Man's Genetically Modified Food Supply… and Lo, a Black Horse…

King of kings’ Bible – Enoch 68:14 Since they (men) were only created, so that, like the angels of heaven, they might remain righteous and pure. 68:15 Then death, which destroys every thing, would not have affected them; 68:16 But by this, THEIR KNOWLEDGE (science - 1 Tim. 5:20), THEY PERISH, and by this also its power consumes them.


Apr 29th, 2007 6:22 AM

Sue Bradley,

April 29, 2007

In 1798 Thomas Malthus predicted that population would increase by exponential progression while agrarian growth would progress at an arithmetic or lineal rate thus causing catastrophic degeneration and inevitable famine and plague. Though Malthus’ solutions were reflective of societal morality, his conclusions were based on economic ratios where geometric progression always exceeds linear expansion.

While Thomas Maltus errantly applied his Essay on the Principle of Population to nineteenth century Europe, his predictions seem eerily prescient and applicable to recent global agricultural, environmental, political and scientific events.

As recently as twenty years ago, with dramatic advances in food enhancements, growth acceleration, preservation and delivery, the ability to produce and provide better than subsistence level nutrition was becoming feasible. The spectre of third world families on drought stricken expanses might finally have been poised for extinction and purged from modern memory and history.

And while the eyes of proud western civilizations watched political walls collapse and treaties signed, then turned to focus on ‘humanitarian’ welfare and unprecedented technological and scientific maturation, it seemed as though a seal was loosed just a bit somewhere. Slowly a backwash began to seep in.

"Unusually active" hurricane seasons began to recur and became the norm. Several "unseasonably warm" winters were followed by even more "unusually cold" springs. An unprecedented planetary weather phenomenon was shifting into what once "radical" environmentalists were touting as "global warming." In April of 2007, The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released shocking details in a written summary: rising temperatures could melt the planet’s glaciers in 15 years; Africa’s wheat crop could be wiped out by 2050, eco-systems will heat waves, storm surges and water shortages.

In December 2004, an event of Biblical proportions occurred in the region of Indonesia. Geophysicists, using data from the Richter 9.3 earthquake calculated that the event affected the shape and rotation of the planet. The tsunami which followed listed the human casualty figure at over 300,000.

The recent ecologic, geophysical at atmospheric changes have hardly been lost on Hollywood. Apocalyptic genre thriller movies have become more realistic versions of horror movies which enthusiasts can ‘enjoy’ from the comfort of homes and theaters. Perhaps what they are missing is the realism these films are curiously telegraphing.

Still relegated to the domain of cartoon and comic book features, characters like Spiderman, Little Mermaid and Batman give way to Superman, Wonder Woman, and then darker Manchurian and cyborg creatures. Are these characters truly the "creations" of fanciful screenwriters using science ‘fiction’ novels for ‘inspiration?’ Or is there a more sinister operative learning and conditional probability or joint probability underway?

Deterministic models of probability variables are yielding bizarre results within formerly simple mathematical systems. The introduction of previously unknown variables has created a conundrum in formerly predictable linear processes.

As far back as 1999, an article featured in the Institute of Science in Society (ISIS), publication, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho wrote that she joined the biotechnology debate, "partly because my friends from the Third World Network inspired me with their ideals of restoring to the world equity, justice, and all other qualities that make us human, and partly because I felt something had to be done to overcome the misinformation and disinformation put out by the biotech industry and their supporters.

"The situation is this: the existing technologies for genetic engineering organisms are crude, unreliable, uncontrollable and unpredictable, and they are inherently hazardous. Furthermore, these technologies are misguided by a science which is fundamentally flawed, out of date and in conflict with scientific findings. …

"The public are told that genetic engineering organisms are no different from conventional breeding, only more precise, faster and safer. All of which is untrue.

"You know the children's joke of what do you get when you cross impossible things like a spider with a goat? Part of the joke is knowing you can't because there are biological barriers between species which only allow one to cross closely related species such as horse and donkey, for example. Genetic engineering bypasses all these barriers, so that joke is obsolete. Genetic engineering is a set of techniques which enables genes to be transferred in the laboratory between any and every species. Indeed, spider genes have been transferred into goats to make the poor female goats produce silk in their milk, and human genes have been transferred into cows, sheep, mice, fish and bacteria." 1

We have reengineered our food supply for increased efficiency with arrogant disregard for Biblical restraint directives and prohibitions. In a scenario reminiscent of the mythical Pandora, ancient ills have been released by an irresponsible society which has recklessly begun to cross forbidden boundaries imposed by an ‘outdated’ Sovereign. In the past when these limits were approached a Sovereign God has intervened on behalf of mankind.

