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It is well past time that the people declared war on the geneticists and the politicians, lawyers and judges who support them in their evil machinations.

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous legislating Satanic N.W.O. Zion-Nazi mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of OKC, Port Arthur, Dunblane, Columbine, 911, Bali, 7/7/2005, Va-Tech and the War on Terror and Freedom and reinstate God's Perfect Laws of Liberty:-

Time is running out:-

By Denise Caruso, AlterNet. Posted August 23, 2004.

Whoever controls the seed controls the food. And as a new film documents, the dangers of monoculture, industrial agriculture – and Monsanto – bode poorly for the future of food.

Download the entire movie here:

In less skillful hands, a film about genetically modified (GM) food could have been tough sledding for regular folks to sit through. Making visual sense of the science alone would be a daunting task. But The Future of Food is an engaging and lucid presentation of not only the science of genetic engineering, but of the people and the politics behind what looks to be a pitched battle to control the global food supply.

Deborah Koons Garcia, a long-time documentary filmmaker (and wife of the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia), spent the past three years writing, directing and producing Food for her Mill Valley, CA-based Lily Films. The idea for the film came after her award-winning educational series "All About Babies," an in-depth examination of the first two years of a child's life. She's had a lifelong concern about how food is grown, and "I always wanted to make a big film about agriculture that was as thorough as 'Babies,'" said Garcia.

She has said that her goal in making the film was to produce a cross between Silent Spring – Rachel Carson's historic shot-heard-'round-the-world about the dangers of chemical pesticides – and The Battle of Algiers, the 1965 film by Gillo Pontecorvo that became a training film for the Black Panthers as well as those who opposed the Vietnam War.

And it's true, The Future of Food makes no secret of its desire to see GM seed and food removed from the food supply. But its rendition of the science of genetic modification (and its potential risks) is clear and accurate. And the many startling facts that it presents about both the agriculture industry and the U.S. government, which continues to prop it up with taxpayer subsidies, make the film very difficult for a reasonable person to dismiss as mere anti-GM propaganda.

Fear of a Modified Planet

In farming, a monoculture is the result of cultivating a single plant variety over a large area of land. Monocultures make a single strain of plant – one particular variety of soybean, for example, out of the hundreds that may exist – particularly vulnerable to being wiped out by a single pest, microbial infection or some other environmental stressor, like an unseasonable heat wave or cold snap.

Fake Blood on the Maize

King of kings' Bible - Enoch 68:14 Since they (men) were only created, so that, like the angels of heaven, they might remain righteous and pure.
68:15 Then death, which destroys every thing, would not have affected them;
68:16 But by this, THEIR KNOWLEDGE (science - 1 Tim. 5:20), THEY PERISH, and by this also its power consumes them.

Fake Blood on the Maize

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The PR exploitation of drought and hunger in Zambia shows that for the GM lobby there are no limits, even when it involves rewriting history and manufacturing crimes against humanity.

This year, following scanty and erratic rainfall, many of Zambia's maize fields have had the life scorched out of them. In some provinces the severity of the drought may mean a crop failure of 100 percent. With maize reserves falling short of the country's requirement, the Zambian government has banned the export of maize meal to neighbouring countries in a bid to forestall the looming food deficit.

This crisis is reminiscent of the crises Zambia faced in 2000 and 2002. It's not only the threat of hunger, though, that's reviving painful memories; it's also the way in which that threat is being exploited. For the genetically modified foods lobby, tragedy spells opportunity, with drought and crop failure providing the perfect platform to pressure the Zambian government over its resistance to genetically modified organisms.

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Terminators Galore!

Science for Peace Bulletin May 2005 Volume 25, Issue 2 - Terminators Galore!

by Joe Cummins

The author is Professor Emeritus at the University of Western Ontario.

In Canada, the Seed Sector Review advisory committee issued a report calling for changes to legislation to

(A) collect royalties on farm-saved seeds,

(B) compel farmers to buy officially certified seed, and

(C) terminate the right of farmers to sell common seed.

The report was financed by the Agriculture Ministry at a cost of nearly a million dollars to the Canadian taxpayers but essentially rubber-stamped the demands of multinational agricultural corporations (1). The onerous licensing requirements of the biotechnology industry are to be extended to all seeds, imposing a form of serfdom on any remaining independent farmers. In the future it is likely that even home gardeners will face the loony corporate payments for those willing to spy on neighbors and report covert seed activity. We may be entering a time when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are required to raid grow operations such as a row of radishes in a backyard garden.

The development of "terminator" technology goes hand in hand with the corporate move to control production and use of seeds. Terminator technology is the use of genetic engineering to produce seeds that can be used only once. The progeny of such seeds would either produce no flowers or produce seeds that provide grain or oil but cannot germinate to produce as new plants. In other words, terminator blocks viable seed production, production of pollen or ovule or the production of flowers.

US scientists push for go-ahead to genetically modify smallpox virus

King of kings' Bible - Enoch 68:14 Since they (men) were only created, so that, like the angels of heaven, they might remain righteous and pure.
68:15 Then death, which destroys every thing, would not have affected them;
68:16 But by this, THEIR KNOWLEDGE (science - 1 Tim. 5:20), THEY PERISH, and by this also its power consumes them.



There was an earlier article this week that also discussed the US dinking around with modifying the Avian Bird Flu to make it able to attack humans. I can't believe what we are accepting these days.

