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Godlike Productions (http://godlikeproductions.com/) is huge forum with discussions on a wide variety of topics - very much nonsense. Psychological operations even? An interesting thing is the size of the forum, and now the fact that so much is blatantly censored. Below is the result of 20 minutes of investigative Googling. No Wikipedia page exists. I think there might have been one once.

They seem to have very quick moderators (how many?) that quickly removed all the posts, both new posts and replies to various threads, that I posted as an experiment, about the Tavistock Institute from various IP addresses.

Last updated July 9. 2007. Additions (comments) welcome.

About Us description

UFOs, Conspiracy and Lunatic Fringe - Discuss it all at Godlike Productions - "We put the FUN back in Dysfunctional!"





Lists some banned words on the forum, such as "Tavistock Insitute" , malware, spyware, adware, Jason Lucas, stanford research institute. Claims it is owned by a company called lop.com.


From http://www.freedomlist.com/forum/viewtopic....

"Jason Lucas [who graduated as a CIT Computer Programmer Specialist in 1998 (http://technology.niagarac.on.ca/retro/oldcit/students/ )? ] has caused quite a buzz by buying out a popular internet message board, godlikeproductions.com. He is posting there under the name "^TrInItY^", and bans anyone who mentions lop.com or spyware."

"This same individual has taken umbrage to some of the posts at ProxyWhoreRefuge.com, a splinter forum of ex GLP posters. Apparently he does not like th ementioning his "alias" and name together. He is initiating legal proceedings against them.
Be careful."


"GLP sucks. Read up on Tavistock, Stanford Research Institute, Jason Lucas, and C2 Media, Ltd. (who are the producers of LOP.com). This is a social engineering site where they gage the reactions of those who care to post. Not a good place to be. There are alternatives!"

An interesting read

"Why would an obscure web site like godlikeproductions become a target? Initially just by 'chance'. Then, because of two factors. The volume and increasing volume of visitors to the site, and, because of the willingness of some of its users to believe, and to spread the information even further. The fear of a 'critical mass' of dissemination. "Nip it in the bud". See? Most of the adware/spyware companies like C2 Media Ltd. and Akamai are intelligence OPs. Yes they seek a profit, but they are also valuable as selective monitoring agents. "


McAfee Siteadvisor user-reviews claim it "is notorious from planting highly sosphisticated spyware, tracking cookings, malwarwe, and is probably umong the top 500 phishing site in the country."

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Yes they are a government run site. I would stay VERY far away from them. Several top ranking people, who have no desire to serve the PTB have started their own site at


It is free and we welcome any and all who would like to join. Its a survival site that will be worth its weight in gold for when the shit does hit the fan...

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2nd ban GLP

I was banned from glp several weeks ago for 14 days. Why, I have no clue.

Now today I am banned again this time from viewing the website.

I know why this time. I posted in trinity thread about the 20 inch telescopes view of the moon. They have a video posted on some video website that they videoed the moon out of their 20 inch telescope and I noticed the video was upside down since the shadows weren't right.

I point this out and than write are you funded by nasa and BOOM, banned from the website.

I found a couple years ago glp assigned tracking beacons to viewers on the site. I was one of them. I had just come across the website after having trouble with tracking beacons on - a t s - when logged in. I than found the same tracking on amkon website forum.

The three are watched by the three letter spy gang and banning is practiced heavely by the three.

I'd like to point out a common finding to all this. The number 3.

Need I tell you more or do you get it.

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The ban is still active it seems...

So I only learned of GLP recently, and I also learned about it's own consipracy even more recently!

I decided to test it out for myself a moment ago, mainly because Trinity posted up a thread asking why his threads piss people off ;D I took that as a challenge and posted something about Tavistock Institute being a potential cause of people's pissed-ness with him.

The post didn't even make it onto the board. I then had all of 30 seconds before the ban kicked in. I was half expecting it all to be bollocks, but the fact I got banned and the post didn't even make it onto the board would suggest its information Trinity would rather not be shared on his forum.

I'd no doubt better reinstall windows and get a new IP address now ;D

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me too.

