The Great Shampoo Scandal

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by Makoli

September 6, 1998

Well, a small pebble of reality cracking, yet NOTHING is insignificant in this world of ours where toothpastes that actually damage your teeth are advertised by "beautiful" smiling models with false teeth. Enjoy!

I didn't actually crack the shampoo scam, all I did was write this. But as with any other protected thing, at least somebody knows the truth all along.

panteneThe truth here is that shampoo's bad for your hair. It cleans out dirt, but also the oil that makes your hair shiny and strong. However shampoo's sold as something your hair really needs, and the truth is suppressed.

There are several common sorts of soapy things. They attract oils by electric charge, allowing the oil to be emulsified with the water. For some reason, these cleaners are themselves made from fats. Soap is made from animal or vegetable oil, and detergent is made from mineral oil. Detergents can be made more powerful. Shampoo is detergent, just like dishwashing detergent, bathroom cleaner, and engine block cleaner.

People used to use soap to wash their hair, as well as their dishes, clothes and bathrooms (and horses, before there were engines.) Soap was better suited to washing hair, because it didn't remove so much of the oils that are naturally in hair.

But the water supply slowly changed. It's now generally more alkaline, which people call hard water. When this started happening, soap didn't work so well. The chemicals which make water alkaline make soap stop lathering well, and form insoluble scum (eg. the ring in the bath.) So soap got less and less effective for all its cleaning uses. I guess the water was always pretty alkaline in some places, so soap was never an ideal cleaner. Around the beginning of the twentieth century, household detergents became available. Detergents have no problem with alkaline water, so they were really popular. They soon became cheaper than soap, too.

So that's why people stopped using soap for almost everything, and started using detergents. Detergents are excellent cleaners for most uses.

If you've tried using soap to wash your hair, you probably know how your hair goes all rough and tangly. This is worse if your water's harder (more alkaline.) I moved recently, and suddenly started having problems using soap in my hair. The problem is that hair reacts to acids and alkalis.

Each hair has little scales, like scales on a snake or shingles on a roof. Acid makes the scales lie down flat, which makes your hair shiny and smooth. (Ever heard that lemon juice is good for your hair?) Alkali makes the scales stand up, which makes your hair look dull and feel rough and tangly. Therefore hard water, which is common these days, makes it harder to wash your hair. If you use soap to wash your hair in hard water, then the combination of your hair's scales standing up and the soap forming scum makes your hair into a terrible mess. Then, since your hair's all tangled and rough, it's impossible to rinse out all the soap, which makes it look terrible.

Shampoo, being detergent, can rinse out of your hair fine even in alkaline water. That's its only good point. Its fundamental, but covered up, bad point is that it's very harsh, and damages your hair permanently. Conditioner was soon introduced as people noticed that shampoo sucked the oils out of their hair dry and left it all dry and brittle. Conditioner puts artificial oils in your hair, and they stay there just long enough so that you don't associate the damage to your hair with the shampoo that caused it.

You have to wash your hair every day, not because it always gets dirty so fast but because the oils from the conditioner don't last and have to be replenished. Conditioner wasn't used until shampoo came about.

But the real cheat in shampoo is when it's sold as being especially good for your hair. Expensive shampoos are in a way better, but only because the conditioner that comes with them is better at covering up the damage done by the shampoo. The actual shampoo itself is pretty much the same as any cheap shampoo. The professional formula, which will nourish your hair and make it grow more healthy, with vitamins and natural nutrients, gentle seaweed extracts, jojoba oil…

Remember that your hair's dead. That exposes half of shampoo advertising as lies. Remember that shampoo is just detergent. That shows that most of the remaining half is lies too. Remember that the oils your hair needs come naturally out of your scalp, as they've been doing for thousands of years before conditioner was invented. When you think about it, nothing that is claimed about shampoo and conditioner is true.

In a way, we really do need conditioner, as advertising implies. But the real reason why we need it is because our hair gets damaged by shampoo. This is just another case of using lies to help a bad product (shampoo) gain dominance over a good product (soap), then introducing another product (conditioner) to compensate for the bad product's faults, and then tricking people into accepting huge price increases once they forget the good product.

The only good thing about shampoo is that it doesn't work any worse in hard water.

Does that ever get mentioned in advertising? The rest is lies, to fool you into paying $10 for a $1 bottle of perfumed detergent.


Soap is good to wash your hair with. Forget all the dregs of misinformation spread by shampoo manufacturers, and forget that soap is "harsh". Remember that the problem with using soap is in the water, not the soap. You just need to solve the problem of the hard water, and soap is fine to use. I can recommend two ways.

If your water's not too hard, just substitute soap for shampoo, and use any old cheapish conditioner. The conditioner will make the scales on your hair lie down, and let the last of the soap get rinsed out. You might have to experiment with different soaps and conditioners. Maybe some conditioner which is pH balanced is best. Some "good ol" plain soap with no added water and perfume is probably best.

