Leaked Memo Says Microsoft Raised $86 million for SCO

Leaked Memo Says Microsoft Raised $86 million for SCO - badzilla and numerous others wrote in with this: "Eric S. Raymond's Open Source site has a new Halloween memo. The Halloween X memo, which ESR says he received ... [Slashdot]

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When The People Were The Police

By Larry Pratt February 26, 2004 NewsWithViews. com

There was a time when the word "police" was not usually used as a noun. It was a verb that described what the people did to keep order in society. Today the people only police a campground, or some similar action.

The history of the changing meaning of police is a history of the transformation of America from a society of limited government serving the people to our present plight where the people serve the government. http://i.am/jah/syst.htm

Borrowing on the idea of the kinsman redeemer in the Bible, America - even for decades beyond the War for Independence - relied on private prosecutors. Victims of serious crimes approached a community grand jury that would investigate the matter and issue an indictment if it concluded that a crime should be charged.

Every man was commanded to know God's Law and teach it to his children, so there was no separate lawyers like today using unLawful man-made legislation pretending to be Law, under colour of law statutes. http://i.am/jah/politics.htm

King of kings' Bible - Deuteronomy 4:9 Only take heed to thyself, and keep thy soul diligently, lest thou forget the things which thine eyes have seen, and lest they depart from thy heart all the days of thy life: but teach them thy sons, and thy sons' sons;
4:10 [Specially] the day that thou stoodest before the "I AM" thy God in Horeb, when the "I AM" said unto me, Gather Me the people together, and I will make them hear My Words, that they may learn to respect Me all the days that they shall live upon the earth, and [that] they may teach their children.
4:11 And ye came near and stood under the mountain; and the mountain burned with fire unto the midst of heaven, with darkness, "Clouds", and thick darkness.
4:12 And the "I AM" spoke unto you out of the midst of the fire: ye heard the voice of the words, but saw no similitude; only [ye heard] a voice.
4:13 And He declared unto you His Covenant, which He commanded you to perform, [even] Ten Commandments; and He wrote them upon two tablets of stone.
4:14 And the "I AM" commanded me at that time to teach you Statutes and Judgments, that ye might do them in the land where ye go over to possess it.

King of kings' Bible - Deuteronomy 31:19 Now therefore write ye this "Song" for you, and teach it the children of Israel: put it in their mouths, that this "Song" (Covenant) may be a witness for Me against the children of Israel. http://i.am/jah/kofkad.htm

Then the victim, or his representative (generally an attorney, but sometimes a state attorney general) prosecuted the defendant before a petit jury of twelve men.

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Rabbi Marvin Antelman was right all along. Way back in 1974, he identified the source of all the evil against Jews and humanity, but his message and style were too inaccessible to get through to anyone but the most advanced students of anti-semitism. What he lacked most was simplicity, a common enough failure of thinkers decades in advance of their contemporaries. What he needed was someone to pu

Butter vs Margarine

The difference between margarine and butter?
Both have the same amount of calories.  Butter is slightly  higher in saturated fats at 8 grams compared to 5 grams.
Eating margarine can increase heart disease in women by  53% over eating the same amount of butter according to
a recent Harvard Medical Study.    Eating butter increases the absorption of many other  nutrients in other foods.  Butter has many nutritional  benefits where margarine has a few only because they  are added! Butter tastes much better than margarine and it can  enhance the flavors of other foods.    Butter has been around for centuries where margarine  has been around for less than 100 years.

Now for Margarine...
  •    Very high in Trans Fatty Acids...
  •    Triple risk of Coronary Heart Disease...
  •    Increases total cholesterol and LDL (this is the bad  cholesterol)
  •    Lowers HDL cholesterol, (the good cholesterol)
  •    Increases the risk of cancers by up to five fold.
  •   Lowers quality of breast milk ...
  •    Decreases immune response...
  •    Decreases insulin response.  
  •  And here is the most disturbing fact....
Margarine is but ONE MOLECULE away from being  PLASTIC...This fact alone was enough to have me
avoiding margarine for life and anything else that is  hydrogenated (this means hydrogen is added,  changing the molecular structure of the substance).

YOU can try this yourself: purchase a tub of margarine and leave it in your garage or shaded area.  Within a couple of days you will note a couple of things: no flies, not even those pesky fruit flies will go near it (that should tell you something) ...  it does not rot or smell differently...because it has no nutritional value, nothing will grow on it...even those teeny weeny microorganisms will not a find a home to grow. Why?  Because it is nearly plastic. Would you melt your Tupperware and spread that on your toast?
more info here:


Margarine vs. Butter

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The Fallen Man

To All,

We hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

This morning We awakened with the following thoughts on Our mind. Felt it best to get it down on electronic paper and offer it out to you for whatever it may be worth.