I was banned yesterday, and I know why. I wish I had thought to get a screen shot of the thread i started.
It all started when trinity began a thread stating that in his opinion all overweight people on food stamps should have their stamps revoked immediately and be forced to live off their own body fat. I was floored to hear something like that coming from a mod. I had been to the site off and on for a long time, but had only signed up for an account within the last month. There were always some good threads to watch, breaking things you dont get in the real media. But i also noticed a very high volume of very strange people - people that seemed to be so deep in conspiracy theory that nothing can reach them. You could even debunk their theories or vids of ufo's that were really just birds, or hoaxes, even show them vids where their proof was taken apart frame by frame and debunked, and they still clung to them. Feircely! I began to wonder even before my ban if they werent all getting some sort of brainwashing there. I was starting to get a bit tired of it. There are only so many times i can be told Jesus lives on a spaceship called the capricorn adn works in utah...
so back to this food stamp thread, I argued my point, and trinity kept posting worse and worse stuff, a few swear words in there too, along with what I assume were either shills or brainwashed trinity obsessed followers. Sometimes i noticed trinity was replying to his own thread as anonymous...it was obviously him, as he would make references to things he had said a few posts ago that were posted by his trinity account. Then someone put a small post in the midst of it all about banning, and tavistock. He didnt say tavistock, just typed out the alpha tango foxtrot version, and said he would be banned for it. I decided at that point to investigate, and a google search led me to what you all have pointed out. so i made a thread about how freedom of speech was dead at GLP. and was instantly banned. a few shills came on right away with one line comments, insults, but then i was banned - cant even view the site at all.
i think it is an evil site, i think they are using it to track trouble makers, and i believe they are playing mind games with people.

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I was banned from GLP

I was banned from GLP yesterday for doing a user search on Phoenix2012, he is banned too now apparently, his profile no longer exists.

anonymous's picture

Got Banned After One Post

Some of the people there nice but it's most definitely a Psy Op. I would recommend staying as far away from it as possible.

Merlin's picture

I was banned also even from

I was banned also even from viewing the site

Who cares? It's just for entertainment value for me

I played mind games on them and I'm sure they didn't understand my personality traits.

I was a good actor

Just reverse roles and play mind control games with them

Anonymous's picture

I got banned because i gave

I got banned because i gave my opinion on his new toy, banning people and charge $10 a month to get unbanned. If only 20.000 of his followers accept this shit this lunatic will receive $200000 a month. I got attacked on my post by his own mods being undercover as AC's.

Anonymous's picture

Does GLP ban in order to make money?

Banning from godlikeproductions in order to raise funds?
I was banned from posting on the 22/7/2011 allegedly as part of an ISP wide ban, I emailed asking if I had done anything wrong and received a standard pre-formatted response. Then I was further banned from viewing on the 28th and received this reply to my query: "However if you believe that you are not the perpetrator of the act mentioned in the preceding paragraph of this reply, you may register for an upgraded membership and bypass this range ban. Upgraded members are immune from automatic and large range IP bans"
I had done nothing wrong and now I need to pay to be unbanned?
Now today I see that there is a "Ban Amnesty" in effect where for 24 hours all banned members have the opportunity to purchase an upgraded account that is immune from these wide ranging bans.
^TrInItY^s Post:
24 Hour Ban Amnesty Starts Now - If You've Been Banned You Should Upgrade Your Account Now If You Want Back In
Suggest Unpin Quote [+]

I'm lifting all bans for 24 hours to give the people caught up in the ISP range bans a chance to upgrade their accounts so they can bypass the bans...

You need to signup for a free account first THEN upgrade that account while logged in...



So if you are getting caught up in NO VIEW ISP BANS then you should probably upgrade your account if you want to keep using this site..

I really don't give a shit about the traffic loss from ISP bans

This site is here for the FEW not the MANY

It's growing too big and I have NO MERCY on banning these fucks

Sorry if you've been caught up in a ban but that's the way it is

This isn't facebook


-- carry on

oh and if you don't know how to upgrade you need to login to your regular free account then hit the "upgrade account" link on the left members menu or use the donate button at the top

make sure you are logged into your free account when you upgrade so it credits you properly

It's only $10 a month to have an upgraded account here...

If you don't have a free account you can make one here:

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]


Last Edited by ^TrInItY^ on 7/28/2011 1:12 PM
Few will listen,
Of the few who listen, fewer still will understand,
Understanding does not mean believe,
Of the handful who believe, most may not know what to do,
Those who even know, how many will actually do ?
And the rare ones who have done it.......
Need not listen to you anymore.

Anonymous's picture

Used to visit regularly.

Used to visit regularly. Banned now, can't even view the site.