Otherwise, you can add some weak acid at some point in the washing process. Since you need just a tiny amount, even cheap vinegar will do, without leaving a smell. You could make a soap goo out of soap and water, and add a bit of lemon juice. You could have a jug of water with a teaspoonful of vinegar in it, to rinse your hair with after soaping. Or how about pouring it into a plastic squirty bottle, so you don't spill it.

Another good thing is oil of rosemary. It stimulates your scalp, to encourage the natural oils to flow. Actually I haven't worked out how to get it onto my scalp, since there's all that hair in the way, but I've heard it's possible.

So in summary, shampoo had a legitimate claim as an alternative for soap. But now it's not sold by that claim, it's sold by lies. Soap's better for your hair, and you can still use it if you compensate for hard water.

For more great articles on reverse engineering reality, go to Fravia's SearchLores website.


Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. (Matthew 25:40)

This document is provided for reference purposes only. Statements in this document do not reflect the opinions of Reactor Core staff or Jonathan Walther. If you find ought to disagree with, that is as it ought be. Train your mind to test every thought, ideology, train of reasoning, and claim to truth. There is no justice when even a single voice goes unheard. (1 Thessalonians 5:21, 1 John 4:1-3, John 14:26, John 16:26, Revelation 12:10, Proverbs 14:15, Proverbs 18:13)


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Shirley's picture

Skeptical: Is every brand like this?

i have to say im slightly skeptical bout this. is there seriously not ONE good brand of shampoo that doesn't crap up ur hair? my frends use shampoo and they still have good hair. from ur experience what is the best 'hair remedy?' maybe i'll believe u if it works!
Anonymous's picture

Just because your friend's

Just because your friend's hair looks nice does not mean it is damaged... like most soaps, shampoo removes the 'good stuff' from your hair, just like soap removes 'the good stuff' from your skin that fights bacteria or is otherwise considered 'good' bacteria the skin naturally produces to stay healthy..........

Angela's picture

Nutural beauty and cleaniness

Well, I do believe there is some truth to this article.  I say some, because I do believe soaps that aremade home-made, naturally, to be good for the human body (hair and skin). I believe that we ought to find a "natural, gentle way", to help us cleanse ourselves, rather than substituting artificial or harsh, substituted substances, that are not good for the human body.  I have began to have many doubts about all man-made products on the market, today . .because of my own personal exerpience in using soaps and shampoos that only seem to make my skin and hair much worse than it was before. I believe Makoli is trying to make a point about how such "detergents" can actually be damaging the human body, hair, and skin. Think about this: If companies inform you on the bottles that their products are harmful for humans to swollow, to eat or to have disposed in our environment, would it not make sense that these things aren't good for us to use, either, ON our own bodies? The market media (world companies) don't care about what happens to your body or health, etc . .they just care about taking your money. This world way's of making a living is nothing but, greed. They only serve you, for your money. Believe it . .its true.

And, I will tell you my reason why using soap and shampoo is not good for us to use, especially on a daily basis: I grew up with an adopted mother who told me to only take 2 baths a week. So, I only washed my body and hair 2 days out of the week.  On the days when my body and hair began to get oily, my skin and hair looked more beautiful than ever before . .with using less shampoo and soap on me. And I told NO ONE at school, that I only took baths 2 times out of the week, because I knew people will tease me, if I did. And guess what? No one teased me, because my body really did not smell.  Most people who think others stink, because they find out they don't use soap or shampoo, are mean and ignorant people.  They do not know the truth that people DO NOT NEED TO USE ITEMS LIKE SOAP AND SHAMPOO TO BE CLEAN.  I rarely used these products growing up as a child, because I had to abide to my adopted mother's rules. Dispite her harsh efforts to spend as little money as possible on me, as an adopted child, my body naturally used its own oils to make it look healthy, and to also protect it. I used very little soap and shampoo (because my adopted mother told me to make it last for a while), but used mostly water to wipe away the sweat (this is excess oil/ dirt that creates the smelly body, when left on the body too long and is not washed off with water) off my hair and skin, without relying on the use of soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Yes, I really did live like a poor person, as an adopted child, but I do remember my body did take care of itself, naturally. I did look my very best, then. I really did not take notice of it, until I made the change to try using soap and shampoo on a daily basis, when I was of age (18), and my adopted parents moved me out of the house.

I began using shampoo and soap, just like everyone else out there. Over the years, my appearance began to change. My hair and skin did not look as good as I thought it would be. It was only until today, when I finally got so fed-up with my hair getting dry and ugly-looking, and my skin not looking so healthy. I came across this article, and it helped me realize something important. I realize our bodies can bring out its natural beauty, without all the soap, shampoo, hair-spray, or perms. Because, when I remember back . .as a child, when I allowed my body to bring out is natrual oils . .my hair and skin looked its best.

