What the Jews claimed happened to them by the Nazis they are now doing to others

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the N. W. O. Zionist traitorous, mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of 911 and the phoney War on Terror:- http://jahtruth.net/plan.htm


by Elizabeth Thomas

Cheeky_Monkey1976 [at] yahoo [dot] com



To: President George Bush

April 28, 2002

Re: Excuse Me! Your Hypocrisy Astounds Me!

First of all, I am an American, but if (the Jewish State in, but not of) Israel were doing to me what they have been doing to the Palestinians for over 50 years, I would defend myself and the small amount of land that's left by any means possible. If I had no conventional weapons, I would resist their oppression and occupation by bombing too. It is war of the powerfully armed against the defenseless. Our news media here doesn't tell the facts, they are very biased and slanted and report only the Israeli propaganda. http://jahtruth.net/britca.htm

You and Powell expect the Arab leaders to take a more responsible role; you want them to accept and embrace (the Jewish State in, but not of) Israel now, to radiate that throughout the Arab World? (I always got along with Jewish people. I never had a second thought about them, not a second thought, until 9/11, that's when I started doing some research on Middle East History, Khazarian Khazars (90% of today's Jews don't have a drop of Middle-Eastern blood - they are self-made Jews - Turko-Finno Russo Khazars who adopted Judaism in 740 A. D.), Terrorism, Zionism, Bolshevism, Communism, WWI, WWII, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion ( http://jahtruth.net/illumin.htm#Protocols ), Ford Company's Henry Ford, Sr.'s "The International Jew", the Talmud, and the Jewish views on Christianity - wow I think I've learned more than I really wanted to. Now everything that I've seen has confirmed things I've learned about the Jews, the creation of (the Jewish State in, but not of) Israel, the way it was created, how Palestinians have been criminalized, victimized.) My point is: I have no love lost nor sympathy for Jews now (to put it mildly), then how do you expect people directly affected by their killings and land theft to be able to reside peacefully near them - and they know a lot more about the Zionist and their crimes then I do. If they killed my relatives, my friends, etc. - I would seek out my hopeless time on earth to avenge and fight back the injustice that the rest of the world just turns a blind eye to. I don't see any difference between Nazi Germany and the Sharon's government. The sieges happening door-to-door - the assassinations, the numbers being placed on the Palestinians - the mass executions of men between 14 - 45. The wanton disregard involving massacring innocents. What the Jews "claimed" and I say "claimed" happened to them by the Nazis they are now doing to others. I never want to hear again about their so-called holocaust!

King of kings' Bible - Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are NOT, but [are] (Idumeans) the synagogue of Satan.

Let's get real - If I were an Arab Leader going through what they've just gone through now after their offered "once-in-a-life-time" Peace Plan having been sabotaged, the subsequent unjustified massacres and genocide to already impoverished-victimized people, my God, a refugee camp for the Palestinians (the ones that survive) and illegal settlements for those wealthy dual-citizenship Jews' "second homes" - I would be gathering up the rest of the Arab Nations and I would attack the offending Zionist war criminals right now.

The Arabs gave them a wonderful peace plan, then Ariel Sharon (the father of illegal settlements and expansions) who has sabotaged every peace offer to come along - sabotaged one again by blowing up the Netanyu Hotel (Yes! an old Zionist trick- learn for yourself, I don't have time to teach you. Here is an example of how it is done, our very own "Operation Northwoods":


Don't you think we know they did it to stop the Peace Plan so they can have a justification to fabricate evidence against Arafat, to commit another massacre, genocide, to avoid a peace plan that would require them to stop and maybe dismantle some settlements, etc, etc. Don't you know we know all this. Remember the "Lavon Affair" the U. S. S. Liberty" (the Jewish State in, but not of Israel's deliberate attack on our naval ship) and this one: "Blowing up a ship with its civilian passengers still on board: first in Haifa, 25 November, 1940. The Zionists did not hesitate to blow their own people to protest the British policy of strict Jewish immigration to Palestine. The ship ŒPatria¹ had 1,700 Jewish immigrants."

Please stop insulting our intelligence with your stupid hypocrisy when you call on the Arab World to act more responsibly - you tell that terrorist Sharon to act more responsibly or else we'll stop sending (the Jewish State in, but not of) Israel aid and weapons, paid for by the way, with our much needed tax dollars.

Yours Truly, Elizabeth Thomas Cheeky_Monkey1976 [at] yahoo [dot] com


³Neither Jewish ethics nor Jewish tradition can disqualify terrorism as a means of combat.² (Yitzhak Shamir, Journal of the LEHI, the Stern Gang, Summer, 1943)

Yet, interestingly enough, (the Jewish State in, but not of) Israel and its supporters tend to define terrorism in such a way that acts described as ³terror² are applied mostly to resistance groups and rarely to states. Palestinian guerrillas engage in ³terrorist² acts while the Israeli soldiers honorably fight with Œpurity of arms¹.

Unfortunately, in the US the word ³terrorist² has become synonymous with ³Palestinian² This identification has blinded the judgment on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The most recent definition of the word ³terrorism² is used to describe any act against the (Jewish) state (in, but not) of Israel. Are the Palestinians just born terrorists running amuck to destroy the world and themselves?

