Evidence Begins To Indicate Gary Webb Was Murdered

Credible sources who were close to Gary Webb have stated that he was receiving death threats, being regularly followed, and that he was concerned about strange individuals who were seen on multiple occasions breaking into and leaving his house before his apparent 'suicide' on Friday morning.

Webb, a Pullitzer prize winning journalist, exposed CIA drug trafficking operations in a series of books and reports for the San Jose Mercury News. He was found dead on Friday morning in what the police said was an apparent suicide.

Webb's 1996 series in the Mercury News alleged that Nicaraguan drug traffickers had sold tons of crack cocaine in Los Angeles and funneled millions of dollars in profits to the CIA-supported Nicaraguan Contras during the 1980s

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R.I.P. Gary Webb -- Unembedded Reporter

Manchurian Candidates KILLING for New Assault Weapons Ban!

zionistexposer_4d( @ )yahoo . com

Bush Jr. WILL use the MANDATORY Mental Health screening LAWS he's setting up to STRIP U. S. of our GUN RIGHTS! But it's his Daddy's CIA that's creating these 'mental health NUTS in the first place!!!

For many of you that read the headlines of these events and wonder WHY THEY KILL... Let me TELL YOU! Although many will call it "CONSPIRACY THEORY" let's start with just that. THE MOVIE "CONSPIRACY THEORY" with Mel Gibson, Patrick Stewart and Julia Roberts. Why? Because it will begin to enlighten you to the heinous HORRIBLE CIA mind control program called: "MK-ULTRA." If you research this topic, you'll find that there are many MANY more mind-control programs your tax dollars PAID FOR that involve UNWILLING victims of the CIA to turn them into information couriers, sex slaves and yes ASSASINS! In fact, MK stands for Manmade Killer. And there's MK-Search, MK-Naomi, Project Artichoke, Project Monarch and many more. These involve the use of drugs, TORTURE, RAPE, chips etc. They've found that the best victims are at eighteen MONTHS of AGE! And YES sadly this includes their RAPE as well. Fritz Springmeier has volumes of documentation of just how this is done and WHO does it. Fritz's reward was to be SETUP and imprisoned on phony bank robbery charges as was Michigan militia leader Mark Koernke.

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The Gray Cardinal

December 3, 2004

Posted 1:15 AM Eastern


In mid-November 2004, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he would be taking the prominent role in cementing a powerful coalition of regional as well as superpowers consisting of India, Communist China, Russia and Brazil. The purpose of this coalition is to challenge the supremacy of America and the European Union. Putin is best known as the "Gray Cardinal" for his brutality while leader of the KGB. Putin is also much feared because of his alleged control of the Russian Mafia and the drug trade.

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Afghanistan Tops Columbia as Capital of Illicit Narcotics

SF Chronicle: Afghanistan Tops Columbia as Capital of Illicit Narcotics

This message is available on the Internet at http://www.WantToKnow.info/afghanistandrugcapital

Dear friends,

Afghanistan has now surpassed Columbia as the world's capital of illicit drugs. The below article from the Nov. 19th front page of the San Francisco Chronicle states that Afghanistan has a narco-economy where 40 to 50 percent of the entire economy is dependent on illicit drugs. With all of the American troops and an American-installed government, how can this be? Especially when drought and the Taliban had eradicated over 90% of the opium crop in 2001. Here are two quotes from our 10-page 9/11 timeline http://www.wanttoknow.info/9-11cover-up10pg

The Truth about Drugs

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Big Pharma snared by net


Dear friends,

The below article from the Observer, one of England's top newspapers, clearly demonstrates the amazing power all of us have through the use of the Internet. As the article's subtitle says, "The web has helped consumers turn tables on the drug giants." In case you don't have time to read the entire article, here is a key excerpt on past practices of the drug companies:

"Bit by bit, health activists in Britain and America have uncovered the core of pharma might: a sinister mesh of hidden influences in the regulation and practice of medicine. In both countries, clinical drug tests are paid for by the pharmas, who tweak the trials' design for the best possible results. Until recently, only the most favourable findings got published in the
20,000-odd biomedical journals, many of them dependent on pharmas for funding. The drugs are approved for marketing by regulators, whose salaries are mostly financed by [the pharmaceutical companies]. The medicines are then prescribed by doctors routinely courted with pharma gifts - from free pens to family skiing holidays - meant to persuade them to change their prescribing habits."