I am living proof that the human body has a natural way of cleansing itself, beautifying itself, etc . .we don't need man-made products to make us clean or beautiful. The truth is: YOUR ARE NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL THE WAY YOU ARE. IF YOU KEEP YOUR BODY THAT WAY . .YOUR BODY WILL SHOW IT, AS A RESULT!


Anonymous's picture

What does your adoption have

What does your adoption have to do with soap vs. shampoo? What you should be highlighting is that your adoptive mother's ways brought out the natural shine in your hair. Since we have no other facts about your situation, we can't be judgmental of your adoptive mother.

Anonymous's picture

You are an ass! This person

You are an ass! This person is just telling a story, why must you make such unneccesary comments?

Anonymous's picture

Well said.

Well said.

Anonymous's picture

I agree with you... This

I agree with you...
This story reflects some negative comments about her adoptive parents-mother.. its been told with sadness and regret..
found it weird, but..

Anonymous's picture


Loved reading your response to the using natural soaps for cleaning hair & body. I believe in using natural products whenever possible & even though so many companies these days put on their product that it is natural, or contains natural ingredients, that is not necessarily so & if it does, then it is probably the minutest amount & as you say, is all for greed & getting as much money out of people as possible, even when they know their product will not be good for people to use.

Anonymous's picture

I think this is true.

I think this is true. Shampoo has always made my scalp itchy and dry, and some conditioners have made the skin on my forehead and back break out. For the last week, I have been using a liquid castille soap on my hair and no conditioner. I also use, as a final rinse, a pitcher of water with a couple tablespoons of distilled vinegar added. My hair has never looked better. Last night I even told my husband that I think shampoo is bad for our hair, and today I decided to do some research on the internet. If you don't believe me, try it for yourself and see.
i object to this article.'s picture

okay i think SOME brands of

okay i think SOME brands of shampoo's like that. but shampoo like Garnier isn't because it has natural minerals that contain Vitamin D etc. and one obvious fact you're missing is that the companies won't be able to sell it if it's going to damage the buyer's hair. so i think this article is true & untrue in some ways.
dianna's picture

to the person who objects to

to the person who objects to the article: hahaha! you think that companies care what their products do to you? NO. they are just in it to make money. the only reason that they have to animal test SOME products is that the chemicals they use in them are dangerous. garnier fructis is tested on animals and also contains silicones and parabens. it is NOT a natural shampoo by any stretch of the imagination. i know. i used to use this shampoo and conditioner. for a long time it worked well - then it quit working and i realized that i had little beads of wax or silicone in the pores of my head!
be careful what you put on your scalp - it goes into your bloodstream...

Anonymous's picture

some garnier products

some garnier products actually contain a REALLY BAD chemical call SLS, which is an ingredient in industrial floor cleaner. and you're putting that on your hair. :)

Anonymous's picture

Some shampoos contain a very

Some shampoos contain a very useful chemical called SLS, which is used in disgusting products such as floor cleaners. How bout that?

I'm not saying that your statement is untrue, but the fact that something is used in a floor cleaner doesn't automatically make that chemical dangerous or poisonous. Water is used in production of agricultural poisons, called pesticides, yet no one cares about that when they drink, do they?

Anonymous's picture

To "i object to this

To "i object to this article":

It should be obvious that the bleaching process damages hair and yet such products remain on the market.

I agree's picture

I've suffered from bad skin

I've suffered from bad skin most of my teenage years as my skin is very sensitive and dry. I got suspicious that maybe all the skin treatments I was using were only making the situation worse. I tried to make my own shampoo out of natural soap and vinegar but it wasn't an amazing long term solution. I then found an organic shop down the road from me and they sell the most amazing soaps and shampoos which are all natural and free from detergents and man made chemicals. I now always get told that my hair looks beautiful and my skin has mostly cleared up. I wouldn't say it was an amazing quick fix because I still have problems and despite using shea butter and olive oil I still find that natural substitutes don't tend to be as good moisturisers as man made ones such as E45. Otherwise I would agree that detergent shampoos and beauty products are completely unneccessary in this day and age.
Anonymous's picture


Try coconut oil on your skin it does not affect my acne at all eat blueberries and oily fish often and your spots will dissapear Johnson's baby shampoo the no tears one is chemical free if you use hair conditioner the basic type on your face the supermarkets own brand its ph is 5.5 close to your skins

N*star's picture

ingredients in soaps/shampoos

Garnier? they are just like everyone else go to the skin deep data base and check out sodium lauryl sulfate! It's a cheap cancer causing ingredient they use to make suds in shampoo it's in hand soap its in body wash. The chemicals you are using make your skin dry tight and break out. Not to even mention the fact as to how they break down into our water supply! Open your eyes :)
Ed's picture

read up on the SLS on the

read up on the SLS on the web....almost ALL shampoo's have it..toothpaste and liquid " soap'
Bert's Bees has a shampoo without it...and I think there
are some new ones ..Aveeno and L'Oreal..

