The Frightening Inhumanity of Modern American Culture

By Kenneth J. Schmidt

I have been talking to a lot of ordinary people these days about the upcoming invasion of Iraq by the US government. The responses to my comments by my non-political friends, work colleagues and acquaintances have been strange and frightening.

Many of these people's attitudes about the Iraq crisis can be summed up in the comment of an elderly gent I know who said that " we ought to kill them all." even if it could not be proven that Iraq is not a threat to our national security. The American people have become a blood- thirsty mob screaming for vengeance against somebody.... anybody.. for the evvents of September 11th.

Contrary to all the myths about our frontier heritage I think that European-Americans have been largely a peaceful people. Napoleon's old taunt against the English as "a nation of shopkeepers" seems better applied to Americans through most of our history. We are not really a warlike people. What are the causes of this coarsening of American sensitivities? I think there are several reasons for America's new found love of violence.

Of course, one of the causes of our current bloodthirstiness is the nature of modern media and the alien cosmopolitan Jews* that control it. The first real example of media induced war hysteria was in 1898, when the Hearst press pushed us into war against Spain after the USS Maine blew up in Havava harbor. The hapless Spaniards had nothing to do with what was a case of poorly stored gunpowder on an American ship that caused a tragic accident. This time around it is more an issue of Jewish dominance of our media than a problem with native American jingoism. The Jewish media barons want to destroy a major enemy of Israel and are willing to manipulate their Gentile stooges** into doing their dirty work for them.

* King of kings' Bible - Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are NOT, but [are] (Idumeans) the synagogue of Satan.


Another element in America's violence problem comes from our high- tech modern environment. The very fact that we can push a few buttons and kill millions is very tempting for the morally challenged. Since most male aggression in the US is channeled through an obsession with sports heroes and teams, the concept of "winning" a war becomes very important. Of course, even the dullest student of history knows that most of the wars fought in the history of mankind have been "lost" by both sides. To many Americans, war is very much like some kind of electronic game, where enemies are "zapped" in the same manner as on the Nintendo machine. It's very easy to call for the death of Saddam Husssein, but few of the neo-jingoes would care to tangle with him mano-a-mano in a back alley.

Most Americans lead very sheltered suburban lives and have little experience of real violence and mayhem. The typical American male today is very wimpy and effeminate. He spends eight hours a day as a cringing wage slave to a tyrannical boss and then returns home at the end of that day to be bullied by his wife, who has been installed by Feminism as the new leader* of the American family.

* King of kings' Bible - Isaiah 3:12 [As for] My people, children [are] their oppressors, and women rule over them. O My people, they which lead thee cause [thee] to err, and lead thee astray, to thy destruction.

This type of man has no idea of what it's like to kill another man. He sees the sanitized killing on TV and the movies and says "Hey, I can do that"! It's hardly surprising that the American military is opposing this war. Men who have real experience with war know it's no game. Leaders like my late friend Congressman Hamilton Fish and Marine Corps General Smedley Butler opposed our maneuvering to get involved in World War Two largely because of their horrific experiences in the trenches during The Great War.

Another reason for modern America's love of violence has to do with what I call "permitted racism" Americans suffer serious social and occupational sanctions if they exhibit any evidence of disliking Blacks, Jews, Hispanics and Asians. However, when the media sends the right signals, Americans feel free to practice a sanctioned racism against " towel-heads" and "camel jockeys." It's very funny indeed to listen to Americans who would be too cowardly to say anything against the minorities that make life miserable here in the US, but rail against "sand-niggers" three thousand miles away.

If we are to make America a "land fit for heroes" or at the very least fit for decent men, we must realize that a mere change of political institutions is not going to bring this about. We must remake our culture and all our national institutions. This includes even changing the way Americans look at the world.





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