But my advice would be to stay away as well. Around the time I discovered the site, my laptop started acting very strangely. Unknown files started showing up, I had random slowdowns, and strangest of all, I think my email account, browser, and webcam were hacked somehow.

I was reading a bunch of MK Ultra/mind control articles one night after viewing GLP when I came across some very strange pages which appeared to be gibberish at first, just random text and pictures. I thought they were ads or search keywords at first, but there were no links to anything being sold, or any other sites for that matter. Each link just opened more random pages.

When I started examining the pages I realized there were a lot of phrases that seemed to reveal personal information about myself and my family. Some even described the room I was in and some things I have sent in email and chat messages. I even showed my roommates to see what they thought and they agreed something was definitely up.

The next morning the pages were gone. I'd bookmarked them, but when I tried to visit them again, I just got a big warning message saying that spyware was being downloaded.

I have no idea what to make of it but my privacy was definitely invaded and I can't help but wonder if GLP was somehow responsible due to the reports I've read from others.

Anonymous's picture

the real reason for the latest bans isp wide

Its because trinity created the telescope project and said he was going to spend 15,000 dollars and the all the posters said what a great idea and so he upped the project to 250,000 dollars because all the posters said they donate money for it. As if you would be dumb enough to spend quarter of a million of your own cash on a project because stupid idiots who post on a web site will help pay you back Hahahahaha what a total idiotic moron, anyway he put the post up that now was the time to pay the cash for the telescopes and he got like 10,000 back in a month Hahahahahaha moron, so now he wants the money all the posters said they would pay so the only way he can get it is to ban all ISPs and use extortion to get people to become paying members to bypass the ISP bans. Yes thats right your banned unless you pay 10,00 dollars per month to bypass the ban, thats straight and total extortion for a stupid idea of asking faceless people you dont know to pay money for something. Anyway im not paying the fool a cent and i hope everyone else is to smart to pay.

haha banned AC whom wont pay

Anonymous's picture

Jason Lucas sucks hairy

Jason Lucas sucks hairy sweaty balls

Anonymous's picture


i got banned from glp for being a stalker but i only view the forums and thats it, so i sent an unban request and guess what it was denies "to protect the "safety" of this site" bullsh!t i was just banned so jason lucas can make money.

Anonymous's picture

I got banned back when he

I got banned back when he started asking for donations for his telescope project. I posted that it was a fucking scam and boom! banned. I cant believe people actually send him money or pay to be a member.

Anonymous's picture

I am starting an anti-GLP

I am starting an anti-GLP forum that where I hope to disclose the true goings-on at GLP and the TRUE state of the nation - would anyone here like to help get it started - the forum is up TheUSAToday.us - let me know.

bill [at] webuytosell [dot] com

Glenn Danzig's picture

^TrInItY^,aka Jason Lucas is

^TrInItY^,aka Jason Lucas is a fucking piece of shit! i've been banned for no reason at all,most likely because i haven't donated or given any money to his "telescope project".Fuck that fearmongering lying money grubbing jagoff and all the moran sheep that give their money!


You are currently logged in through a free account, ******* You may upgrade your account now to get immunity from bans and to continue to browse the site.

Thank you for not stalking!

WARNING: Obsessive Compulsive IP resetting with the intention of avoiding bans on this website
and harass our users will result in your ISP being contacted and loss of your Internet service for abuse.

We sometimes have to ban entire ISPs because of attacks on this website...

If you have been inadvertently caught up in one of these bans please accept our apologies.
Please fill out the form below and we will look into it as soon as possible.

If you need help you can email bans [at] godlikeproductions [dot] com but filling out the form is likely to get your request looked at faster.

Request Unban Your email:

Why should we unban you?

Anonymous's picture


I've been lurking this site for a couple of weeks now and despite most of it being absolute bullshit i found some interesting people and post on there so i decided to get involved... It took only 48 hours before they banned me.

The reason the site give me is this one;

"WARNING: Obsessive Compulsive IP resetting with the intention of avoiding bans on this website
and harass our users will result in your ISP being contacted and loss of your Internet service for abuse."

It's pure bullshit, i've never change my IP in the two days i post on GLP.

An interesting facts about the site;

According to google trends it's one of the favorite site of the users of Stormfront.org... The most notorious neo-nazi/racist/white nationalist website on the web. From what i've read on GLP it's not surprising at all...

Anonymous's picture

I got banned for posting a

I got banned for posting a thread entitled: is it the chicken or the egg.