I just use bar soap and then a conditioner with excellent results..


Anonymous's picture

To Ed

Yes, you are so right about the SLS. I have tried all different toothpastes over the years & have never really been happy with any of them. Some months ago I found a natural re-mineralizing tooth powder via a Google Search on a site called Wellness Mama & finally decided to make it up & use it, when I have had so much trouble with a tooth that had a crown put on it in late November of 2012. I have been using the tooth powder for the past few months & not only does it settle that tooth down, but has also whitened my teeth, especially the 2 middle teeth on the bottom, like no dentist cleaning has ever done. I did not get the Bentonite Clay to use in it, just all the other ingredients. I will be trying to obtain the clay now, because of how well the other ingredients have been for my teeth. I can really recommend this powder.

Anonymous's picture

hey there, im a male teen

hey there, im a male teen rite now in high school... i use shampoo and conditioner on a daily bases.

i found this article to be very interesting and eye opening also the comments made are really good points too...

im native with dark brown hair (who would of guessed), and i use Garnier.. despite all the negatives towars shampoo companys here... i still find my self to have very nice hair and skin... but sometimes my skin does feel very dry and cracky.

im going to try and useing soup and the tsp of vinger oil (or w.e) and wash with water... on my hair for a few weeks to try and note a difference.. i would only hope for the best - thx

p.s. ill be sure to reply back, if anyone is interested in my findings...
H Jain's picture

I'll look forward to your

I'll look forward to your comments after experimenting with soap & vinegar. I've a long history of skin break outs on face & back, acne, whiteheads, dry & itchy skin, dandruff, huge build ups & what not. I am done with these blasted shampoos & face wash that have damaged my skin & hair.

Please do comment after using the products.


Anonymous's picture

As a teenager with changing

As a teenager with changing hormones, my body is currently overproducing oil and as a result I cannot use a lot of conditioner. After washing my hair with shampoo, it looks really great. I used to avoid taking showers when I was a little younger, and I had an incredible amount of acne as a result of all the oil build up. in my hair  and etc. My skin glows now and I'm acne free -- and I constantly get compliments about my shiny, glossy hair.

Anonymous's picture

I have suddenly started

I have suddenly started getting acne on my back and back of arms. This actually started about 10 years ago. The only difference in my lifestyle was that I had become a single mother and started taking a lot of baths instead of showers because you have to watch the baby and also to take a break. Now I have scars on my back and lots of acne on my upper arms. Ive tried the treatemetns and they do work usiually but if you stop it comes back with a vengence. I realy am starting to get suspicious of the bath products, shampoos and everything like that. I think it gets into your skin and then your skin is open to it and then it gets in more and more and you cant get rid of it. I really want to try this recipe and go for some natural products to see if I can get rid of this altogether but I think my skin needs to detoxify and get right away from all the producst.t

Mr_R's picture

acne on back and arms

Regarding the previous comment on acne on back and arms, what treatments are you getting? Antibiotics? Skin creams? I'm not a doctor but I've done a lot of research on this stuff and seriously think a lot of skin diseases are misdiagnosed. My theory in this is that your skin disease is the result of some sort of internal disorder like in your liver, gall bladder, pancreas. As you grow up and eat all the crappy food out there, all that junk overloads in your system and begins eventually, various little vessels and pathways in your body start to clog up because our bodies were never meant to ingest what we eat these days. Artificial foods, deep fried stuff etc.

And because of the internal imbalance and/or malfunction, all the toxins, excess fats, oils or whatever does not always get removed the way you would want them to be removed i.e. the toilet. Instead compounds whether they are good or bad must exit your body through your skin taking whatever pathway is easiest. That can be absorption through your skin, blood vessels etc.

The liver is supposed to clean your blood and produce bile to break food down while the pancreas creates hormones. When excess bile and hormones build up or aren't distributed properly out through your system, then we have a problem. Doctors tend to only treat the surface system and not the root cause. They just want to get you patched up and out the door cause that's all they're paid by the overloaded medical system to do.

