Weather Modification

by unknown

So yesterday as some of you already know on the cable (timewarner) channel of the science channel they did a whole show on weather modification and let me tell you it was incredibly informative and not as chintzy as one would expect to see on tv.

I wrote down what I could as our vcr does not work so here is what I got... This company manufactured and then later sprayed this gelatinous substance and they dropped tons of this stuff (looks just like dippity doo hair gel) into a cloud and the blobs simply fell to the ground. The owner of this privately owned company is Peter Cordoni(sp).

They dropped this gel on July 19,2001 and I DO RECALL THIS CRAP IN MY YARD THEN!!!!

They told on this program that on Aug 15, 1992 in the sw part of England called Linmoth district (again my sp could be off0 after doing a cloud seeding experiment 35 people were killed, 420 ended up homeless and the N Devon village was almost totally destroyed ;

They are doing cloud seeding in 34 countries presently.

Then they told about project popeye (us military) for use in vietnam to turn travel route of the Ho Chi Minh trail into mud.

A man named Bernard Eastland has three patents for Weather Modifiction and was hired by ARCO (oil co.) to make the satellites for use in the HAARP program. Nick Begish was also on this show. 3.html

 Early ionospheric heaters began as ground-based antennae that would focus a cone-shaped beam of energy over a relatively large portion of the ionosphere, in an effort to heat it sufficiently to achieve the desired energy gain. This proved somewhat effective but the sought-after increases just didn't materialize. Then Dr. Bernard Eastlund, a US physicist, came up with the idea to reverse the cone of the radio beam in order that a much smaller spot on the ionosphere would be pulsed with radio waves to superheat it. This was achieved by utilizing an array of antennae on the ground all focused on a very specific point. Each antenna fires in sequence producing a pulsed beam. This method works. The 1,000-fold increase has been achieved and the ability to utilize it for many of the purposes noted above has already been tested.

Protected by government and military secrecy, this work has largely been uncovered by the diligence of two people: American scientist Dr. Nick Begich and Canadian journalist Jeanne Manning. They have spent the better part of a decade ferreting out information from Department of Defense (DoD) documents, physics symposiums, American patent applications, interviews with some of the scientists involved in this high level work including Dr. Eastlund himself, independent scientists and many other sources.

To read more on Eastlund go to this site and look for Eastlund to read (scrools about half way down this page to read)

Another thing brought up was project Cirrus Project: CIRRUS

Title: Chip interconnect with reduction of real estate using micro-substrates Project Reference: IST-1999-10023 DG-Domain: KA4DG-Unit: E5/Peripherals&Microsystems Partner Organizations (7): url here:
Rainmaking, Dr. Langmuir explained, is not a matter of dumping dry ice into any likely-looking cloud. It works only when conditions are absolutely right. Even then the job can be botched by using too much dry ice. An overdose may turn the cloud into ice particles so small that they never fall as rain. The New Mexico experiments were done by Project Cirrus (sponsored by the Army Signal Corps and the Office of Naval Research in consultation with General Electric Research Laboratory), and the experimenters tried a more subtle method. url here:

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the N.W.O. Perpetrators of this:-