The idea of the thread was that, perhaps, the PTB are using media/entertainment to "plant" ideas into the corporate consciousness....in order to manipulate the future toward a desired outcome.

I gave two examples: UFO phenomon, major phenomenon didn't start until after the media/entertainment industry started planting seeds in corporate consciousness..

And two, in theological circles, "end times" phenonomon, seeds planted through books/theology/movies, end result being one world currency, gov. etc.

It wasn't an auto ban, b/c my thread was viewed seven times, and then it was deleted. Then, boom! Ban.

Several of my other threads were deleted as well, one thread suggested that whoever started the "tard" trend was a psyop agent.

Anonymous's picture

I was banned for posting

I was banned for posting about the Armeggedon Conspiracy ( www.armageddonconspiracy.co.uk ) and am now unable to even view the site.

Anonymous's picture

Hello, i just felt that


i just felt that something is not right with that site, so i posted:

"the head of this project may appear to be this or that, but nobody knows him inside out. so just beware"

and got banned just for that, nothing specifically mentioned.
what those fools don't understand is the fact that if they ban someone for using specific words or meaning they only reveal themselves and shows that THERE IS SOMETHING THAT THEY DON'T WANT OTHERS TO KNOW.

And by the way, everyone just magically forgot about GLP telescope, they gathered a lot of money, no news on telescope :D

Anonymous's picture


GLP is now banning paid members. Accusations of various kinds against the paid members, but not offering any proof of the accusations. They seem to be bent on taking out the strongest posters for some reason. All the while, they are using the ban page to get new suckers to pay them for membership.

Don't do it. Theft, pure and simple.

Anonymous's picture

Yes, I can confirm this.

Very strange. I had an upgraded account and when I logged in it was downgraded. (??). Then I tried to post something interesting and was immediately banned.

This was the post (lengthy sorry.)

Fed up with the wars and injustice? Renounce your citizenship and become a World Citizen (The Incredible Garry Davis Story)

Not to be confused with "The New World Order".

Who is Garry Davis and what does he want?

Simple. He wants humans to be citizens of the world and not part of nations. He wants to end all wars and poverty and unite mankind.
And he wants you to join him.

A former Broadway actor, after serving in the US Air Force during WWII as a B-17 bomber pilot, he renounced his American citizenship in Paris in 1948 to become a "citizen of the world." Davis interrupted a session of the United Nations General Assembly on 22 November 1948 calling for "one government for one world". He founded the International Registry of World Citizens in Paris in January 1949 which registered over 750,000 individuals. On 4 September 1953 Davis declared the World Government of World Citizens from the city hall of Ellsworth, Maine, based on fundamental human rights. He then formed the World Service Authority in 1954 as the government's executive and administrative agency, which now issues the passports - along with birth and other certificates - to applicants. Davis first used his "world passport" on a trip to India in 1956, and has been variably admitted into countries around the world using his world passport. Over 180 countries have accepted the world passport at one time or another.[2] In France, his support committee was co-founded by writers Albert Camus and André Gide and the Abbé Pierre as well as Robert Sarrazac, a former leader of the French Résistance who joined Garry in founding the World Cities movement Mundialization.

Source: wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/Garry_Davis

An excerpt of his words, taken from what is now known as The Ellsworth Declaration:

once more I find it necessary to speak in public knowing full well the dangers just mentioned. I may confuse as much as clarify: the press may mock or cry publicity-seekers, or merely ignore; and again I may reveal my limitations in not embracing the full subject. But it is necessary first of all because I find myself in my homeland, America, and in fact in the very seat of my birth, Hancock County, in very unusual circumstances, and I want those about me, my fellow Americans, to know what I am about; exactly what these circumstances are, and what I intend to do about them; and secondly, I feel a duty and responsibility to my many friends in Europe and throughout the world who have supported me in the past and shown me their hearts and minds with openness and deep conviction, a duty which I have not always fulfilled and a responsibility which I have not always accepted, but which tonight I will try to fulfill and accept to the full measure of my ability.
what about the United Nations? Isn't that set up to do the coordinating job, to be the brain of humanity? The answer of course, divorced of sentiment and ideals, is implicit in the actions of the very nations which are members of the U.N. Behind the inspiring ideals, the noble convictions, and imposing facade, and discounting the paralyzed specialized agencies set up to deal with real human problems, or the educational aspects, the United Nations is merely a meeting place for the representatives of some, not all of the nationstates to try to win world public opinion for their particular interests. As such, it is an effective smokescreen behind which the most powerful nations carry on their absolute nationalistic policies. In short, it is neither united, nor is it inclusive.
In personal revolt against nationalism to which I no longer wanted to contribute, and against raw competition with my fellowmen which I didn't understand and wasn't trained for, I went to Paris in May of 1948, and on the 25th of that month, before a U.S. Vice-Consul in the Embassy on the Champs Elysee, I took the formal oath of renunciation of my national citizenship, which is allowed by the Nationality Act of 1940. I did not deny being an American, which was an inherent part of me anyway, but I declared what I truly was in a larger worldly sense: . . .I claimed to be a world citizen.
Directly after my renunciation, my learning about these things began. The little clerk at the French police station had fifteen stamps in front of her, and nowhere to use them when I presented myself at her desk. She couldn't handle an ex-U.S. citizen who called himself a world citizen, born in America, yet residing in France, and without papers of any kind. That situation was in no lawbook or regulations manual she knew of. Legally I was outside the framework of the sovereign state of France. But physically I was inside. I had committed no crime or harmed anyone. My interests were purely humanitarian, positive, and outgoing, yet, being outside the law, I was considered a criminal for merely existing and subject to imprisonment. Such is the extraordinary position of a man caught in the lawless area outside of national sovereignty. Such also is the position that each powerful nation finds itself in in regard to other nations. It becomes suspect by another nation simply because there is no legal control of its actions by the other nation. By stepping outside the control of any nation-state, I discovered gradually that I had actually become sovereign in much the same way. And so I was suspect by that frustrated civil servant and by every government official I came up against thereafter.
In short, we must personally, each one of us, recognize ourselves as individually sovereign, that is, a world unto ourselves, an authority, sure, capable, self-motivated, self-contained, and self- governed, a full awareness of that part of us which is conscience and its servant reason. Let us realize fully that each one of us throughout the world, endowed with this very same conscience which links us all to the same Spirit or Origin, and reason, which links us all to each other, is in real fact then a world sovereign, and as such stands whole and free in the one community of men, above nations, sectional prides, narrow prejudices and jealousies, a World Patriot.

Full text here: worldgovernment(dot)org/ells.html

"The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government..."
.............................Article 21(3), Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Short Biography of Garry Davis:

World Citizen Government as explained by Garry Davis: (video 06:38 minutes )

For more information: worldgovernment(dot)org/index.html?s=1
This contains archives and FAQ as well.

The World passport issued by WSA has already been recognised by 150 nations.
Source: worldgovernment(dot)org/wcwfaq.html?s=1#35

So. There you go.

There is an alternative.

fairflight's picture

I confirm this as well! I am

I confirm this as well!

I am a paid member through the end of this month, October.
It is only the 3rd.

Trinity had poated a super pin thread threatening anyone initiating a rebellion. Not sure who or what he was speaking to but I simply asked Trinity what his thoughts were about "The Declaration of Independence" and quoted a portion of it as follows:

" That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

About 5 minutes later I was banned, even though I am a paid member and have never been rude or disrespectful to anyone on the site. I have always been peaceable but strong in my convictions of God and country.

The sights ban page does not forward the request for an unban therefore I cannot get a reply as to why, as a paid member, I have been banned.

Messed up, that site is!

Anonymous's picture

A little bit of poetry for GLP :)

Here is something I've made up, for posting on GLP.
It should be read from top to bottom.
Tell me what you think... is it too obvious?

The end is near.
Rest assured.
In a few months you will see for yourself.
No one will be passed.
Infidels, heretics and traitors; all in the same boat.
Truth seekers are seeing the signs, no doubt in their hearts:
Yes, it is indeed xtraordinary times we live in.

Ignorance, intolerance, enemies of evolution.
Superficiality, plastic idols - what are they worth to you?

Jew, christian, moslem, hindu - do you need the division?
All have been invited, into the kingdom of heaven.
Show yourself.
Open your heart.
Now is the time.

Look beyond the surface, it goes deeper than you think.
Untie the knots, they are already loose.
Come together, as they sing, right now.
Aborigins, indians, from north and south - they know the answer.
Stranger than fiction, you may think - thoug it's not!

Swim for your life, as fast as you can.
Hesitation will kill you.
Rescue is on it's way.

Indifference, insufficiency - all belong to the past.
Such is the nature of your journey.

Answer the call.
Listen with your heart.
Expect the unexpected.
Xtra terrestrials are on their way.

