Ariel Sharon Kills and Soon Plans to Bury Yasser Arafat

MIDDLEEAST.ORG <>  - MER - Washington - 7 Nov:   It's the worst possible end for Yasser Arafat, and more importantly for his life-long quest for justice, dignity, and a free independent Palestinian State.

In the end it appears Yasser Arafat has been killed by fatal poisoning in a kind of stealth assassination by his arch nemesis Ariel Sharon, with help from those inside his own circles.

Arafat passes from history not as the father of a Palestinian State but with his people more fractured and dispossessed and in greater bondage, imprisonment, and impoverishment than ever in their history.

The last photo his people see of him as he departs occupied Palestine portrays him as a kind of jolly sick old man with a morbid yet Santa Claus image -- smiling Arafat in his pajamas goes off to die in exile.   Insiders say he whispered to one of his long-time confidants just before being taken away: "This time they got me..."

And now the Israelis, and those whom he never fully trusted to follow him (and how right he was), are conspiring to bury him in relative obscurity in Gaza Ghetto.

He may not yet be 'clinically dead', or 'legally dead' as the scramble to control the  secret bank accounts and properties escalates, but even the American evangelical President has oh so deceptively and publicly blessed his soul.

But how is he dead, and why is he dead?   

The circumstances, the timing, the method, the exiled 'wife' wisking him off to Paris in the end -- all extraordinarily suspicious when the pieces are all put together.    

Just an old man who caught the flu and quickly deteriorated despite teams of doctors and the best medical care?   Or like Caesar of old -- done in by his long-time enemies and some insiders he thought to be his own?

What's involved here are not casual 'conspiracy theories'.   Rather there is a great deal of historical and circumstantial evidence as well as some crucial factual clues unknown beyond inner Palestinian circles.

Arafat was assassinated by blood poisoning by the Israelis working with some insiders is the conclusion of Professor Hisham Ahmed.  

Ordered by Ariel Sharon, done by the Mossad, ok'ed by the CIA, and actually perpetrated by turned Palestinians -- that is the most likely reality in the case of the death, killing, assassination of Yasser Arafat.  But Arafat's murder will never reach a court of law, no Judge or Jury will ever decide 'Beyond a Reasonable Doubt' or 'By a Preponderence of the Evidence'.   That is left to the insiders, to the experts, to the journalists among us.

Professor Hisham Ahmed himself lives in Ramallah near the headquarters where Arafat was under virtual imprisonment for nearly three years.  He teaches Political Science at Bir Zeit University and has his Ph.D. from the University of California at Santa Barbara.  He has taught at a number of American Universities and been a Fulbright Scholar.   Dr. Ahmed was born in Deheishe Refugee Camp near Bethlehem and he is an astute observer of Palestinian affairs and indeed of international affairs.

He was interviewed by MER late on Friday and his information and analysis will soon be available here from MER.  ***


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