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Press Reviews of The Corporation

"Cogent, even rabble rousing indictment of the most influential institutional model for our era."
- Dennis Harvey, Variety

"Thought-provoking doc... [The filmmakers] wrap their end-is-nigh warning in an entertaining package, and the coolheaded delivery increases its impact."
- Megan Lehmann, The New York Post

"Fast-paced, highly enjoyable and provocative"

"Powerful. Make an effort to see it"
- Peter Vonder Haar, Film Threat

"A cogent, compelling, powerful argument, and also... a terrific movie."

"Coolheaded and incisive...thorough and informative... It leaves audiences with a cold shiver"
- Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

"Move over, Michael Moore! Securing the participation of so many kings of capitalism was one of the filmmakers' most vital accomplishments."
- Sheelah Kolhatkar, The New York Observer

"Leisurely, never boring, grimly amusing, and not entirely hopeless disquisition on the contemporary world's "dominant institution."

"Clever, quietly passionate and sweeping"
- John Anderson, Newsday

"This is the kind of filmmaking that could, if seen on a large scale, change the society we live in."
- Chris Parry, Hollywood Bitchslap

Scholars' Comments

"THE CORPORATION is just brilliant—visually, intellectually, and morally. This film has redefined the documentary genre"
- Barbara Ehrenreich, Author of Nickel and Dimed

"THE CORPORATION is a riveting, entertaining, and highly intelligent film that is sure to provoke heated discussion about a long-neglected but vital question: the proper role of business in society."
- Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Author of Confidence: How Winning Streaks And Losing Streaks Begin and End; Professor, Harvard Business School

"A must see for all executives who want to know more about the forces working worldwide against them."
- Paul A. Argenti, Professor of Management and Corporate Communication, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth

"THE CORPORATION is an important, powerful film. it's a thoughtful, analytical critique that is both disheartening in its sweep and encouraging in its final prognosis about the potential for change."
- Sarah Bartlett, Prof. of Business Journalism, Baruch College, City University of New York

"THE CORPORATION is a wonderfully provocative film that deals with fundamental questions that should be addressed by anybody who works in a corporation or plans on doing so."
- Dr. Tima Bansal, Shurniak Professor of International Business, Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario

"Highly informative, often shocking and eye-opening! THE CORPORATION presents compelling and original perspectives on the origin,nature, expansion and effects of the modern corporate institution that dominates the economy, polity culture and everyday life of most of the earth's inhabitants, while also depicting individuals and groups struggling against corporate domination."
- Douglas Kellner, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, UCLA

"This remarkable film is a resounding requiem for the notion that a corporation's social responsibility is satisfied by maximizing profits for its shareholders. It should be mandatory viewing for every MBA in the USA."
- Don Mayer, Editor, International Business Law Review

"THE CORPORATION raises questions about the enduring viability and value of the corporation as the primary vehicle for organizing the production of wealth in market-based societies. It raises important concerns about the impact of the corporate structure on a range of public goods and should provoke thinking about whether or not there are better ways to more effectively organize production for the general welfare."
- Mark Amen, Director of the Globalization Research Center, University of Southern Florida

"What are they? Secretive anti-democratic—in fact, tyrannical—institutions [with much in common with Fascism and Bolshevism] which, not so long ago, sneaked into our social system through the back door of the courts. Is this generally known? Far from it. This is why The Corporation is so unique: there is no other film that turns the spotlight on them so everyone can see what they are up to and what needs to be done."
- Carlos P. Otero, Professor of Linguistics, UCLA

"This vivid and often mesmerizing film lifts the veil from one of the most important and least understood features of modern age: the extraordinary powers that have been bestowed on virtually unaccountable private tyrannies, required by law to act in ways that severely undermine democracy and the most elementary human rights, and that pose a serious threat even to survival."
- Noam Chomsky,Institute Professor, MIT

"A Martian biologist observing humans would ponder with amazement the fact that among their other modes of self-destruction, the species has also engineered a lethal mutation that has joined the race to bring their civilizations to an end: the corporation, an abstract legal entity, granted the rights of persons by court decisions a century ago, and rights vastly beyond persons of flesh and blood by mislabelled 'free trade agreements.' It is a special kind of 'person' in other ways: with immense power, immortal, unaccountable, dedicated to expansion and transferring costs to others, and required by law to be pathological and destructive, with no commitments other than those that would send a real person to therapy or mental institutions. The book by Joel Bakan that is the basis for this fine film spells all of this out in lucid detail. The film captures its essence with imagination and engaging skill. It should be a wake-up call for those who hope that there may be a decent future for their grandchildren."
- Noam Chomsky,Institute Professor, MIT
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