Side by side - he, she, you and me.
Have you all forgotten, how it used to be?
Another earth, another time?
Maybe it's alreay here?
Ask yourself:
Should I believe?
Have faith, the messenger is here.

Anonymous's picture

glp banned

Just banned and can't view the site. I got the typical ISP banned bs memo. That I could upgrade for $$. Filled out the little unban request and got "Denied".

I went thru my security history and noticed that I was getting some interesting medium level threats at the times when on glp.

Anyway it's probably just as you say...glp phishing for money. BUBYE glp - no man is god.

Anonymous's picture

GLP Truth - Been on GLP for about a year.

GodlikeProductions is a piece of fucking shit.

Trinity is a faggot. A huge faggot. You should look at his posts carefully.

He posts in a state of panic. Stupid fag.

I deleted my account from that dump. It's nothing but a waste of time. The "prophecies" never happen and there is a lot of fear mongering on there.

As for news. I'm pretty sure there are MUCH BETTER sites than that Government dump.

I'll let you all on a secret about that "Karma System"

That Karma System is used as a peer pressure experiment. Jason Lucas or Trinity is inducing the "Tavistock Method" (google it) onto users of GLP. A form of mind control.

You gain positive karma for REPORTING attacks on GLP. Another way to filter out the truth and keep members silenced with their petty gifts. Its also a whole another level of nonsense.

I found it funny when he introduced the Karma System. He said "Karma System will be up in a few days." Guess what. It was up in the next hour.

GLP has been around for a long time and why the "Karma System"

I watched behind the scenes. I woke up to this madness.

Then Jason Lucas started to bug out when someone from the Department of Homeland Security started posting on there.

How to become a Moderator on GLP? Simple.
Jason Lucas wants your driver's license. (WHY?)

I even gave Jason Lucas a new name. ^TrAnItY^

For those who are curious about GLP. Stay away. Government experiment.

Anonymous's picture

Banned tonight with paid acct.

I got banned for not agreeing with Trinity on his post re: Wall St. protesters and I assume for asking why he was deleting posts in his thread.

First it said I was using an unpaid account. Next thing I know, I'm getting a full refund of my money from them via paypal.

There is something seriously wrong with that place and the people who run it.

fairflight's picture

Me too! I posted this above

Me too! I posted this above as a reply to another post!

I confirm this as well!

I am a paid member through the end of this month, October.
It is only the 3rd.

Trinity had poated a super pin thread threatening anyone initiating a rebellion. Not sure who or what he was speaking to but I simply asked Trinity what his thoughts were about "The Declaration of Independence" and quoted a portion of it as follows:

" That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

About 5 minutes later I was banned, even though I am a paid member and have never been rude or disrespectful to anyone on the site. I have always been peaceable but strong in my convictions of God and country.

The sights ban page does not forward the request for an unban therefore I cannot get a reply as to why, as a paid member, I have been banned.

Messed up, that site is!

Anonymous's picture

Yes, this is true, it won't

Yes, this is true, it won't forward my request for an unban either. I suspect it's because we "questioned" the big man Trinity over there.

Well, it's their loss and I was going to cancel my pd. membership anyway, there's nothing there worth paying for. It's just a bunch of people talking on a message board like millions of others online.

They're nothing special, quantity doesn't mean quality when it comes to posters and especially moderators. It's obvious that Trinity and his band of ass licking mods have other things in mind than putting out any truth. I am reading Dr. John Coleman's book re: Tavistock and the people equating GLP's methods with Tavistock are right on.

We're better off not posting there anyway.

Anonymous's picture

Well JL has either been

Well JL has either been co-opted or something happened in his personal life to go complete facist, as he'd been racist for the last few years. Now it's name calling and bans if your not in to the hate mongering and encouraging the status quo. I wrote a good bye and got banned, lol. All the anger in the comment section here over the bans shows how much sway the site can have over a person, when it's pretty much been useless over the last year. I think it may have been bought out by an NSA type back when he wanted to sell, and the observatory has a much more sinister function. The post about the cam pics makes me want to sell the iPad and open up my Dell and find the cam and mic circuits in it and put a switch in or disable them, yuk. It's too bad it used to have the news a week before the news if it even made it to he news.... There were a lot of good garden threads and saving money threads.... All reduced to hate or censorship.

Anonymous's picture

got banned too

I got banned for posting a question to Trinity about his topic re. the wall street demonstration.

