Occult Secrets of Jay Z, Kanye & Nas

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An in depth look at the very disturbing truth behind some of mainstream music's most 'popular' celebrities and their occult practices.

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"What it's about is the fact that Jigga is a Lucifer-worshiping Mason. And he's pulled in Kanye and Nas. All the symbols are masonic/pagain/satanic especially the pink goat's head shirt Kanye is wearing. And just listen to the song...it's about secret societies and the satanic Illuminati which employs JIgga. Do some research...free your mind." -RizNJ

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For people who think Masons worship Lucifer (Satan), I would like to point out that Lucifer is a word used in reference to the planet Venus. The "Morning Star". Kind of like the first bright thing you see in the morning when you look up to the East...you know, just before dawn.

Secondly, Masons worship their own personal God. There is no universal "god" of Masonry. Some Masonic symbols may have been taken from Egyptian, Phoenician, Greek and other religions, but so have pretty much ALL symbols of Christianity, as well as many other religions. This topic is way to complex to dismiss by saying practicing Masons engage in Satanic/Devil/Luciferian worship. No worship goes on during Lodge, just FYI. Have you all ever studied the TRUE origins of world religions?

Based on this page, I would recommend doing some research, starting with Jordan Maxwell.

Brother A

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Study to show thy selves

Study to show thy selves approved....j and ye are on to the truth....

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The Occult

Brother A you appear to be a Mason, hence the defense of the masons and saying you don't particularly worship a deity. Part of a secret organization and society is to use disinformation to try and deter would-be truthseekers from knowing what the Orders or groups of the Orders are up to. At the same time they have no problem showing themselves off through musicians like Jay-Z and even use manipulation, brainwashing, backmasking, and even appearing as "Christian" to deceive people from knowing the facts from fiction. I can tell you that you are only telling people what the Orders want you to say and some don't even know what the higher levels and degrees are doing. I can also say as a matter of fact the degrees go to a full 360, not 33 like people are led to believe. In Denver, Colorado, for example, there are lodges, particularly one in front of the Capital called a 99 lodge, and for good reason. They don't call it the Third Eye for nothing. Not all of us are asleep and ignorant. Some of us know much more than any movie, television show, politician and news reporter will tell you.

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Thank you for more information my friend I made comments about his post about lucifer as well. God bless now I have even more knowledge from you.

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the degrees

hi im louise im just readin your comment and u seem 2 know wat your talkin about lol. im new to all this freemasons, illuminati, n the rest of it.confused with the whole thing im just startin 2 make sense of it,my eyes r openin up 2 the crazy world we live in. anyway ill get 2 my point i thought n was told by few people who av been lookin into it all this stuff for awhile now that there were 33 degrees but u say theres 360. would u mind tellin me about it or sendin me sum links to where i can find out more. my mate who thinks he know it all has never mentioned 360 degrees,coz im female he thinks its weird that im gettin into it,so i just want 2 find sumet out wat he dont know n i av just found it! :) so plz can u help me?: thanks x

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There are 33 degrees in

There are 33 degrees in freemasonary, I don't know about other societies though, however, when they reach level 33, they move onto something bigger (a society closer to the top of the pyramid). And I hope you know that the want to de-humanise women around the world

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Being a 32nd degree Master

Being a 32nd degree Master Mason.....it literally makes me ill reading about all of this nonsense. Ever wonder what the G in the middle of the compass and square means? "God". A 33rd degree Mason is not at the top of some new world order achieving this just means they have devoted a long long time to the Masons and is a very respectable thing. I am an educated father with a family and can tell you if you knew 1/10th of what the Mason's were about you would feel stupid. I will do the Masonic thing here though and state, "everyone has a right to their own opinion" and move on not chastizing anyone.

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if these people would only

if these people would only dig a bit deeper and really listen to his lyrics they might learn something about creating reality and the use of imagination...


im no mason but i know that masons build themselves as better persons ive read manly p hall

i think jay z has a better understanding of the true meaning o fthe bible then all those afraid of his lyrics :)

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YT I don't know if you know there is a thing called Laws of first mention. Meaning when God (Jesus) first mentions the word that is it's definition. Before that planet Vensus was there, they're were the Heavens and Lucifer the angel in Heaven. Saying Lucifer is another word for venus that may be true, but that does not change the law of first mention which is where the word originated. Now we both know your not telling the whole story about the masons,because when you get to the 32 degree is only then that you intoduced to lucifer and the 33 as well. God bless my friend.