This article shows how the Internet has forced the drug companies to begin to report the all the facts on their studies and funding. It is through the Internet, and more specifically through email that we are spreading news rapidly to all of our friends and colleagues and forcing those in power to take responsibility. Together, we are helping to pressure the world's decision makers to think less about money and special interests, and more about the good of all who share this planet. Each of us is much more powerful than we might think, especially when forward this kind of information to our friends, and they forward it on to their friends, etc... Thanks for caring, and thanks for helping to build a better future by spreading the news far and wide!


With very best wishes, Fred


P.S For an incredibly revealing summary of information along these lines, www.WantToKnow.info/deception10pg


Big Pharma snared by net


The web has helped consumers turn tables on the drug giants, says Cheryll Barron

Sunday September 26, 2004 The Observer

What if ants could turn the microscopes on the scientists studying them and, after beady-eyed surveillance, demand a revolution in their scrutinisers' accustomed ways? This is more than a variation on Lilliputians for a new Jonathan Swift to consider; it's a metaphor for a real-life reversal of multinational power that has no precedent.

Management tomes of the late 1990s - like Bill Gates's droning Business, the Speed of Thought - explained how the internet might be used to study customer behaviour minutely, through, for instance, 'data mining'. Companies, they said, could use the intimate understanding so acquired to address customers' needs and preferences, on the companies' terms.

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Brainwash victims win cash claims

Karin Goodwin HUNDREDS of mentally ill patients who were subjected to barbaric CIA-funded brainwashing experiments by a Scottish doctor could be entitled to compensation following a landmark court ruling. Doctor Ewan Cameron, who became one of the world’s leading psychiatrists, developed techniques used by Nazi scientists to wipe out the existing personalities of people in his care. Cameron, who graduated from Glasgow University, was recruited by the CIA during the cold war while working at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He carried out mind-control experiments using drugs such as LSD on hundreds of patients, but only 77 of them were awarded compensation. Now a landmark ruling by a Federal Court judge in Montreal will allow more than 250 former patients, whose claims were rejected, to seek compensation.
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FDA orders warnings on antidepressants


View in Print (PDF) Format  http://www.tulsaworld.com/TWPDFs/2004/Final/A_7_10_16_2004.PDF

WASHINGTON -- The Food and Drug Administration on Friday ordered that all antidepressants carry "black box" warnings that they "increase the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior" in children who take them.

Patients and their parents will be given medication guides that include the warning with each new prescription or refill.

Dr. Lester Crawford, acting FDA commissioner, said the agency based its decision on the "latest and best science."

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The Psycho State

by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

A presidential initiative called The "New Freedom Commission on Mental Health" has issued a report recommending forced mental health screening for every child in America, including preschool children. The goal is to promote the patently false idea that we have a nation of children with undiagnosed mental disorders crying out for treatment.

One obvious beneficiary of the proposal is the pharmaceutical industry, which is eager to sell the psychotropic drugs that undoubtedly will be prescribed to millions of American schoolchildren under the new screening program. Of course a tiny minority of children suffer from legitimate mental illnesses, but the widespread use of Ritalin and other drugs on youngsters who simply exhibit typical rambunctious, fidgety, and impatient behavior is nothing short of criminal. It may be easier to teach and parent drugged kids, but convenience is no justification for endangering them. Children?s brains are still developing, and the truth is we have no idea what the long-term side effects of psychiatric drugs may be. Medical science has not even exhaustively identified every possible brain chemical, even as we alter those chemicals with drugs.

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Stay calm everyone, there's Prozac in the drinking water

It should make us happy, but environmentalists are deeply alarmed: Prozac, the anti-depression drug, is being taken in such large quantities that it can now be found in Britain's drinking water.

follow link for complete article
also see "The Reason Why"
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Solving the problem (or crime) of reimporting prescription drugs

Why does no-one ever ask the obvious question - why, if these drugs work and are “life-saving”, are there ever-more sick people rather than less?

Pharmaceutical drugs are FULL OF POISONS. That is why.

Please see the article posted at the end of this one for proof from doctors that pharmaceutical drugs are poisons and creating sickness and why:-

Solving the problem (or crime) of reimporting prescription drugs

by J. Daniel Cloud


King of kings’ Bible – Galatians 5:19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are [these]; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
5:20 Idolatry, PHARMACY, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,
5:21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told [you] in time past, that they which do such things shall NOT inherit the Kingdom of God.


 The average cost of a month's supply of the stroke prevention drug Ticlid in the United States is $112.92. In Canada, it's $52.35 (U.S. dollars).

 Zocor, a treatment for high cholesterol, costs $106.84 per month in the United States. Canada's cost: $43.97 (U.S. dollars).

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