I was just asking about the people in Lybia, Egypt, Tunesia, etc.. who marched up to got free from dictatorship.
The reaction was immediate : baned !! and no way to communicate and explain. I tried to access GLB on my mobile phone but I was also banned, so I think : everybody is banned.

I think you're right people this is ruled by may be military or administration, and now they have some "fever" seeing the people waking up and refusing this money ruled world, especially the topic about wall street demonstation is sensible.
Also I remember the reaction of Trinity when the H1N1 flu started, he was very anxious and strongly willing to take the shoot. I mean somebody ruling a conspiracy forum must be widely aware of all the deceptions the people are subjected and should be more suspicious about a lot of things, and not rushing headlong in the trap of the vaccine.

Anonymous's picture

Do not use that site. It is

Do not use that site. It is CIA and the owner is a common criminal. He has stolen ten, if not, hundreds off thousand dollars from his uses. For instance, the telescope project.

Use at your own risk, but you have been warned.

Come get me Trinity if you dare, I got the evidence against you.

Also banned's picture

I was also banned recently,

I was also banned recently, for the third time. The other times I simply requested why, they told me (once for using a url shortener, once for 'language' which is kind of funny). This time they simply said no, I can no longer view the site at all.

However, I can easily change my IP address on my ISP, so I did so. I still went to the ban page. My first thought was they put a cookie on my browser. I also use an ad blocker plugin (Chrome), but it appears they can get around it sometimes now. I also recall a poll about clicking on ads, to which I replied I never click on an ad, and it was shortly afterwards I got banned. My theory is that Trinity is taking all people that won't sign up for a paid subscription, and that also won't click on an ad and block them, and banning them.

So, next day I changed my IP again, and used a different browser, and lo and behold, it worked, I could browse the site. I just browsed a little bit, never posted anything. The following day I went back, again different browser without ad blocker, and bam! Banned. It's worth noting here that these IP addresses are on different subnets.

The only explanation for the above is either they've banned the entire ISP, or they've placed some sort of trojan on my PC. I'm going to change my IP again and use a tablet I have instead of the computer to see what happens.

It's not like I care that much, actually. I know they're a psyop. And actually, I was probably wasting too much time there, so they're probably doing me a favour by banning me. I do find the site interesting, and it's so busy that there's fresh posts and new info there almost every minute, but really it's like a bad addictive drug, so I'm happy to kick it.

I'm just curious if they're fucking with my computer or not. I assume they are, Jason Lucas was involved with just that sort of thing before GLP.

Anonymous's picture

That place is DEFINITELY a

That place is DEFINITELY a government operation. I'm not sure what is being done but its some kind of psychological testing or other test. That pay money thing for an avatar? Makes no sense. The gov doesnt need your money like that. This is more like an obedience and showing you are "willing" to pay a fee or do something to be a member of something. It shows the intent of individuals. I am surprised no one else is mentioning their Goverment Level Proxy rejection. That should be a big tip off. What do I mean? The fact they can block 95+ percent of proxies out there. But they are just an innocent ole conspiracy forum begging for 10 dollars a month for an avatar. Right. The shills post strange threads and comments with elements maybe relating to your life that you will recognize and be like "what the hell?". As others point out they let you know all the time that they know all about you with the bizarre subliminal threads/post around you while your on the site...and OTHER top conspiracy sites... The reason that place is so addictive is because they release real alphabet agency intel 24 hours a day. People want that news feed just like crack. In return they are profiling your individual responses. Now think about drug studies in medicine. They dont allow just anyone to be in the test and be doing anything else it taints their results. Now think about GLPs gov level proxy rejection and notice the similarity.

theEaglehaslanded's picture

Your comments on GLP is quite

Your comments on GLP is quite credible and logical, and I believe many organizations are suspect as well as many conspiracy websites are tainted by infiltraters.

Anonymous's picture

You know I got banned around

You know I got banned around October of 2011,...did not know why. Definitely because of my opinions on Wall Street protests. Just got banned again, for getting upset at "perseus7" for playing mind games. I think...Anyway spent the last 3 hours researching this GLP. Won't miss it. Asked for an unban, denied, asked for another one...Sorta not really, it was an opportunity to throw their truth in their face ; )


Anonymous's picture


post anything with TAVISTOCK in it and you are instantly banned. hmmmm. GodlikeProductions is a phisher of men.
Run away unless you want psychos in your pants.

