed by a Knight of the British Empire - managed the controversial clean-up of the rubble at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Although the terror attacks of September 11 were clearly criminal acts of mass murder, no effort was made to preserve the integrity of the crime scenes and the essential evidence was disposed of like garbage.

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was made a Knight of the British Empire - after he hired two large British construction management firms - both headed by Knights of the British Empire, to oversee what many experts consider to be massive criminal destruction of evidence.


The editor-in-chief of Fire Engineering magazine, William A. Manning, issued an urgent call to action to America s firefighters at the end of 2001, calling for a forensic investigation and demanding that the steel from the site be preserved to allow investigators to determine what caused the collapse.



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