Has there before, in modern recorded history, ever been the diverse array of potential catalysts, the convergence of even two of which would generate unimaginable scenarios?

There are wars, insurgencies, political gambits and alliances. Conventional and 20th century nuclear warfare has entered the realm of science fiction with electromagnetic directed energy particle beam weaponry, scalar Tesla technology and nanotechnology.

We have solar flares, rogue waves, underwater volcanism, underwater oceans, undersea sand deposits and massive algae blooms.

We have mutant disease strains, new disease strains, resistant disease strains, and ancient disease strains.

We have dead butterflies, dead bees, dead fish, dead foul, dead wildlife, dead livestock, dead pets, dead people. What is going on?

Consumption of genetically modified plants engineered with herbicides and pesticides have resulted in serious and often fatal animal and human consequence. Seafood, meat and dairy products are similarly affected. Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) occur when recycled animal remains are converted into animal feed. The world’s deer, elk and wildlife populations are being affected by their own variants. The human parallel, Creutzfeldt - Jakob Disease is emerging.

Our obsession with our pets’ food has finally been transferred to concern the human food supply. Daily, and now hourly, the instability and precarious complexity of our food sources and inventories becomes suspect: tracking has become cumbersome, accurate tracing is no longer possible. Have we passed a threshold?

In 1973, a class B sci-fi film, Soylent Green brought to life a society plagued by all of the characteristics of the Malthusian Limit: a return to subsistence level agricultural conditions overwhelmed by population, recovering from concurrent crises: war, economic failure: a dystopian portrayal of societal, ecologic and spiritual failure. The picture is strangely Delphian for some, mystically prophetic for others, but portentous and foreboding for all:

The year is 2022. New York City is populated with 40 million people, half of whom are unemployed. A society which has failed to nurture the planet is now at her mercy. An unending heat wave has enveloped the city. Overpopulation and the destruction of the environment have rendered humans to a sheep mentality where life is cheap, but food, real food, is prohibitively expensive: a jar of real jam costs $150, if it is even available since supermarkets no longer exist. Government euthanasia centers supply comfortable alternatives for the weary.

A faceless government now dispenses rations of food substances made by the Soylent Corporation: a panoply of epicurean compositions ostensibly the product of abundant soy and cheap lentil: Soylent Yellow, Soylent Red, and the newest product, Soylent Green which includes plankton. Even the Soylent products are in short supply requiring riot police presence for distribution.

But it is at the film’s magnum, in actuality the nadir, when the fullness of all human and hellish malignance is revealed when ‘hero,’ a cop named Robert Thorn, played by Charlton Heston in an intriguing casting extension, comes upon the film’s powerful, haunting and shocking reality: The government euthanasia centers are the supply source for the Soylent Corporation: "Soylent Green is people."

While some of the best and the brightest of the exploding scientific discipline are honorably dedicated to finding relief for a panacea of human and ecologic afflictions, equally brilliant but often headstrong and self-seeking scientists are plunging headfirst into an unexplored and largely unregulated futuristic science with little regard for long-term generational effect and the possible eventuality of multiple interconnected cataclysms, unparalleled and unimaginable in precedence. And the possibility of purposeful malicious intent cannot be dismissed.

Cutting edge watchdogs and forward thinking analysts like Thomas Horn, Dr. Stan Monteith, Dr. Len Horowitz, Dr. Chuck Missler and Wesley Smith have long been taking the pulse of obscurely reported and often buried results of some of the horrific implications of intrusion into and manipulation of the sacrosanct code of life, the integrity of structure of the DNA molecule itself.

The Age of Reason in which Newtonian causatum results in precise and predictable effect could scarcely have begun to grasp the plethora effect of twenty-first century scientific possibility.

Voltaire observed in his "The Philosophic Dictionary," that, "The present is delivered, it is said, of the future . . . events are linked to each other by an invincible fatality. This system of necessity and fatality has been invented in our time . . . under the name of self-sufficient reason; it is, however, very ancient: that there is no effect without a cause, and that often the smallest cause produces the greatest effects, does not date from to-day." 2

And the black horse is the precursor to the pale horse.



2 From: Concatenation of Events
Selected and Translated by H.I. Woolf New York: Knopf, 1924
Scanned by the Hanover College Department of History, 1995
Proofread and pages added by Jonathan Perry, March 2001
(all bold emphasis, smb)