Anonymous's picture

I was banned AGAIN JUST NOW

Some time months and months back, I began posting on Godlike productions again, after a hiatus of about 7 years or so.

I was happily catching up on the shit, and then, about a month in, I was at a public library, and got the first ban. Then, later, at another library, I got that same IP banning ban screen up again. It seemed for no reason, and said, 'tell us why we should unban you", and thought, f@#k you, I won't give you my email address, its your loss'.

Unfortunately, the many people who are very good and post on there are also losing many other people's inputs which would help them figure things out. I know it is because they do not like what I sometimes post but there are a lot more people with similar views who are not banned. And in banning me, they also make it impossible for all the thousands of peopl who also use the library to access the GLP discussion forum AT ALL!

So MANY people I tell about GLP to cannot access it now. And of course, I tell them not to use their home computer for obvious reasons! lol

So today, there is a thread 6/16/12 called: im depressed now...thx glp...

and I wrote a reply ...
more commenters also wrote replies.
I went back to that, after reading some more headlines, and saw and responded with a more helpful and detailed (not long at all though, only 3 short paragraphs maybe) and got the ban screen when I tried to send it! The first reply I had made, as always, had gotten me temporarily banned for a period of about a half-hour to an hour; I do other things during that time down, when even accessing the site is forbidden/blocked; then, usually it lets me see it again.

When I made a followup comment to a person who responded to mine, they would not allow the helpful information, and appreciative reply I made, to go thru!

Damn! Those weird assholes. don't they have anything better to do, than to spy on good people and ban them from talking to others about important subjects such as the condition of the world, and the lies that come from our leaders?

theEaglehaslanded's picture

GLP Banned me

I was banned the second day after joining GLP. I was curious to find out what happens when the name Tavistock is entered into the forum and instantly I was banned and my internet address was presented on the screen. Hmmm, what is it about Tavistock and committee of 300 that GLP is so protective, that a harmless mention results in immediate censorship and banning?

musicadi's picture

Was banned from this site

Was banned from this site after posting a number of replies and starting a thread advocation for PEACE and telling people how hypocrite they are for attacking Muslims over this whole psy-op involving the Mohamed-mocking idiotic film.

I did use some harsh words and wrote with pathos, but nothing anyone else didn't use. So it seems that I was banned simply because I was spreading "peace" and the idea of peace, the idea of humans GETTING ALONG and stopping to hurt each other. The idea that all this is simply a psy-op that is used to cause war and that everyone is falling for it... ONCE AGAIN.

So yes, start to get people to think out of the box, start opening people's eyes and you will get banned from the "conspiracy forum" (LOL what a joke) called godlikeproductions!

musicadi's picture

Oh and besides, all those

Oh and besides, all those "attacking" me for "defending" Muslims were talking about how the maker of the movies used his right for "freedom of speech" LOL

Leland 's picture


Fuck u all at glp all r pieces of fuck fuck Obama too

Anonymous's picture

Zionist crap

I think Zionist have taken over every part of our government and media including the internet.

They are using paid shills to talk down anyone who won't agree and the bible predicted things like this by mentioning *False Christs* or something like that.

I think Bill Clinton sold the internet to the UN secretly so we won't have to pay off our debt to China as Dad was doing research back then and noticed a lot of *Christian* and anything that speaks or puts Islam in a negative view were taken down and could never access them again.

Zionists are creating a *fake* terror war.

Anonymous's picture

Didn't even get started

I had never heard of the site when I stumbled across it in Google. I clicked on the link and was told that my IP address was banned. I didn't even get to see anything on the site.
So, either they are only interested in members who want to pay to join or they have information about which other sites I have looked e.g.
Luciferians or Bilderberg.

E's picture


Anytime I typed "So Long and Thanks For the Fish" I was banned within minutes on GLP. Don't have a clue why that is.
That phrase comes from the book.......A Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe.

Anonymous's picture

banned too

I am also sick of their bans. Even when I paid I got banned.

I started looking for a new place and found doom junkie dot com. They don't seem to be ban happy there.

Anonymous's picture

Banned From GLP

I was an upgraded member and was banned on the spot yesterday for posting that Joe Bidens Illuminati son died and that no blood ritual could save him.

They are a government operation of disinfo, they push racism big time, but you cant speak badly about the elite. Anyway most of the threads on there belong on facebook or GMG, then there is all of the trolling by AC's to spam the board (now I get why). F GLP

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