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Godlike Productions (http://godlikeproductions.com/) is huge forum with discussions on a wide variety of topics - very much nonsense. Psychological operations even? An interesting thing is the size of the forum, and now the fact that so much is blatantly censored. Below is the result of 20 minutes of investigative Googling. No Wikipedia page exists. I think there might have been one once.

They seem to have very quick moderators (how many?) that quickly removed all the posts, both new posts and replies to various threads, that I posted as an experiment, about the Tavistock Institute from various IP addresses.

Last updated July 9. 2007. Additions (comments) welcome.

About Us description

UFOs, Conspiracy and Lunatic Fringe - Discuss it all at Godlike Productions - "We put the FUN back in Dysfunctional!"





Lists some banned words on the forum, such as "Tavistock Insitute" , malware, spyware, adware, Jason Lucas, stanford research institute. Claims it is owned by a company called lop.com.


From http://www.freedomlist.com/forum/viewtopic....

"Jason Lucas [who graduated as a CIT Computer Programmer Specialist in 1998 (http://technology.niagarac.on.ca/retro/oldcit/students/ )? ] has caused quite a buzz by buying out a popular internet message board, godlikeproductions.com. He is posting there under the name "^TrInItY^", and bans anyone who mentions lop.com or spyware."

"This same individual has taken umbrage to some of the posts at ProxyWhoreRefuge.com, a splinter forum of ex GLP posters. Apparently he does not like th ementioning his "alias" and name together. He is initiating legal proceedings against them.
Be careful."


"GLP sucks. Read up on Tavistock, Stanford Research Institute, Jason Lucas, and C2 Media, Ltd. (who are the producers of LOP.com). This is a social engineering site where they gage the reactions of those who care to post. Not a good place to be. There are alternatives!"

An interesting read

"Why would an obscure web site like godlikeproductions become a target? Initially just by 'chance'. Then, because of two factors. The volume and increasing volume of visitors to the site, and, because of the willingness of some of its users to believe, and to spread the information even further. The fear of a 'critical mass' of dissemination. "Nip it in the bud". See? Most of the adware/spyware companies like C2 Media Ltd. and Akamai are intelligence OPs. Yes they seek a profit, but they are also valuable as selective monitoring agents. "


McAfee Siteadvisor user-reviews claim it "is notorious from planting highly sosphisticated spyware, tracking cookings, malwarwe, and is probably umong the top 500 phishing site in the country."

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Anonymous's picture

They also ban you without

They also ban you without reason for calling them out on their bigoted, backwards and islamophobic anti-muslim ways.

The staff there posts shit like "Muzzie lovers get out" on a regular basis - And the "new" admin even has a jew as his profile pic.

Just a bunch of pathetic and poorly educated zionist hasbarat shills circlejerking over there.

A complete waste of time.

Anonymous's picture

The End is Near...

Something is definitely amiss at GLP. I've been and on and off again subscriber for 2 years. Cautiously weeding through the ignorance to find the valuable nuggets of real information. Knowing from the start what GLP's end game was. I took appropriate measures to protect my information.

I can confirm there is no one sane left on that site. I'm even questioning whom if anyone is actually in charge there. They have cranked up the crazy to an entirely new level there. Systematically removing anyone with a shred of commonsense or familiarity with reality.

I too have finally been banned after questioning the reason for the recent strong arm tactics, directed toward mild mannered, respectful members, asking valid questions. Moderators have taken up a public lynch mob mentality. Seemingly recruiting members to participate in cruel bullying and banishment.

I get the feeling there are only a few people pulling the puppet strings over there. There online views and page hits are greatly exaggerated to say the least! The percentages just don't work in their favor. I've seen one or two people question the numbers and quickly be removed. As others have stated I have witnessed mods change identity within a thread to incite the participants.

One last note... I too was a paid member but never received a refund. I submitted a claim through PayPal and await a response. I definitely get the impression someone is a bit cash strapped over there. I've noticed Ghetto Monk going out of his way to post outlandish stories of his fictitious wealth. I've gotten a good giggle out it. I guess those military cutback are impacting everyone :)

Anonymous's picture

Wag the dog

GLP sounds like a Wag the Dog site. They are trying to make it so people will start a revolution but in a way that will only further the shadow government for Global Control.

Meaning they want it so if the masses uprise it will be mob rule like the French Revolution where it fell apart after people started forming *groups* fighting each other.
The French Revolution didn't really have a wise leader to help keep order with a focused goal.

This is Unlike the American Revolution led by George Washington that one cold snowy night across the Delaware river with little more then the clothes on their backs.

Most didn't even have proper shoes and some of the troops even died on the way but were proud to do so to fight the British on taxation without representation.

A lot of Congress today I bet are those British kings and queens reincarinated if I spelt that right and are seeking revenge for losing the war.

Anonymous's picture

They're trying to sponge money again

Massive bans on GLP again. Even if you've done nothing. Again. But, all you need to do is pay them some money and you can come back there.

Screw them. I'm tired of it and won't view their site anymore. Though I did find lots of good gardening tips and such there, the bs had overloaded the realistic posts.

I hope I am banned forever, I wasted way too much time there reading garbage and hate filled posts.

Anonymous's picture

I got banned to and i have no

I got banned to and i have no idea what for.
Just a bunch of losers trinity is a racist pig.

Anonymous's picture

Psychological Investigations

Psychological Investigations mention an obscure willingness to fear spy agencies. Because they have a sophisticated plan, which works against our freedom; i.e. Law Enforcement. Notice how time exposes issues that are covered-up? Believe that it is a hidden technical use of chance, something like P2 engineering, so be careful.

Anonymous's picture

I was banned as well

Twice in about a 2-3 week period.

The first time for no reason at all, and the second time for posting about a spiritual connection I had with another individual.

I have lurked there for about 8 months with no problem... it all happened as soon as I started posting.

I use correct grammar and spelling (except for the occasional typo) and was always respectful of other members.

I was thinking about subscribing, but fuck them now... especially after reading this thread and others that are similar around the web.

I'm more concerned now with how they might twist/change anything I've said, and use it against me!

Anonymous's picture


I am still banned

I typed this T /\ \/ | $ T 0 ( /< - | |\| $ T | T U T [-

Anonymous's picture

Banned for pointing out facts!

I posted telling people facts the government didnt want you to know, and all of my posts were SCRUBBED I was banned. Also after starting to post infomation and questions about media lies I started getting gang stalked even heavier than before. FACT

If I post now they insta ban the new IP I am at. So I just lurk. Anyone know a good site for

Anonymous's picture


Fuck u all at glp all r pieces of fuck fuck Obama too

Anonymous's picture

Zionist crap

I think Zionist have taken over every part of our government and media including the internet.

They are using paid shills to talk down anyone who won't agree and the bible predicted things like this by mentioning *False Christs* or something like that.

I think Bill Clinton sold the internet to the UN secretly so we won't have to pay off our debt to China as Dad was doing research back then and noticed a lot of *Christian* and anything that speaks or puts Islam in a negative view were taken down and could never access them again.

Zionists are creating a *fake* terror war.

Anonymous's picture

Didn't even get started

I had never heard of the site when I stumbled across it in Google. I clicked on the link and was told that my IP address was banned. I didn't even get to see anything on the site.
So, either they are only interested in members who want to pay to join or they have information about which other sites I have looked e.g.
Luciferians or Bilderberg.

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