Chemtrails over Canada

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June 7. Reading back over an excellent chemtrails article by veteran reporter Will Thomas, I see that Ontario, Canada, was the site of a 1999 spraying. A group of citizens protested, to no avail. Lab tests were done. Levels of aluminum found in the chemtrails material registered at five times the allowable limit. In other words, the aluminum was a major health hazard.

Thomas points out that this whole aspect of chemtrails originated with the infamous Dr. Edward Teller, who estimated that spraying the atmosphere with reflective particles would turn back the sun's rays and avert global-warming consequences.

Of course, excess aluminum would impact on the respiratory tract.

And I have had numerous reports, in the last year, of chemtrails over Toronto, which is in the province of Ontario.

So naturally, we can expect that at least a few of the people being labeled as SARS are actually dealing with aluminum fallout.

Time and time again, in these pages, I have pointed out that a germ is a great cover story for illness really caused by chemicals.

One has only to investigate giant chemical companies like Dow, Du Pont, Monsanto, Aventis, ICI, Bayer, Hoechst, and Novartis to realize that the cover-story apparatus is sprung in-house, so to speak.

All these companies have pesticide divisions and GM food divisions and pharmaceutical divisions.

First they poison, then they help "identify" diseases, then they develop and sell drugs to treat the diseases "caused by germs."

Nice neat package.

Chemicals poison; the effects are labeled a disease; (toxic) drugs are sold to kill the germs causing the disease.

King of kings' Bible - Galatians 5:17 For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are opposed the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.
5:18 But IF ye be led by the Spirit, ye are not under The Law.
5:19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are [these]; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
5:20 Idolatry, pharmacy, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,
5:21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told [you] in time past, that they which do such things shall NOT inherit the Kingdom of God.

It's a closed loop, and even some of most radical environmentalists don't grasp the trickery.

To point out a slightly different example of such a scam---how many people who ingest toxic fluorides in public water supplies are later diagnosed with arthritis, osteo-this and skeletal-that and THEN are treated with toxic medicines?

The closed loop starts with a chemical and ends with a chemical.

Highly touted so-called germ epidemics, like SARS, have the general effect of focusing the public attention away from chemicals and on to "real disease caused by germs."

Think about how easy it is to launch a secret medical op using a chemical. You deposit it in a local area. People get sick. You draw up a list of vague and general symptoms. You label this list with a new disease name. You organize a small group of avaricious virus hunters, who follow arcane and moronic principles to discover a new germ that is causing the outbreak. Toxic drugs are then used to treat the disease. To kill the germ.

JON RAPPOPORT www. nomorefakenews. com


June 6. For some time, dear reader, I have been trying to get on the late-night Coast to Coast AM radio show and talk about the Virus Hunters and their fraudulent work. These days that work is called SARS.

Coast to Coast has millions of listeners. For a short period, I was a regular on the show, when Hilly Rose sat in for Art Bell.

I very much want to expose the real deal on SARS to that audience. Maybe you can help. Maybe you know someone who knows someone. Maybe you can collect people and send the show a fax or an email. Put on your thinking cap and let's see if we can wage a revolution against the White Coats who are waging war against the populace.

If you've been reading this site for awhile, you know I have the goods on these people, and I have spotted the holes in their so-called research. My archive link on this page will give you access to all my SARS articles, if you need to get up to speed.

We have a chance to do something here. Last night's show from Toronto was a good start. Let's create some momentum.

I know, I'm not supposed to make such a bald request in public. I'm supposed to play it cool, work through inside connections, and all that. But I'm way past that. I just don't care. The truth is there for anyone who cares to look at it. SARS is a hoax from top to bottom, and that hoax has brought devastation to many people.

What do you say?

JON RAPPOPORT www. nomorefakenews. com


JUNE 6. I was on a radio show last night broadcast out of downtown Toronto. The Lenny Bloom Cloak and Dagger show.

It was a rip-roarer, and on an AM station. For an hour, by phone, I was given the chance to lay out the case against SARS as a phony disease launched as part of an economic terror op against Canada.

I announced that a class-action suit against WHO and CDC and complicit Canadian officials is in the planning stage.

Many thanks to the show's two hosts and the people in Canada who paved the way for my appearance.