Terror was adopted in the modern Middle East by pioneering Zionists. The Zionists generally employed terrorism to further their goals. Between 1939 and 1945 Zionist leaders in Palestine unleashed three bands of killers, the Haganah headed by Ben Gurion, the Irgun Z¹vai Leumi headed by Menachem Begin, and the Stern Gang headed by Yitzhak Shamir, all of which specialized in inventing and committing a wide range of terrorism. Israeli leaders are the Godfathers of terrorism in Palestine and in the Middle East.

These are examples of the pioneering Zionist terrorists:

The first airplane hijacked was committed by (the Jewish State in, but not of) Israel in 1954 when a civilian Syrian airliner was hijacked after taking off.

The first car bomb was an invention of the Zionists.

Grenades in cafes, first used against Palestinians in Jerusalem on 17 March,

Delayed-action, electrically timed mines in crowded market-places: first against Palestinians in Haifa, 6 July, 1938.

Blowing up a ship with its civilian passengers still on board: first in Haifa, 25 November, 1940. The Zionists did not hesitate to blow their own people to protest the British policy of strict Jewish immigration to Palestine. The ship ŒPatria¹ had 1,700 Jewish immigrants.

Assassination of government official outside Palestine: first used against the British in Cairo, when on 6 November, 1944 Lord Moyne was assassinated by the Stern Gang. Yitzhak Shamir, a member of the Irgun and later leader of the Stern Gang was behind the plan.

Taking of hostages to put pressure on a government: first used against the British in Tel Aviv, 18 June, 1946.

Blowing up government offices with their civilian employees and visitors: first used against the British in Jerusalem, 22 July, 1946. The toll was 91 Britons, and 46 injured in King David Hotel. Begin, who masterminded and carried out the attack, admitted that the massacre was coordinated with and carried out under the instruction of the Haganah.

Booby-trapped suitcase: first used against the British Embassy in Rome, 13 October, 1946.

Booby-trapped car parked alongside buildings: first used against the British in Sarafand (east of Jaffa) on 5 December, 1946.

Flogging of hostages: first used against the British in Tel Aviv, Natanya and Rishon, 29 December, 1946.

Letter-bombs sent to politicians outside Palestine: first used against Britain when twenty letter-bombs were sent from Italy to London between 4 and 6 June, 1947.

Murder of hostages as a reprisal for government actions: first used against the British in Natanya area on 29 July, 1947.

Postal Parcel-bomb sent outside Palestine: first used against the British in London, 3 September, 1947.

Assassination of UN Mediator Count Folke Bernadotte and his French aide on September 17, 1948. The Stern Gang, under Shamir leadership, planned and executed the assassination because he made suggestions to vary the partition plan of Palestine.

The Zionist record of terror in the 30s and 40s was long and bloody, yet it has been neglected in discussing terrorism in the Middle East. Both former prime ministers, Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, were terrorist commanders. Many former terrorists are today honored in (the Jewish State in, but not of) Israel. For example, The Israeli Knesset issued a series of commemorative stamps for Shlomo Ben Yosif, hanged by the British for crimes against Arabs; for the murderers of Lord Moyne in 1944 in Cairo. His body was given a military hero burial and lay at Jerusalem Hall of Heroism on Mt. Herzl.

Seventy-Nine Palestinians were killed in terror attacks in July 1938 by the Irgun. The official history of the Irgun describes in glorifying terms the murder of 27 Palestinians celebrating the British decision to limit the Jewish immigration.. 52 Palestinians were also murdered when a number of Irgun members was arrested by the British.

Between December 13, 1947 and 10 February 1948, 161 Palestinians were killed and 330 injured by Irgun, Stern and Haganah terrorist attacks on market places and cafes. Bus attacks in the same period killed 15 Palestinians. On
30 December 1947 the Palmach (the strike force of the Haganah) attacked and massacred 60 Palestinian villagers of Balad Al-Sheikh.

On April 9/10, 1948 250 Palestinian villagers were slaughtered.. The Irgun and the Stern Gang captured the village of Deir Yassin and committed the notorious massacre. Begin confirmed that the Haganah approved the deed. Begin glorified the massacre and its benefits for Zionist goals: ³Out of evil, however, good came... The legend was worth half a dozen battalions to the forces of Israel.² (the Revolt, p. 164)

Other unpublished massacres similar to the massacre of Deir Yassin, later came to light through an article written by Ariel Yitzhaqi, historian and researcher, published by Yediot Aharonot in its issue of April 14, 1972, in which he accuses the Palmach of similar operations that he states were not restricted to ETZEL, and LEHI.

The village of Sa¹sa, near the Lebanese border, was attacked, 20 houses were blown over their inhabitants and some 60 Arabs were killed.

In the battle for Kattamon Quarter of Jerusalem, Arab women working in the St. Simon Monastery as servants were killed.

On January 5, 1948 the Jewish Agency leader Ben Gurion and Haganah Sneh and Galililee stepped their barbaric attack against the Palestinian civilians in Ka ttamon, Jerusalem, They blow up Semiramis Hotel, killing innocent people and wounding many.