It will be a miracle if the rest of world doesn't declare war on us for what we are doing in the field of microbiology weapons of mass destruction. Don't forget the dead scientists that now number over 37 or more since 9-11. Do we see any of this in the national press??? God forbid, no! They are useless. Don't waste your money buying papers here in this country. After the Newsweek fiasco and their cowardly response, we will never see real news here again. Go to the European papers if you want to know what is really going on in this country. No wonder we scare the pants off of everyone just like Hitler did. Can you feel it? Time is running out.,3858,5194359-110418,00.html

US scientists push for go-ahead to genetically modify smallpox virus

US scientists are awaiting World Health Assembly approval to begin experiments to genetically modify the smallpox virus, one of the most lethal organisms the planet has known.

Researchers have already been given the go-ahead by a technical committee of the World Health Organisation, which accepts the argument that the research could bring new vaccines and treatments for smallpox closer. This week the debate will pass for a final decision to the floor of the full assembly of the WHO, whose representatives from 192 member states begin a 10-day annual meeting in Geneva today.

Syngenta: Incompetent Science Covered by Public Relations Smokescreen

AMSTERDAM -- March 31 -- Greenpeace response to: Article in Nature magazine published on 24 March 2005 in which Syngenta admitted to a case of GE maize
(Bt10/Bt11) contamination. Article in Nature Biotechnology magazine published on 27 March 2005 in which Syngenta released the latest research on GE Golden Rice. Article in Nature magazine published on 31 March confirming that the Syngenta Bt10 GE maize contains an antibiotic resistance marker gene.

Amsterdam. 31 March 2005 Syngenta has attempted to deliberately mislead the public with their admission of GE maize (Bt10) contamination published last week when they neglected to include, amongst many other relevant facts, that the Bt10 contained an antibiotic resistance marker gene.

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Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange sue US chemical companies

Chickens coming home to roost. INDEPENDENT (London) 04 March 2005

By Andrew Buncombe in Washington

Vietnamese citizens who say they have suffered a lifetime of health problems after being poisoned by Agent Orange during the Vietnam War are suing the American chemical companies that provided the Pentagon with the toxic defoliant.

Monsanto has GM crop plans for seed firm with GM in mind,3604,1397765,00.html
David Teather in New York
Tuesday January 25, 2005
The Guardian

Monsanto yesterday paid $1.4bn (£745m) to buy a fruit and vegetable seed
company and said it would look at the possibility of genetically modifying
the produce.

The company is known for its controversial innovations in genetic
modifications for crops such as soya beans and corn. Genetically modified

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Canola Oil - A must Read

Before you buy your next bottle of cooking oil... I think it's important that as many people as possible KNOW about the origins of this product. Then, if you choose to buy it, at least you're doing so with your eyes open.


Dear Editors

Recently I bought a cooking oil that's new to our supermarkets, Canola Oil. I tried it because the label assured me it was lowest in "bad" fats. However, when I had used half the bottle, I concluded that the label told me surprisingly little else and I started to wonder: where does canola oil come from? Olive oil comes from olives, peanut oil from peanuts, sunflower oil from sunflowers; but what is a canola? There was nothing on the label to enlighten me, which I thought odd. So, I did some investigating on the Internet.

Iraqi farmers forbidden to have non-genetic modified seed

A new report [1] by GRAIN and Focus on the Global South has found that new legislation in Iraq has been carefully put in place by the US that prevents farmers from saving their seeds and effectively hands over the seed market to transnational corporations. This is a disastrous turn of events for Iraqi farmers, biodiversity and the country's food security. While political sovereignty remains an illusion, food sovereignty for the Iraqi people has been made near impossible by these new regulations...."


"...In 2002, FAO estimated that 97 percent of Iraqi farmers used saved seed from their own stocks from last year's harvest or purchased from local markets. When the new law - on plant variety protection (PVP) - is put into effect, seed saving will be illegal and the market will only offer proprietary "PVP-protected" planting material "invented" by transnational agribusiness corporations. The new law totally ignores all the contributions Iraqi farmers have made to development of important crops like wheat, barley, date and pulses. Its consequences are the loss of farmers' freedoms and a grave threat to food sovereignty in Iraq. In this way, the US has declared a new war against the Iraqi farmer...."

follow link for complete article. Also see


For the record: “U.S. declares Iraqis can not save their own seeds” "As part of sweeping "economic restructuring" implemented by the Bush Administration in Iraq, Iraqi farmers will no longer be permitted to save their seeds, which include seeds the Iraqis themselves have developed over hundreds of years. Instead, they will be forced to buy seeds from US corporations. That is because in recent years, transnational corporations have patented and now own many seed varieties originated or developed by indigenous peoples. In a short time, Iraq will be living under the new American credo:

Pay Monsanto, or starve ."

"The American Administrator of the Iraqi CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority) government, Paul Bremer, updated Iraq's intellectual property law to 'meet current internationally-recognized standards of protection'. The updated law makes saving seeds for next year's harvest, practiced by 97% of Iraqi farmers in 2002, and is the standard farming practice for thousands of years across human civilizations, to be now illegal.. Instead, farmers will have to obtain a yearly license for genetically modified (GM) seeds from American corporations. These GM seeds have typically been modified from seeds developed over thousands of generations by indigenous farmers like the Iraqis, and shared freely like agricultural 'open source.'"
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Genetically Engineered Foods May Pose National Health Risk

By Jeffrey M. Smith

In a study in the early 1990s rats were fed genetically modified (GM) tomatoes. Well actually, the rats refused to eat them. They were force-fed. Several of the rats developed stomach lesions and seven out of forty died within two weeks. Scientists at the FDA who reviewed the study agreed that it did not provide a “demonstration of reasonable certainty of no harm.” In fact, agency scientists warned that GM foods in general might create unpredicted allergies, toxins, antibiotic resistant diseases, and nutritional problems. Internal FDA memos made public from a lawsuit reveal that the scientists urged their superiors to require long-term safety testing to catch these hard-to-detect side effects.
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