Dr. Daniele Ganser: Most wars are resource wars based on false flags operations

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n this interview from April 2014, Daniele Ganser adresses False Flag Operations within the latest 100 years, mainly carried out by the US, the Empire of recent time. Dr. Ganser points out that the one thing fueling wars and conflicts is resources, oil first and foremost. Through wars the powers that be have maintained a development where the Cold War is back in it's "hottest" form. The means have been like the ones used by Goebbels in the Nazi Reich. Dr. Ganser interviewed by journalist Tommy Hansen.

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The real wars are against the

The real wars are against the poor... In reality energy resources are unlimited... 1st law of thermodynamics energy is neither created or destroyed it's simply converted into other usable forms...

Energy is infinite and regenerates naturally... There' more than enough of what people need to survive, so the war is really about the rich peoples desire to control infinity whilst making everyone a DEBTOR slave to them.. This is the real war. The super rich's incursion on we the poor, when it's not necessary to kill us off... Again, there's more than enough to go around.. And if we actually produced and distributed more than enough for everyone, there would be absolutely no psychological need to go to war, to commit crimes, to be greedy, or to hoard... Give people what they need abundantly and we'll clean up the waste... Fully automate AI technologies and labor goes away, and so does the controlling factor of money, corruption and most every damn problem associated with our BS based society

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