In Lydda town, July 12, 1948 the Palmach going from house to house and firing on every moving target killed more than 250 Palestinians.

On October 28 and 29, 1948, another unpublished massacre occurred in the village of Ed-Dawayma, a Haifa sub-District. Twenty tanks from Moshe Dayan
89th Battalion surrounded the village of ED-Dawayma (Haifa subdistrict) and committed mass murder against its civilian inhabitants. Among the victims 75 elderly who couldn¹t flee and took refuge in a mosque. Members of 35 families discovered in a cave and machine-gunned.

The massacre of Qibya, northwest of Jerusalem, was carried out by Unit 101, under the command of Ariel Sharon on Wednesday, October 14, 1953. The attack was the bloodiest and most brutal Zionist crimes since the infamous Deir Yassin massacre. 42 houses as well as the school and the mosque of the village were dynamited over their inhabitants. 75 women, men and children were killed.

On 28 March 1954 the Israeli army launched a massive attack on the village of Nahalin near Bethlehem, massacring several dozens of Palestinians and demolishing houses.

One of the most notorious acts of terror which caused a political crisis in
(the Jewish State in, but not of) Israel was the Lavon affair. In July 1954 an Israeli spy ring operating in Cairo planted bombs in British and American cultural and information centers to discredit the Egyptian regime at the time.

In February 28, 1955 the Israeli army attacked Gaza and killed 39 civilians including children.

In October 29, 1956, the Israeli Frontier Guards slaughtered about 52 innocent villagers in Kafr Qasim, near the Jewish settlement of Betah Tekfa.

During the short invasion of Sinai and Gaza October 29, 1956, the Israelis committed atrocities against the refugees of Khan Yunis camp. They lined hundreds of civilians against the walls and killed a great number in cold blood.

In 5 June, 1967 Israel unleashed the Six-day War against Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. The American ship USS Liberty was in the Mediterranean monitoring the course of war. The Israelis were upset to discover that it was able to decode their messages, Moshe Dayan, personally ordered it be destroyed. The resulting unprovoked massacre was 34 U. S. Navy lost their lives, and 171 wounded. Dayan was hailed as a hero to the US media and the massacre was never mentioned.

In July 1981 an Israeli bomber hit the Fakhani district of Beirut, a Palestinian refugee camp, and killed 300 people, all civilians.

Sabra and Shatila massacre: All the above mentioned massacres are particularly pale compared to the carnage at Sabra and Shatila Palestinian Camps in Beirut, Lebanon in 1982, during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. The Lebanese Phalangist Militia in unisom with their patrons the Israelis , mass murdered 2,750 men, women and children (according to a body count by the Red Cross on September 23, 1982) The principal war criminal bearing legal responsibility for the massacre was then Israeli Defence Minister General Ariel Sharon, perpetrator of the Qibya massacre, and Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir, associated with Deir Yassin massacre and assassination of UN mediator Count Folke Bernadotte. Responsibility was shared by Prime Minister Menachem Begin, guilty of atrocities in both King David Hotel, and Deir Yassin massacres.

The number of Palestinians and Lebanese civilians killed when (the Jewish State in, but not of) Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982 was estimated over
19,000 ( exact number 18,000-30,000).

November 1985, Jonathan Pollard an Israeli mole in US naval intelligence, was sentenced to life in March 1997, for spying for the Jewish State.

From December 9, 1987 through December through the end of 1991 during the Intifadah, the Palestinian Human Rights Information Center of Jerusalem and Chicago reported: 994 Palestinian killed by Israeli troops; 119,300 injured;
66 deportations+405 others to Marj Al Zuhor on the Lebanon border); 16,000 administrative detentions; 94,830 acres of land confiscation¹s; 2,074 homes demolitions or sealing; 10,000 round-the-clock curfews of areas over 10,000 population; and 120,000 olive trees and fruits uprooted.

On October 8, 1990 the Israeli police gunned down in cold blood 21 Palestinian worshippers and injured 150 on the grounds of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem (the area is known as Haram al Sharif). Police claimed that the mosque preacher urged the crowds to slaughter Jews.

On February 25, 1994 during Ramadan, fasting month for Muslims, about 250 worshippers were gunned down in Al Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron by An American Jewish settler called Goldstein. To this day Goldstein grave is a pilgrimage site for Jewish settlers.

On April 18, 1996 Israeli shells rained down on the U. N. compound in Qana, Lebanon. When the shells had finished their work, more than 100 civilians were murdered, including 24 children aging 3 months and 9 years old. One survivor lost 25 relatives in the attack.

On September 25, 1997 two Israeli Mossad (secret service) tried to assassinate Khalid Mishaal, political leader of the Muslim Resistance Movement for Palestine, in Amman, Jordan. In March, 1998 Sharon, the Infrastructure Minister in the Israeli Government, warned that Israel would eventually assassinate Khalid Mishal. That is an explicit confirmation that Israel is still using terror to further its goals.

This list by no means covers all the Israeli terrorism. Yet, it¹s a small wonder that all these crimes fail to earn the ³terrorism² label by (the Jewish State in, but not of) Israel supporters. +++++++