We were recently chatting with a fellow who is very well read in The Bible. He believes we are all descendants of Adam and Eve. In other words.., God is punishing Adam and Eve's offspring for thousands of years. If we.., who are supposedly so far removed from that original failing.., have done nothing and we are "innocent".., then WHY would a Just God be doing this to us [have us suffer here in this hell rather than being with him in Heaven]? Surely you will agree this planet is not Heaven. So why have all of us "descendants" been cast into this hell? http://i.am/jah/starwar.htm

We suggested to this fellow that we are all Adams and Eves and we are here because EVERYONE on this planet is guilty of DISOBEYING God.., not just Adam and Eve thousands of years ago [hence the madness and chaos.., Satan has been ruling and EVERYONE here has been following him RATHER than God - does anything else make any sense? ].

King of kings' Bible - Matthew 4:8 Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and showeth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;
4:9 And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.
4:10 Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and Him ONLY shalt thou serve.
4:11 Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him. http://i.am/jah/kofkad.htm

Taking the position that we are "innocent" and God has His reasons we can't understand (for punishing the "innocent") is very palatable for the ego-self. Why? "It" doesn't have to ADMIT "it" is WRONG and can just lay off the situation "it" finds itself in on God.., a God "it" can't know and is insulting by believing that He is unjust and punishes innocent people. Pretty convenient.

Let us throw all of that NON-sense out the window.., at least during this discourse. If you want to continue to believe you are "innocent" after reading this then please feel free to do so. We all have free-will but we can only freely choose between two things.., The Truth or the lies. We either recognize The Truth or we don't.

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The Law - Radio Interview

In this radio interview "Does YHWH´s Law Apply Today?" JAH explains why we must return to keeping only God´s Laws. The ONLY Way to defeat the New World Order, is to get rid of all their legislation and get back to God´s Royal Laws of Liberty. Most are unaware that the American CON-stitution was given to the people by the people of the New World Order, in order to deflect them, and keep them away from God´s Law, because they could never have set up the New World Order if God´s Law was in force. You will hear Bible references, passages, tied together, possibly in a way that you have not heard before explaining that all of this (NWO Tyranny) was predicted, and also the solution.


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RealvideoStream MP3 or download 1, 2

RealvideoStream Realaudio or download 1, 2


More of JAHs Radio Interviews:

The Ark of The Covenant
The Law
The Way Home

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Whilst they have us busy FIGHTING on a thousand different fronts.., THIS (below) is what they are preparing for us dissenters.

Thsi is more proof of why the ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan and do it now:-


Whilst you still have time:-






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Call for suicide genes to control GM organisms

Government agencies should consider requiring the use of "suicide genes" or other biological tools to keep genetically engineered organisms from spreading artificial genetic traits into the environment, a committee of United States scientists has recommended.

The committee urged the US Department of Agriculture, for which it prepared its report, to consider "bioconfinement" techniques to help keep the organisms under control. These techniques would add genetic traits that make the newly created life forms sterile or cause them to destroy themselves after a time.




Also see:

The Truth about Genetically Modified "Terminator" Seeds.
The Truth about Genetically Modified Foods...


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Why is George Walker Bush so Pro-Israel?

"...Then it was that the era of republics became a possibility that could be realised, and then it was that we replaced the ruler by a caricature of a government — by a president, taken from the mob, from the midst of our puppet creatures, or slaves. This was the foundation of the mine which we have laid under the goy people, I should rather say, under the goy peoples..."

from Protocol 10:10 in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion


Why is George Walker Bush so Pro-Israel?

The Men Behind World War III
By Mohammed Alomari Washington, DC 2/6/02 10:13:39 AM

The key to seeing the level of the Israeli lobby's influence on the George Walker Bush (Bush Jr) Administration is watching the appointments of the following Israelis and pro-Israel Jewish advisors to posts in the White House or other Executive Branch Positions:

Note: The Washington Institute for Near East Policy is the Israeli lobby's "think tank." Many of the Israeli lobby's "experts" come from this front group, like Martin Indyk.

1). Colin Powell -- Secretary of State, ex-chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, of Jamaican origin, he has one Jewish ancestor on his father's side. He grew up in a heavily Jewish-populated neighborhood in New York, and speaks Yiddish. The first day of being picked (12/16) he said he wanted to toughen sanctions on Iraq, and will work to "re-energize the sanctions regime."

