A History Lesson for America

April 22, 2001

by Charlene Sanders

Hot Springs, Arkansas charlie [at] hsnp [dot] com

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I learned something this weekend that was absolutely frightening. (like we didn't have enough to be concerned about!)

I traveled to Ft. Smith on Saturday to attend a seminar given by Dean Gotcher and Phil Worts. Mr. Worts is from the San Diego Police Department. (If you wonder what this has to do with HomeSchooling or public schools, just hang on.)

Mr. Gotcher is an expert on the Hegelian Dialectic and the brain washing of our society. He spoke in our town in January on "restructuring society".

He brought Mr. Worts with him to Ft. Smith to demonstrate how this is being fleshed out in our nation. The bottom line is this: Our police departments in this nation are being taught (are you ready?) "Community Policing". Actually, Marxism.

In order to lay the foundation for how "Community Policing" came about, he gave quite a history lesson and perhaps another article would be in order to lay out the policing philosophy.

Back in the 30's and 40's Kurt Lewin, Kenneth Benne, Antonio Gramsci, George Lukacs, and Karl Korsch and others came to America from Germany's Frankfurt School to flee Hitler and his murderous regime. These men were Marxists. These are the same social psychologists who along with John Dewey are responsible for the revamping of our public school system.

Kurt Lewin was a particularly evil man. No, he wasn't a drooling, knife wielding, maniac. He was just a man with twisted ideas about how society could be restructured to suit socialist ends.

Let me be succinct: Dialectical Materialism IS Marxism. If you can understand this, you can see how and why America has been on the "slippery slope" for more or less 100 years.

Something that is not very widely known is that Karl Marx was a satanist. In Ted Flynn's book, "Hope of the Wicked", on page 34, he makes this amazing statement. He cites Nesta Webster's work, "World Revolution", the 1971 edition, which in turn cites a work by William Still called "New World Order, The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies."


It seems that in his early years, Marx authored a little known drama called "Oulanem", a story demonstrating his twisted intellect. Communists and socialists today have gone to a lot of trouble to keep this work a secret. It will probably never be told why Marx turned against faith in God, but what is obvious from reading this work, is that he was initiated into a satanic cult.


These men from the Frankfurt School built much of their thought and work on this man Marx. Marx has been quoted as saying "Philosophers have interpreted the world in different ways. The point is to change it."

He wanted to change the world from a "theistic" world view (one acknowledging God and his Word) to a "material" world view, or atheistic world view; one that acknowledges nothing outside the material or seen world.

The men from the Frankfurt School, revamped Marx's thinking a little because they disagreed with him. Their contention was that instead of class struggle resulting in Communism, this change in thinking had to occur in men's minds and hearts instead of in the economic realm.

They reworked Marx's ideas and left out the economic class struggle and replaced it with a psychological model. Where did they get this psychological element? To make a long story short, Freud. They saw in Freud's works a piece of the puzzle that they could use to restructure the world. They took his ideas of "Super Ego" (which corresponds to your Conscience) and the "Id" (which corresponds to your feelings or wants / desires or perceived needs) and shaped them around the dialectic. The "synthesis" part of the dialectic was called "therapy". This therapy involved taking a person back to their childhood where they were thought to be free from the interfering influence of the "SuperEgo" or conscience. If you could more closely identify with your "Id" you could be freed from the binding influence of the "Super Ego" or conscience.

Putting it simply, the Hegelian Dialectic is a tool used to help one overcome their conscience to attain what the conscience forbids; a rationalization for succumbing to ones baser desires... OR a tool used by a facilitator to illicit a change in thoughts, which results in a change in behavior and beliefs.

Some of the "subjects" taught in school today that employ the dialectic are "Critical thinking", "Higher Order Thinking Skills", "Creative Problem Solving", etc. Also scenarios like "LifeRaft" and "Bomb Shelter".

Are you getting the picture yet?

Imagine this: They said that 'theory' must have coupled with it 'practice' in order to effect lasting change; the change that Marx originally said must take place to move the world from a theistic paradigm (or world view) to a materialistic paradigm. And remember that he had turned against God earlier in his life.

So "theory" which was dialectical thinking; coupled with "practice" which was "doing and changing" came together in what Antonio Gramsci called "PRAXIS".

Guess what the test for teachers to be certified or licensed is called?

The "Praxis".

Are you getting it now?

Goals 2000 has federally mandated that we incorporate what they call "new models for instruction"; and these must include "theory and practice." And don't try to comfort yourself by saying, "Oh we don't have that in our state". Don't let any politician lie to you. Goals 2000 is in EVERY state.

I am not suggesting that the teachers at your local schools are consciously teaching our children Marxism. If they realized what they were doing, there would be an overnight revolution! But one of the by-products of "brainwashing" is that it convinces it's participants that there has been no change in them at all.


In fact one of the Frankfurt School's founders said that they would do such a good job of changing society that no one would ever know it had been done.

And beside, on SOME level SOMEone has got to know what is happening, so where is it usually at? Usually it's at the Superintendent level. Most every school superintendent is what is called a "change agent". These are the people that make sure the "process" is adhered to.

Now do we wonder why so many Americans don't believe us when we say America is on a downhill slide? Or why they can't identify what exactly has happened? Or they deny that anything is wrong at all?? (Or do we wonder why some politicians seem to be Republican in name only??)

I think too, it's because there are other factors involved as well, such as high taxes, which result in the need for moms to work outside the home, a materialistic mindset that never seems satisfied with what their possessions are, and always want "more" resulting in crushing debt! I think it's the rat race, and the fact that people are so busy "doing their own thing" that they frankly don't have time to investigate or they just aren't interested.

Or as Dean Gotcher opines, "Most of the time, they just say 'So what?'"

And that is called apathy. Apathy will be the biggest enemy to overcome.

Charlene Sanders
Hot Springs, Arkansas charlie [at] hsnp [dot] com

Mr. Dean Gotcher is available for speaking and can be contacted at: iardeangotcher [at] yahoo [dot] com

Mr. Worts may be contacted at: Xmarkszspot [at] aol [dot] com

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