The Nazi Banksters' Crimes - Ripple Effect

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Released: 5th of November, 2011. Muad'Dib's latest hard-hitting documentary about the innumerable crimes of the Ashke-Nazi Banksters.

From their historical origins down to their planned genocidal future, Muad'Dib tracks who THEY* are, how THEY operate, and most importantly, how to get rid of them once and for all.

Muad'Dib is calling on millions of people to peacefully surround the Houses of Parliament in London, England -- on the 5th of November, 2012 -- to clean it of corruption and treason, making it a day that present and future generations will never forget.

After being wrongfully arrested and falsely and maliciously imprisoned for making His "7/7 Ripple Effect" film and defending innocent people, Muad'Dib is back with no mercy for those who've shown none to others.

Cutting to the root of the problem, with the only solution. Come and be part of it.

* The Hierarchy Enslaving You – THEY.


If you wish to make copies of the full DVD, with all the menus and extras, you can download the full DVD ISO image (4GB download):

Smaller versions of the DVD (H.264 .mp4 and Ogg Video):

Here is a direct-download link of the full-film in the resolution that it was put up on youtube, for anyone who wants to put the film up on their own youtube account (1.6GB download):

This is a direct-download link for the full film in DivX form which fits on a CD (688MB download):


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Anonymous's picture

Are you people insane? The

Are you people insane?

The society we have created today is the most technologically advanced and most people-friendly system ever created. Ever. In the history of the world. (And I'm speaking of the United States here. England is pretty good as well.) Lets have a look at the flaws in your philosophy. First of all - you - the ruler of the world. Look into history. Has any dictatorship ever worked out, thrived, had mostly happy citizens, and not ended in disaster? No, no dictatorship has ever been successful, and it never will be. I know you are thinking, 'The people will rule with me'. Okay, let us have a look a communism and socialism. Have any of those systems ever worked out either? Lets have a look. The USSR; failed. North Korea; a cut off brainwashed country run by an insane man. I would also mention China, but it relies on pockets of free trade to maintain its economy, which deems it dependent on capitalism. Another major flaw is you don't understand human nature. If the pyramid, as you say, represents government and how it is run, it should be left incomplete. A truly perfect governmental system can only be created in a perfect world, with perfect people. This world does not exist. A utopian society is impossible to create. Once again, look into history. All attempts at these societies have failed. And I am afraid history is about to repeat itself, as it often does, because people like you do not pay attention to it, and learn from it.
Okay, lets say you succeed. Parliament is demolished. What are you left with? No government, structure, economy (for England)or any means of organized society. You would declare yourself ruler and, because people - and you are no exception - are imperfect, you would take the power for yourself. Power corrupts, which is why the United States government has divided the power between dozens of people. And it is why England has created its parliament.
I do agree with you on one thing, though. I want people who watch this video, or read this comment, to step back and think this through. And with the powers of logic and common sense with them, they will come to the conclusion that the world we have now is better than no world at all, which is what we would have if we destroy it.

Anonymous's picture

your "most people-friendly system ever" has killed about lets say sixty million people since world war 2

the United States and England have been engaged in war after war since the 1900s

100 million people in the USA are down to poverty

denying such facts is a done out of ignorance of historical facts but then again the United States and England are pretty good examples of how to brainwash their gullible citizens into believing ignorance is a virtue's picture

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constantine's picture

I saw the film 7/7 ripple

I saw the film 7/7 ripple effect recently and it is certainly a very good film.
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Maud’Dib has done a wonderful work by making the best out his life story. There is no perfect way for revenge. Thanks for sharing.

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