Experimental's picture

This is NOT 100% factual

Yes, the best medicine for your hair is your own natural oil but to say that using soap is better for you hair is pretty far fetched. Professional grade products are formulated to correct all kinds of issues with your hair. Store brand products such as suave and pantene are SEVERLY damaging to your hair. I did a test on pantene and after less than ten washes, I was actually able to scrape the wax off of just one strand of hair with a knife. Also, I did another test where I colored my own hair with a very natural european line of haircolor. Typically I would wash it with a hydrating color preserving shampoo. I decided I would used regular soap. The soap completely stripped the hair of all it's color. Now does that sound like it would leave any natural oils behind? Well it surely did not and neither did it leave my hair clean. I shampoo my hair once every 3 to 4 days and only every other time use conditioner. Our water is hard and I look at my hair everyday as well as color it every 4 weeks or so. I have had no problems with damage when I do not use the conditioner. Yes, commercials lie but if you look at the ingredients of other products there are shampoos that do NOT contain sodium laurel or laureth sulfates. I use one of those shampoos and I have hard water. If you are looking to prove the commercials wrong, that is incredibly easy to do but if you're trying to prove the products wrong you should probably test a couple out that are NOT at your local WalMart or CVS store. Try some from a chain or indipendant salon. Yeah, it'll be more expensive but maybe it'll make the case a little more sturdy.

ffn's picture

Many soaps also contain detergents

Many soaps sold in your local megamart also contain sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate, both of which are detergents/surfactants. Simply switching from shampoo to "soap" may not accomplish what you are trying to accomplish. Look for glycerin based soaps instead (often hidden on the bottom of the shelf or in a natural products area of the store).

Your individual experience with a shampoo or soap is also influenced by the hardness or softness of your local water supply. Whereas some may find a given product dries out the hair or skin, others may find no problems.

Allie65's picture

Soap vs Shampoo

I found this article very interesting as I think I could be allergic to the ingredients in shampoo and have been toying with using soap for some time now. My gran actually swore by using plain old soap on her hair and she had lovely shiny soft hair until the day she died aged 88. Definately going to give the soap a go - maybe we are all sucked in by the advertising and it is time to go back to basics!

Gertrude's picture

I Have Searched and Have Won!

Hello Everyone,

It's true. Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS) and the Silicones in your shampoo and conditioners are not good for you. They strip your natural oils out and then have to replace it with conditioner. What happens here is your body starts to over produce oils, and so if you don't use their products your hair will look oily and dirty. Not only that but these chemicals are actually very toxic for our bodies.

My hair started freaking out. It got oily faster and started to get frizzy, and all I could think of was that my body was changing and so too must my hair.

I was wrong. When I discovered SLS's and Siicones, and what they do, I went on a rampage to try and find a shampoo that didn't contain any chemicals. I ended up using Burt's Bees, an although my hair was nice after I went through a transition period, I found out there was nutmeg in the one I chose (there isn't any in all the shampoos) and I'm allergic to nutmeg, which would explain the acne I got on my neck.

What I discovered soon after, was an olive oil soap from a company called Papoutsanis. It has three ingredients in it. I tried it, and like it very much! My hair is soft and shiny, and frizz free, and I didn't need a conditioner in mid-November in Canada. I also used it on my body and did not need to put any moisturiser on either. I love this stuff! AND I paid a dollar for it, for something that replaces my shampoo, conditioner, and moisturiser for 8 months.

Sadly, I just discovered my "natural" toothpaste has SLS in it, so I'm off to find another alternative....

Gertrude's picture

And so I have learnt...

Hello Again,

Time has passed since my post above. I went through a roller coaster of an ordeal to finally find what works for me. The olive oil soap worked for a time, but then it just felt like at some point it started to build up on my hair. So, I went to Earthsafe, a sap based non-shampoo with a bit of syphonated coconut oil. That was okay, but my hair never felt truly clean, and, no I wasn't expecting my hair to feel shampoo and conditioner "clean". Finally, last April, almost a year ago, I decided, that since I'd gone that far feeling like I wasn't using shampoo, I'd try just going water only. That actually worked well. I had to go through the transition phase again, got the waxies then my hair levelled off. As far as a rinse, vinegar always fried my hair and made it look like red hay, so I never did try the baking soda thing. Anyway, by October of 2011, my hair was getting waxy again, and I was like " what the hell?" because I had been doing so well with it. Then I took a look and found out my current cities water was one of the hardest in the entire country, and in the winter, it just tends to get harder. That's when I took my Brita filtered water and started to wash my hair with that, because regardless of what I washed my hair with, with water like that (the tap stuff) my hair was never going to be happy.

So this is what I've done for about 4 months now resulting in super soft shiny hair:

With two juice jugs of filtered water, I can wash my hair, massaging my head thoroughly, and get it clean. Half way through the second jug, I put 5 drops of jojoba oil only ends and press it in by gently rubbing my palms together over my hair, then rinse with the rest of the water. At night, not every night, maybe every second one, scritch my scalp with the end of of my wooden comb, massage my scalp and preen a bit and then I brush my hair with a boar hair brush a lot, more than 100 strokes that's for sure. At this point, my hair looks a little slick, but when I wake up in the morning, it looks gorgeous! As far as how often I wash... I try to listen to my hair, sometimes (depending on what I ate or hormones) my hair get oily more easily, so I wash more often i.e. about every four days, but when I'm eating healthily and I'm not menstruating, I can go for 10 day to 2 weeks, and in fact it can go through one or two days of being a little oily then bounce back again after a good brushing. Also, One of the reasons I started all this was because I was loosing hundreds of hairs every time I washed my hair, never mind what came out throughout the day. My full head of hair was looking sparse! Now, I loose anywhere from 3 to 15 when I wash, and I'm finding a lot less hair around the house when I clean.