There is now an email address for people who want to: get further info on when I'll be going to Toronto to give a talk on SARS; who want to provide information (whistleblower-type) on the SARS scam in Canada or have stories about their own economic devastation suffered at the hands of the phony SARS promoters; who want to join in on the class-action suit.

It is healthchoicevoice [at] yahoo [dot] ca

If a few corporate heavy hitters in Toronto (who have suffered economic losses) and some opposition-party politicos sign on to a suit, the press in Canada will cover it.

This is a window of opportunity to expose the chronic liars within the virus-hunter clique that has fabricated science.

A sample list of demands for information from these WHO/CDC virus hunters:

Prove that you actually isolated the coronavirus you claim is causing SARS.

Prove that the virus is causing human illness.

Expose all your research data to independent neutral scientists.

Provide medical statistics culled from every case of suspected or probable or definite SARS, including recent (toxic) flu shots, prior medical history of disease or toxic reaction to medical drugs, and treatment for SARS with drugs such as (toxic) steroids and (toxic) Ribavirin.

Explain why you have ignored repeated statements from your top SARS scientist in Canada, Dr. Frank Plummer, who, for example, on May 1, told a SARS summit in Canada that he was now finding the coronavirus in ZERO percent of SARS cases. This BURIAL of this incredible revelation makes you culpable and open to very serious criminal and civil charges.

In particular, reveal your complete data on the use of the PCR test in identifying the so-called coronavirus in SARS patients. Prove that your chains of inference were valid and based on solid premises---as opposed to being mere guesses.

Explain how you can say this virus is causing illness when, in fact, if it appears in patients at all, it is present in such small amounts as to be negligible and irrelevant.

Prove that you are doing more than simply re-shuffling ordinary flu and pneumonia under a new meaningless label, SARS.

That would be a start.

Once the ball starts rolling, I think I will be able to bring some scientists into the fray. The investigation. Scientists who do not accept baloney on the run.

JON RAPPOPORT www. nomorefakenews. com



The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan:-

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Anonymous's picture

I was suprised to hear a jet

I was suprised to hear a jet that was not a passenger jet overhead at 4:30 am Torornto time when I know that civilian traffic is not allowed on Jan 23 2008.
darius's picture

Doris Biggerstaff These chem

Doris Biggerstaff
These chem trails have been going on for a long time. I used to fly planes. I noticed that some planes left a trail and others did not. I did not know what they were. I have tried to tell persons what they are but no one believes me. Not even my son. I see them every day in the air, in Oklahoma, Joplin, MO, Kansas Arizona, USA. I believe it is also causing mold. Never had mold in our yard like we have it now. Everyone I have mentioned it to says they have mold in there yard. Some don't seem to be upset about it. Mold always grew in shade. Now I found it growing in a crack of blacktop that is always in the sun in a parking lot. Everytime I tell someone this they say it can't hurt us because they don't want to kill us, and if it kills us it would kill the gov officials who are having it done. When you are blind you really don't understand and do not want to believe the truth.

Anonymous's picture

26/06/16 I have a list of 17

26/06/16 I have a list of 17 chemtrail contens which includes aluminum, barium,yellow fungal micotoxins,
ethylenedibromide, polymer fibres, desicated blood,
mold spores, chromium, cadmium, nickel, rtc.- gathered
from different sources. Breathing these and other nano-particles (as fine as dust) is toxic to the body's
organs and the brain. It causes what is called "Morgellons", and I have serious sores
in my nose from it. Put on a search or Youtube,-"Dr.
Russell Blaylock/chemtrails" or for "Morgellons Infection". Also, go to this video on Youtube:-
…Desiccated HUMAN BLOOD in Chemtrails (what they are spraying on us) TRUTH TV, for info on Morgellons.
With most "intelligent" people, denial over-rides intelligence. Doctors almost scoff at a patient who
wants to talk about it. There seems to be no solution.
And Gov'ts. think they are preventing global warming
which they are creating by the chemtrail metalic dome across the sky.
Here in B.C., Can. our sky is frequently fully covered
with their poisons.! HOW can mold spores reflect the sun away to prevent global warming ?! It's all madness.

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