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I often do a bit of updating of the site "on the fly" so you might notice some curious errors if you happen to surf in then...

The new site seems to be working nicely.

The new site seems to be working nicely. Still some things to patch up. The Search is not working proberly for some reason. Everything does not seem to have been indexed and I don't know how to fix it. Since I've disabled the Forum and commenting, registering does not really give you anything extra for the time being.

Am able to post atleast these site update "blogs" through the Blogger-API. Great stuff...

Site Rebuilt!

As you can see - Truthseekers has finally been completely reconstructed!
After alot of searching and experimenting I decided to use a system called Drupal to build a database driven site. Drupal is an excellent piece of software. It uses PHP and MySQL which aren't that hard to install and handle even for the averagely computer sawy. To build a site like this instead of the old HTML way is, once you've got everything up and running is infinitely more flexible and alot less time consuming. Once you understand the basic philosophy there is no stopping you.

What about all the articles?
The same articles as before still exist, however they have all been moved.... For instance The Plan against the New World Order which existed at now lives at

Still Building

I'm finally starting to get somewhere. Practically all the articles from the old site are transferred. Now alll that remains is to fix all the links which I will do by exporting the database (only nodes) and do alot of "find and replaceing"...
Have been spending some time modifying the look of the "polder-theme". It is slowly starting to look the way I want it. Interesting to dive into all that crazy code. It does what you tell it to do but it all looks so chaotic for a while before you start "decoding the code" and start seeing the patterns.

Tools Used

Tools used to build this site:

- Apache
- PHP4
- Drupal CVS
- PhpMyAdmin

- Macromedia Dreamweaver
- Adobe Photoshop
- Ultraedit

- Mozilla Firebird
- Microsoft Internet Explorer

Development Stages

  1. Testing Drupal
  2. Determining work methods
  3. Adding contents, articles from old site
  4. Fixing links in articles
  5. Editing themes, stylesheets, graphics

Most links inside articles still point to articles in the old site. I will insert all the articles first and then fix the links.

Roboticly adding articles...

Started adding articles. It is going to take some time. I think the socalled "taxonomy" system (the categories) in this Drupal system will work out nicely. There are still a few things I havn't figured out how to do.

Tried out Movable Type - Didn't like it. Also tried Postnuke which is another great CMS system but think this is my choice. Postnuke doesn't seem to have such a great taxonomy system as Drupal.

Drupal ?

Installed Apache, Php4, and Mysql yesterday. Was about to install Movable Type but found Drupal and installed it in notime. Been configuring for the past 12 hours... I wonder, will I be able to convert to something bigger better? It remains to be seen.
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