I really think hard water was the culprit for me in all of my struggles, so keep that in mind if you're thinking of doing any of this. Of your hair gets waxy, check your water.

As for soap, I stopped using it last April. My skin is amazing. People are concerned with bacteria, and I think as long as I remove the dead skin, I'm good. I use a normal bath scrunchy thingy or a face cloth for this. Apparently sebum does have a natural bacteria fighting property, so if you maintain the skins and clean it from extra dead stuff, it does well. I've tried skipping a day in showering or bathing too, but I find if I don't use water, I still need to do a quick dry brushing of my skin to exfoliate, and then I feel that clean feeling. And BONUS~! I no longer need moisturizer! I do wash my hands with soap after using the washroom or when I'm cooking.

So now everyone wants to touch me and my hair because I'm so soft! Don't worry I'm being selective with who I allow such a privilege. ;-)

Do I stink? Given that I haven't used deodorent in 5 years I can safely say, only when I eat foods that don't agree with my body. But other than my armpits on these rare occasions, people tend to like the smell of my hair and body, so I have to say no.

I did buy some eux de toilet for moments I miss smelling pretty. :)

I hope this helps someone!

Anonymous's picture

To Gertrude

Your comments are from 13th November 2010, but if you haven't managed to find a natural toothpaste, the recipe below is from Wellness Mama I found in a Google Search & am so very happy with the results & that is not even having the Bentonite Clay in it - which I am going to try to obtain & add to the powder.

Tooth Powder Ingredients:
4 Tablespoons Bentonite Clay
3 Tablespoons Calcium Magnesium Powder
1 Tablespoon Baking Soda (optional)
2 Tablespoons Powdered Mint Leaf (optional, or can use essential oil)- Powder in blender, food processor or coffee grinder.
1 tablespoon Cinnamon Powder (or this kind)
1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of Cloves Powder
1 Tablespoon (or more to taste) Xylitol Powder
Essential oils for taste- completely optional but Peppermint, Spearmint and Cinnamon are good. I buy mine from Mountain Rose Herbs.

MARC's picture


ABOUT THREE MONTHS AGO, I SWITCHED EXCLUSIVELY TO SOAP. not being a fashion model, or a girl, i could care less about wild hair! well, i see NO difference, except at the bank. i have relatively short hair (2-3 inches at longest) and never have issues with it; nor do i use ANY conditioner or additive (lemon, vinegar, beer-well to drink... etc.)i really question a LOT of "must have" products.

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Skip the soap

Soap, too, is pretty harsh at times, and like you pointed out can leave a residue. Skip it, and just use baking soda. Baking soda alkalizes the skin, and strips away dead skin and excess oils without over-stripping. Folks who use soap may find that after they get out of the shower they still have a somewhat dry face. That's b/c the soap has dried out the skin so much, that even after the shower, the facial skin keeps drying out and dies. When someone starts using baking soda, unless they use exfoliants as part of their regular routine, they will notice dead skin sloughing off their body right and left. I use soap about 1-2 a week just for a good cleanse all over. I use liquid hand soap, b/c it works just like an all-over bodywash-shampoo. On the other days, I use baking soda. I use it all, body, etc. This works great in the summer. In winter, if you have dry skin, you can just water-wash (water only) every other day, and use baking soda on off days. Then, after the shower, get some refined coconut oil or canola oil or whatever oil you have, and slather that on BEFORE drying off. This will make it easier to apply all over (even in your hair...but don't use too much, otherwise it'll get too greasy). After that, dry off as normal. This will leave a nice coating of oil on your skin, and after a baking soda wash you will look radiant. I've found refined coconut oil works best, since it soaks in quickly without leaving much of a greasy feel. However, I also found I had an allergy to coconuts. So, it was making me itchy. I switched to canola oil, and it seems to work just as well. You don't have to use expensive soaps and oils. Some folks use mineral oil. I just make sure the oil is refined, that way it doesn't smell (EG: unrefined coconut oil will make you smell like coconut, unrefined almond oil will smell like almonds...but refined oils will be neutral). DON'T use smelly soaps and oils. You should be odor-neutral after a shower/bath. Then go apply some scented oils or cologne or perfume. Baking soda also works as a good underarm deodorant, but only lasts 8-10 hours tops on hot days (prevents odor and sweat). But in winter, it works like a charm. So skip the soap, and start using more oil. Hot showers + soap can really strip out all your oils. Remember, humans evolved bathing in cold water, and excreting their own body oil. So hot showers and soap can really do a number on you.