Rod's picture

Lucifer is NOT Venus

Isaiah 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the Morning (Star)! [How] art thou cut down to the earth, which didst weaken the nations!
14:13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the North:
14:14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like (take the Place of) The Most High.
14:15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.

Lucifer is referred to as "son" of the Morning Star. Not "the" Morning Star. Go to jahtruth.net and read The Way Home or Face the Fire (or read it from this 100777 site). Just click on the link at the bottom of the page.

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jay z is not a mason

jay z is not a mason although he is related by blood to a mason.

i've met jay a few times. he's an asshole and we've fought.

i was a mason for over 20 years but i'm not anymore. i knew jay z thru another member of the group but jay z was never actually a member.

a mason is never supposed to talk about his membership.

jay ain't supposed to be calling his clothing line "skull and bones" either.

i don't think jay ever really pledged any group. he paid to be affiliated.

the masons are very evil. it's based on satanism and witchcraft. they worship the devil, there's no doubt.

it's a group of assholes. the best thing to do is to stay away from them completely or you'd end up regretting being a member.

Brother J's picture

I'm not sure who or what

I'm not sure who or what organization you were with, but it is very stereotypical to say what masons are. If the organization you were with is based on satanism and witchcraft, worship the devil and is a group of assholes...I think you were hoodwinked and led down a path that has nothing to do with masonry. I think you did right to get out of that organization...why would anyone want to be subjected to that. Just remember "all your skin-folks are not your kin-folks and all your color is not your kind"....think about it.

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Right on!

Right on!

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as you having been a mason,can you say anything about the use of the drug GHB as part of its witchcraft.Brainwashing and mind programming in order to pass on messages to the brethren throughout time.discerning spirits and sowing seeds.drinking the juice of the 7's?any of these things sound familiar?im not a mason but Lucifer has tried many time to convince me that i'm his son.many members of my family are affiliate Luciferians.the hated lightbearer of the goodies.the 9 houses,special sayings that directly affect the mind all steming from the design of the minds eye.hearts of fire,telepathic communication,the enforcers.marriage covenants.spirits to the forefront!
any of those things ring a bell?

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jay is a fag

I think its pretty clear jayz involved in masonry I mean he makes it so blatently obvious and he's been doin this sht for years. He just a bitch made ho takin it up the ass from the music industry. & beyonce has to be really retarded or really desperate. But 4real jay needs to just man up and admit it already quit insulting our inteligence grow sum balls ho ass ngga o btw I think masons are pretty gay I mean its all men and secret sht and nudity involved in the initiations all the recipes of sum gay sht thats u jigga ha more like gay-z

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Great conspiracy

I am new member and I am very glad that many people knew about the great conspiracy and I wanted to add that Jay-Z was referring to the top of the pyramid ... that is, the one-eyed Dajjal (Antichrist), a sun god

EagleEye's picture

Great conspiracy

As it exists on the dollar is pleased with our project (the Antichrist), and there are also many who were able to access fame and money by Satan worship, led by Madonna, who has publicly declare this an example of such a song Frozen

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Hey Lie-Z, you’ve got to move

Hey Lie-Z, you’ve got to move ovah
You stole that name
You should be ashamed
You’re bout to go nova
You think that you’re a star, no - uh
You took their food
You called it good
You don’t care about the cost, Shoah.
You have your gold, you think you in clover-ahh!
The tides have turned
And soon you’ll burn
And know your moment in the sun is over – ha!

Hey Sleaze-Z Welcome to the ovens – yo.
An eternal place
where there’s no grace
That’s what you get for joining covens - ho.
You’re their bitch to spread the word of greed-so
There’s just no doubt
You’re on the out
Wait till you see what you’re ‘bout to reap – bro.
Ain’t nothing good in your garden grow
You sold your soul
Was that your goal
Three minutes basking in the glow?

Hey Laz-y,
he’s hazy
look he’s fading
Already his face is phasing.

Hey Pay-me,
he may be,
took God’s naming
But see his place is shaming.

Hey letter boy, I heard you– whoa!
Now in the frat
You cool cat
But there’s a lot that you don’t know.
The race was won so long ago
And no – you lost
Christ paid the cost
You didn’t play to win, you know.
You put your money on the show.
To bring the beast
A greater feast
Turn around - please face the woe.

Hey May-Zzzzz, you think you shine boy?
You spit on shoes
Of all who lose
So wipe that smile off his face, Roy.

Hey Craz-y,
No days - he!
He lost his praise be!
And look he’s fading.
No more hesitating.
Who he?

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