Lawyers Destroying America, A Parasitical Culture

Can anyone not see that the film "Devil's Advocate" is entirely true?




A new book readers call a judicial bombshell with startling facts for America

The Scandalous Story of a Constitutional Nightmare

By: Sammy Sorrell

Sammy Sorrell, Albuquerque, New Mexico author, talk show host and national director of United States Citizens For Legal Reform now brings another great book. This book tells the scandalous story about the evolution of the dominant lawyer culture in America. It tells how the lawyers have become a ruling class in America, controlling all three branches of American government. Documented in this book as a constitutional nightmare!

There are many men and women who have chosen to be a lawyer and devoted their professional lives to equity and justice. These people are not the target of this book. There is a greater number of the lawyer fraternity however, who have different motives and have not been so noble. In fact, as a general culture and class, lawyers are destroying America, turning this nation and American justice into a financial and political self-serving game.


Plea bargains, bonding and judicial politics offer a revolving door justice system for criminals.

Two standards of justice for criminals: the rich walk, the poor go to bankruptcy court or prison.

Over 100,000 formal complaints are filed annually against lawyers and lawyer judges with only 2% formally prosecuted.

Over 80% of low to middle income Americans cannot afford to pay the lawyer ransom for justice in America.

Lawyer monopoly of the legal services profession now constitutes the most blatant illegal monopoly in America.

Lawyers are robbing their clients through over billing and outright theft, conspiracy and fraud.

Lawyer-judges have created class discrimination against non-lawyer pro se litigants nationwide.

How lawyers and lawyer-judges have become a closed member country club with the masses picking up the tab.

The American jury is being manipulated by the lawyers to get the verdict they want.

America has become a giant law factory of self interest laws hurting law abiding citizens.

Lawyers criminalize Americans, attempting to assist citizens with generic legal procedures.

The "case law" jungle created by the lawyer culture leads away from the Constitutional law.

EXTORTION GOING AFTER THE DEEP POCKETS - I believe a study of the facts, case histories and a judicial system which has become a lawyer financial and business opportunity will document the following statement. Lawyers are destroying America! Put aside for the time being the lawyer contributions on the national character issue, the ethical and moral issues, the spiritual issues of the nation, put aside the issues caused by largest criminal culture on earth. Let's just take the economic ground in this issue. Case histories reveal that lawyers will go after what they perceive to be the "deep pockets" even when there is not a shred of evidence that the deep pocket party should be in the lawsuit. I know this is true, I have been there. Why has the media not targeted this problem? Is it because they don't see the problem - not likely. Is it because the media does not see the looming danger - not likely. Is it because lawyers are controlling the nation - very likely. Who was the largest contributor to "lawyer Bill Clinton's" election campaign- right, it was the trial lawyers.

Let's take a recent example culminating in a jury trial in July 1999 and make this argument come alive. In 1993 on Christmas Eve., a drunk driver rear-ended the 14-year old Chevy Malibu driven by Patricia Anderson carrying her 4 children home from a church meeting. The gas tank on the Chevy exploded from the impact and severely burned the children. Open and shut case? Drunk driver sentenced? Not as long as you have an organized national bar association harboring social parasites that will go to any length to get the major chunk of punitive damages from deep pockets GM MOTORS. In comes a group of actors that would put the devil to shame. With an eye clearly on the goal of those GM deep pockets, these lawyer actors put on the show of their life setting out to prove a case of gross negligence by GM caused all these personal injuries. The jury bought the story and after 10 weeks of emotion-filled testimony awarded $108 million in compensatory damages and $4.8 billion in punitive damages. To gain punitive damages, it generally has to be proven that the defendant has been a part of a conspiracy or engaged in outrageous conduct! If the lawyer social parasites receive
40% of the punitive damage award that will amount to just under $2 billion. Who says crime doesn't pay? Obviously GM will appeal.

Now for the economic analysis. Assuming the seven or nine lawyers with robes on at the appellate level of the judicial system affirms the judgment, who will pay for this legalized holdup? Yes, you and me and many other Americans. GM would simply have to factor this monster into the price of its products. We could go on with greater detail here as something like this ripples on out into society - but you get the picture.

ARE LAWYERS DESTROYING THE NATION? Often the best way to correct a problem on anything is to go back to the drawing board, see if we have strayed from the pilot model and make adjustments. The drawing board in this case is thirteen tiny early American colonies from whence sprang the greatest governing document in the world - the U. S. Constitution!

You may not know this but lawyers were absolutely forbidden in those colonies for many years - in fact Virginia held them off for over 100 years. Disputes were settled by the church. Americans it is time to get behind the legal justice reform movement, it is reaching into your pockets! Don't wait until the pendulum swings all the way over and hits the wall - it will be much easier to root out corruption in the justice system than to overcome tyranny!

THIS BOOK IS A SHOCKER! "Lawyers Destroying America" offers a grim picture of a great nation in an unconstitutional takeover by a dominant lawyer culture. With lawyers making up 55% of the federal congress, lawyers holding the office of American president 57% of the time and 100% lawyers in the judicial branch, the three branch of government concept has been breached! This constitutional nightmare now has lawyers making the laws, lawyers judging us in the laws, lawyers defending us in the laws, lawyers prosecuting us in the laws, lawyers interpreting the laws and lawyers administering the laws. Under this tyrannical monopoly of justice our freedoms, rights and privileges are under assault! Learn how America has become a giant law factory for the self-serving benefit of lawyers and their judicial bureaucracies. The facts and documentation in this book is a shocker. Learn how the American judicial system has evolved into a giant lawyer business opportunity both financial and political!

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