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GM Crops Failing In The Fields And Harming Farmers And The Environment

Friends of the Earth Europe and Greenpeace

A new study published today by Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace demonstrates that the growing of GM crops in Spain is causing contamination of organic crops, producing low yields and its benefits are grossly overstated. The report is also highly critical of the Spanish Government for failing to properly control or monitor the situation. [1]

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GM Quotes

* Dr. George Wald
Nobel Laureate in Medicine (or Physiology) 1967
Higgins Professor of Biology, Harvard University.

Recombinant DNA technology [genetic engineering] faces our society with problems unprecedented not only in the history of science, but of life on the Earth. It places in human hands the capacity to redesign living organisms, the products of some three billion years of evolution." " Such intervention must not be confused with previous intrusions upon the natural order of living organisms; animal and plant breeding, for example; or the artificial induction of mutations, as with X-rays.

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Race To Control Human Life Via Genetic Patents Exploding

The race for commercial control over the essence of life is threatening to spiral out of control with private firms, universities and charities claiming exclusive development rights over natural processes in the human body at the rate of 34,500 a month. For the first time, research commissioned by the Guardian reveals the awesome scale of the gene rush, as investors, scientists, entrepreneurs and lawyers use powerful new technology and obscure new laws to isolate and patent the genes which make us what we are - before they even understand what the genes do.

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A Biological Apocalypse Averted (For Now)

The Food Revolution
(Excerpt) By John Robbins

These [*genetically engineered] products are absolutely safe. For the most part you wouldn't know [if you were eating them] but the point being that you wouldn't need to know. - Bryan Hurley, Monsanto spokesperson

There is a great deal of controversy about the safety of genetically engineered foods. Advocates of biotechnology often say that the risks are overblown. "There have been 25,000 trials of genetically modified crops in the world, now, and not a single incident, or anything dangerous in these releases," said a spokesman for Adventa Holdings, a UK biotech firm.

During the 2000 presidential campaign, then-candidate George W. Bush said that "study after study has shown no evidence of danger." And *Clinton Administration Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman said that "test after rigorous scientific test" had proven the safety of genetically engineered products.


Is this the case? Unfortunately not, according to a senior researcher from the Union of Concerned Scientists, Dr. Jane Rissler. With a Ph.D. in plant pathology, four years of shaping biotechnology regulations at the EPA, she is one of the nation's leading authorities on the environmental risks of genetically engineered foods. Dr. Rissler has been closely monitoring the trials and studies.

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Monsanto & Mad Cow

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5. 2001 Mark Purdey, the very bright British farmer who claims mad cow disease is really caused by the insecticide Phosmet, has had some trouble. His house was burned down. Corporate Watch magazine (issue 12) reports that his barn suddenly collapsed and his library of med/science materials was damaged. Purdey was shot at. His phone lines were cut. Purdey went to court to defend his right not to give his cows Phosmet. His lawyer, who won the case, died in a car crash. Purdey's veterinarian, who claimed Purdey had perhaps found a clue to mad cow disease, also died in a car accident.

Phosmet is spread on the spines of cows to eradicate a pest. It is manufactured by Zeneca Corp., a spinoff of the Brit chem giant Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). ICI was originally founded out of the famous explosives firm, Nobel. ICI was one of those big companies which was involved with the Nazi cartel IG Farben. Zeneca makes the cancer drug Tamoxifen, which has been linked to ovarian cancer.

Not a pretty picture. Phosmet, which is an organophosphate compound, comes out of a long line of research on nerve gas. IG Farben pioneered that research long ago.

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GM bug 'could end all life'

All life on Earth could be destroyed by genetically modified bacteria, a scientist has told the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification.

Four scientists gave evidence for the Green Party at the hearing this week via video link from the United States. Soil ecologist Elaine Ingham spoke about a plant-killing GM bacteria that her Oregon State University research team prevented from being released into the environment. Dr Ingham said the alcohol-producing bacteria had been approved for field trials when her team discovered its lethal effects.

She believed the widespread plant deaths caused by the bacteria would in turn affect all life on Earth. The GM klebsiella planticola produced alcohol from post-harvest crop residue. The leftover organic sludge, containing the bacteria, would be returned to fields as fertiliser.

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Monsanto Vs Percy Schmeiser - A Crushing Blow To Farmers' Rights

On March 29, 2001, a Canadian judge dealt a crushing blow to Farmers' Rights by ruling that Percy Schmeiser, a third generation Saskatchewan farmer, must pay Monsanto thousands of dollars for violating the corporation's monopoly patent on genetically engineered (GE) canola seed.

Under Canadian patent law, as in the U. S. and many other industrialized countries, it is illegal for farmers to re-use patented seed, or to grow Monsanto's GE seed without signing a licensing agreement. If the biotechnology corporations and U. S. Trade Reps get their way, every nation in the world will be forced to adopt patent laws that make seed saving illegal. The ruling against Schmeiser establishes an even more dangerous precedent because it means that farmers can be forced to pay royalties on GE seeds found on their land, even if they didn't buy the seeds or benefit fromthem.

Deuteronomy 4:2 Ye shall not ADD unto the word which I command you, neithershall ye diminish [ought] from it, that ye may keep the Commandments of the "I AM" your God which I COMMAND you.

Percy Schmeiser did not buy Monsanto's patented seed, nor did he obtain the seed illegally. Pollen from genetically engineered canola seeds blew onto his land from neighboring farms. (Percy Schmeiser's neighbors and an estimated
40% of farmers in Western Canada grow GE canola). Monsanto's GE canolagenes invaded Schmeiser's farm without his consent. Shortly thereafter, Monsanto's "gene police" invaded his farm and took seed samples withouthis permission. Percy Schmeiser was a victim of genetic pollution from GE crops--but the court says he must now pay Monsanto US$10,000 for licensing fees and up to US$75,000 in profits from his 1998 crop.

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Top 14 Signs You're Eating Genetically Modified Food

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The Truth about Genetically Modified "Terminator" Seeds.


14. Your Corn Beef now has a 5-digit expiration date.

13. Your green beans are attempting a split flanking maneuver on your clearly surprised mashed potatoes.

12. You spot the telltale signs of a primitive central nervous system in your Jell-O.

11. Whenever Helen Clark appears on TV, your watermelon leaps up, grabs the remote and shuts off the set.

10. Chocchini: Looks like zucchini, tastes like a Ding-Dong.

9. Now when you order chicken from the Colonel, you have to specify Original Recipe or Extra Nippy.

8. Your cauliflower bears a creepy resemblance to Michael Jackson.

7. It tastes the same, but now the asparagus leaves your bathroom smelling April fresh.

6. Family of seven, one turkey -- yet everyone gets a drumstick.

5. You use the leftover chicken as a nightlight for your kid's room.

4. "Flawlessly-Schooled-In-Etiquette Joe Tomatoe" was more fun when it was sloppy.

3. KFC's "Two Legs and a Breast" goes for $199.99 and is served on a pallet.

2. Before you started drinking that new brand of milk, you had six fewer nipples.

1. The product came with recommendation `As seen on TV'. .

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Independent Science Panel Report On GM In Food

From Sheryl Jackson
moonfyre1 [at] earthlink [dot] net

Everyone is allergic to the GM foods, it comes out as depression, anger, memory loss, confusion, nerve tics, aches and pains in joints and muscles, brain, breast, pancreatic, bladder, gallbladder, liver, kidney and colon cancers. The cancer index for adults and children have risen several thousand times in the last several years. As in 5000% increase. Think about that for a minute. The antennas of the microwaves, and EMF's, cell phones, Frankenfoods, polluted air, water, and land.

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