Weather Goes Wild


    Brazil has so few  tornadoes that it doesn't even have the equipment to forecast them, but  the town of Criciúma (population 180,000) got hit with two of them on  Monday. In parts of Alaska, it's strangely warm—so warm that the annual  winter dog weight-pulling contest in South-central Alaska has been  canceled because there's not enough snow. And icebergs have been seen in  the waters of New Zealand for the first time since 1948.  

    Rosamélia de Abreu reports in Brazil Magazine about the one-two  punch of tornadoes hitting Brazil. The first one struck around 3 p.m. on  Monday and the second one hit about an hour later. Two people were  killed and 250 homes were damaged. Meteorologists there say that Brazil  does not have the ability to forecast tornadoes more than a couple of  hours before they strike, so most people have little or no warning that  they're coming.

    Rachel D'oro writes that Alaska is unusually  warm this winter. In some places, people have even stopped wearing  coats. Roads are a slushy mess, due to freezing and then thawing over  and over again. But meteorologists aren’t concerned—they say that  weather records dating back to 1917 show that most months of January  have a warming period. However, Alaskans who are trudging through slush  instead of snow aren't too happy about it.

    Agence France-Presse  reports that icebergs have been seen in New Zealand for the first time  in 57 years. New Zealanders have been complaining about the weather, and  when the icebergs were spotted, they finally understood why. The last  year there were icebergs in the local waters was 1948. Nearby Antarctic  ice shelves have been collapsing due to global warming. The icebergs  won't be a problem for long, since they’ll eventually drift towards  South America, where they'll finally melt.  

The Signs of the End Times

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