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We should not be using any

We should not be using any form of soap AT ALL.
Soap contains chemicals called Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate (I noticed that people left out SLES...). SLS and SLES are harsh chemicals that are known to dry out the skin (has your skin ever felt dry or like it's too small for your face?).
You also often find things called Parabens. Parabens are preservatives and are also bad for your health. They've been linked to causing cancer in women and a low sperm count in men.

I reckon we should go back to nature and not use soap at all. Forget what the media says and only use natural products like lemon juice or vinegar which combats alkaline water by creating a natural balance.

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I have never felt better in

I have never felt better in my life. I also do the Daniel fast that Daniel did in the bible.. that is veggies and water, while this fast seems like it would be easier it is not but it is a good fast for those who can not do a no food fast. And those who do it, just wait until you see how your body is actually supposed to work.. it is wonderful.

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Since December, I've rarely

Since December, I've rarely been using shampoo. My scalp doesn't flake like it used to, and my hair generally doesn't feel as oily/nasty as you would think. It doesn't stink, and it styles more easily. I think people need to accept that they're human and stop trying to hide their bodies behind the curtain of vanity. Preening is fine, but when it consumes your attention to the point of anxiety, which cosmetics companies swoop upon, you need to relax and remember what you are. You don't need to pretend you're a porcelain doll to be accepted.

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My sister studied hair and

My sister studied hair and skin care and she has always told me that shampoo has some very harsh components that are bad for your hair. My hair rarely comes out soft unless i heap on it loads of conditioner, so i believe this article is true. I tried to put soap today on my hair, (which was a first, since i don't like soap's texture, even on my skin, instead i use lotions) and it wasn't the best idea. My hair got all hard and dry and i ended up putting shampoo anyways. I will try the soap/water/lemon mixture though. Thanks for sharing this with everyone :)

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If you don't have luck using soap to wash your hair...

If you haven't had luck using soap to wash your hair then try using baking soda. When I first went the natural way for washing my hair I tried using an all natural soap that was a hair and body bar. After a couple of uses my hair ended up looking and feeling really greasy. I have found out that the hardness of your water could be what's causing the problem and why some people have lots of luck with soap and why some people have lots of luck with baking soda. The baking soda works great for me but because of how hard the water is, I need to use it everyday (I plan on getting a reverse osmosis filter for my shower which i suspect will reduce my hair washings to only a couple times a week). I use 1 tbsp of baking soda to 1 cup of water. I put it into a salon style hair color application bottle, the nozzle works great for getting the B/S wash onto my scalp. I massage my scalp for a few minutes and then rinse my hair. I then use 1 tsp of organic apple cider vinegar to 1 cup of water, but it into the squeeze bottle and apply it to my scalp and massage it for a few minutes. My hair is pretty long so I have one more additional step I use to make sure the ends of my hair get moisturized properly. I put 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar, 1/2 tsp of honey and 2 cups of water into a glass jar and dip the ends of my hair into it. I then rinse my hair really well and just before I get out of the shower, I give my hair a shot of cooler water to seal up the hair shafts. My hair has never been healthier. I too used to buy into all the shampoo and conditioner products that promised to revitalize your hair but I found my hair kept getting duller, drier and more brittle. I also discovered that the acne and extreme itching I was getting on my back was an allergic reaction to the shampoos and conditioners I was using. It has been about a month and a half since I switched to using B/S and I won't every go back to using shampoos and conditioners. I am still having some acne issues on my back but it continues to get better and better each day and I no longer itch at all. I suspect it will take a while for my body to completely detox from all of the toxins from the shampoos and conditioners. But, all in all, this article hits the nail on the head! Good Luck with going 'No Poo' (Shampoo that is) :)

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Or, you know, you could use

Or, you know, you could use just conditioner by itself, a cheap one for cleansing the scalp (such as suave conditioners, as they don't have 'cones in them) and one WITH cones for the length (just keep that away from the scalp). Be sure to massage conditioner into the scalp well but gently, leave in for 5-7 minutes, rinse well, and voilà! Clean, well moisturized, non-damaged hair! I've been doing this for a year now, and my hair is to the middle of my back, and has never looked better. For more information, google "conditioner only method". Throw out your 'poo! It's useless!

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Firstly, I want to thank you

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I stopped using any product

I stopped using any product on my hair 13 months ago, including shampoo, conditioners and even combing or brushing. Only getting it wet in the shower. Would anybody believe the compliments I've had about my hair since? People have said it looks great, smells sweet, even sexy. Women and men seem to like to run their fingers through it because it feels silky and smooth; they have no idea I havent washed it and never will again. We've all been brainwashed by the hair products industry.

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dry shampoo

What about dry shampoo instead of washing your hair? You just spray it and massage it on your scalp, it doesnt go directly on your hair so i'm wondering if that is a good alternative.

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no shampoo

i have gone the whole hog and only use water on my hair and body. my hair has normalized and is clean, healthy looking and smells fine. my hairdresser suspects nothing. just goes to show.

i seldom bath, and only used warm to hot water to shower daily, morning and evening. to clean my body i use a face towel in the shower, it has a gentle rubbing action and the combination of it and the face towel work very well. my face is clear of spots and black heads, you simply wouldn't know i don't use soap. my skin has become smoother over time. this is probably due to using a face towel on the skin instead of relying only on soap.

i put two and two together one morning and just stopped using soap and shampoo. cold turkey :-)

so far so good. i took it a step further and tested to see what would happen if you don't use detergent in the washing machine. lo and behold, the clothes came out clean and odor free on a warm water cycle.

i think the key is to use warm to hot water where applicable. soaps and detergents are only really needed if one gets truly dirty from things like motor oil and the like.

my 2c worth

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I, like you put 2 and 2

I, like you put 2 and 2 together one morning and also quit using shampoo/conditioner/body wash/fluoride enhanced toothpaste etc. etc. cold turkey. I was simply curious what the results would be. For the first few weeks, I did feel a little more icky than usual but after that readjustment period, I swear to god my hair and skin are better NOW than at any other time during my previous shampoo filled life.

Sometimes while admiring the appearance and silky soft feel of my hair in the mirror, I'll be like "god damn, what do you use in this hair?" and then I remind myself, oh yeah it was nothing but a thorough rinse with warm water in the shower! OMG you mean that your hair is naturally beautiful with absolutely no aid from harsh cleaners and conditioners!?! Uh yeah, maybe 4+ billion years of evolution on this planet has something to do with it? YOUR BODY KNOWS HOW TO TAKE CARE OF IT'S SELF PEOPLE!

People never ever ever comment that I smell or look dirty. Haha just be careful who you reveal your secrets to. Cause some people will freak the hell out when you tell them you haven't used shampoo or body wash for the last 10 months. They are too stubborn/ignorant/brain washed to believe it's possible.

haha I will admit I do use anti-bacterial hand soap after using the bathroom and when they appear dirty.

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Be sure to massage

Be sure to massage conditioner into the scalp well but gently, leave in for 5-7 minutes, rinse well, and voilà! Clean, well moisturized, non-damaged hair! I've been doing this for a year now, and my hair is to the middle of my back, and has never looked better. moles on skin

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Well, I don't know what to say. I use soap. I've also used shampoo. Now, what I heard was shampoo builds up on your hair and that's why you have to keep switching products. I'm trying soap now, Dove Cool Moisture bar. I really can't agree that not bathing at all or just bathing with water is good for you. Water itself doesn't kill germs, and if you're inside all day working, you're surrounded by them. We have to be practical. Just because a company is wealthy for their soap doesn't make it evil. I do notice, with the soap, my hair and skin feel cleaner. Maybe this will only last a few days. But I felt clean this morning even before I took a shower. My skin is very sensitive too. The only advice I can give without feeling gross is that people DO have to bathe with some kind of cleanser.
I disagree with the writer who said "the body takes care of itself." Actually, it doesn't. There's no magical cleaning fairy who pops in from time to time. You NEEEEED to bathe! Not doing so spreads disease and if you're into sports, you just smell sick. My bf has a friend who doesn't bathe much and he stinks, so obviously, his body isn't "taking care of itself." Please don't tell people that soap is propoganda used by companies to make money. It's really a good thing.

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Interesting article. I have

Interesting article. I have had it too... there is a reason why cancer is so normal these days. I use a very mild shampoo (sebamed)... but my hair was damaged way before from regular shampoo (here in this sick country called norway a trim/cut cost 70$ US!)

So if i have hard water should i use baking soda on my hair in the water?

and is it safe to wash face only with water? what about the pollution exposing us nowadays?... that wasn't an issue before...

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shampoo killed my baby

it will kill yours too. it will kill your dog also. and your cat. and your fish. especially your fish.

this message was brought to you by nabisco

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Renpure....This shampoo and conditioner are awesome!!!!!organic all I use:):)

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no shampoo on my head...

I personally don't use shampoo at all ...I find it strips my hair..I just use a tbsp of baking soda mixed with about 16 oz of water squirt on hair scrub and rinse follow with a rinse of 1 part apple cider vinegar and 2 parts cool water and rinse again (no it doesn't smell like vinegar after I rinse it out) hair is soft and I don't even need to as much styling products now (money saver there)..and I also wash my body with baking soda if I am sweaty followed with an olive oil rub (doesn't take much at all) sometimes I use sugar and honey or olive oil and salt as a body scrub - cheaper, easier on wallet, and no soap scum to wash off tub...and my skin is in much better health!! and it made a HUGE difference in winter - no more dry skin!! (baby oil AKA mineral oil is bad - its petroleum based and can clogs pores)veggie oils are better and coconut oil is a great make up remover and good for your skin...

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