2). Richard Perle -- (aka The Prince of Darkness) One of Bush's Foreign Policy Advisors. He is chairman of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board. He had worked as Bush's Jewish national security campaign advisor. A very likely Israeli agent, Perle was expelled from Senator Henry Jackson's office in the 1970's after the National Security Agency (NSA) caught him passing Highly-Classified (National Security) documents to the Israeli Embassy. He later worked for the Israeli weapons firm, Soltam.

3). Paul Wolfowitz -- Deputy Defense Secretary, Bush's Jewish foreign policy campaign advisor, close associate of Israeli agent Richard Perle, and reportedly has close ties to the Israeli military.

4). Robert Satloff -- U.S. National Security Council Advisor, Satloff was the executive director of the Israeli lobby's "think tank," Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Many of the Israeli lobby's "experts" come from this front group, like Martin Indyk.

good news (gay-Bishop protest)

God commands that these people be publicly stoned to death for their abominable crimes, that all will see and be deterred from following their satanic example, and thus also protect children from being abused by clerics and other paedophiles:-

Leviticus 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them.

It would also get rid of AIDS in the process. When the last one infected with AIDS dies, there will be no more AIDS.


The Fremen


From: "Steve" <minister [at] ocassemblyofChrist [dot] org>
Subject: good news (gay-Bishop protest)
Date: Fri, Jan 16, 2004, 5:54 am

As The Lord (YAHWEH) commands us if we see evil and not speak out against it we shall be guilty of that sin...(there's a long list of scriptures saying this here http://Christiansbiblestudy.org/love.htm#neighbor ) we have good news for opportunity to make a stand against some of the greatest abominations going on in the land.

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International Day of Solidarity with the Hijab

Christ's Apostle Paul (who founded St. Paul's Cathedral on Ludgate Hill) told every woman that she should have her head covered. So the head-scarf is a command to Christian women from God and not only to Muslim women.

Quote and use the Word of God in your mission, for God, instead of your own words:-

1 Corinthians 11:5 But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with [her] head uncovered dishonoureth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven [as a sign of her disgrace].
11:6 For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered.
11:7 For a man indeed ought not to cover [his] head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man.
11:8 For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man.
11:9 Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.
11:10 For this cause ought the woman to have a covering on her head, as a sign that she is under the power of her husband because of the angels.
11:11 Nevertheless neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord.
11:12 For as the woman [is] of the man, even so [is] the man also by the woman; but all things by God.
11:13 Judge in yourselves: is it comely that a woman pray unto God uncovered?
11:14 Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him (except when he has taken the vow of the Nazarite - Numbers 6)?
11:15 But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for [her] hair is given her for a covering.
11:16 But if any man seem to be contentious, we have no such custom, neither the community of God.



From: isb_group [at] isb [dot] org [dot] uk
Subject: [ISB] Hijab demo - Sat 17th Jan
Date: Fri, Jan 16, 2004, 11:25 pm

"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong. These are the ones to attain felicity." al-Qur'an 3:104

As-salaamu 'alaykum everyone,

International Day of Solidarity with the Hijab  Saturday 17th January 2004

Muslim organisations across the world, and especially in Europe, have agreed to come together on Saturday 17th January to protest against the proposed ban on religious symbols in France.

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Only Attorney John Ashcroft

"If the events of September 11th have proven anything, it's that the terrorists can attack us, but they can't take away what makes us American--our freedom, our liberty, our civil rights. No, only Attorney General John Ashcroft can do that." -----

Source: Jon Stewart on The Daily Show


You can say that again.

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan and reinstate God's Royal Perfect Laws of Liberty:-

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Historic 'Coverup' and 'Betrayal' in Washington

"Does our government continue to subordinate American interests to Israeli interests?... The American people deserve to know the truth... We must finally shed some light on one of the blackest pages in American naval history. It is a duty we owe... to every man and woman who is asked to wear the uniform of the United States."


MID-EAST REALITIES - MER - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 15 January 2004:

You can be the most credible and respected newsman of yesteryear warning about World War III (Walter Cronkite), or one of the most celebrated White House journalists of the recent past warning that the current occupant of the Oval Office is the worst and most dangerous President in memory (Helen Thomas), but once you're 'out of power' in today's Washington not only the government establishment but the intertwined corporate 'mass media' largely ignore you if you try to speak up in a 'politcally incorrect' manner.

Thus, as yesterday's 'Propaganda City' article helped explain, the Atlantic Monthly and the associated New America Foundation held a major conference on U. S. policies on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, yet everyone feared to even mention once the powerful Israeli/Jewish lobby's influence not just on the Congress, the White House, the State Department, and in more recent years the Pentagon and CIA... but also on the corporate mass media itself. MER's publisher discussed this matter yesterday with the conference organizer and when the affiliations of all the persons on the panel about Iraq were mentioned, he responded, "I never thought of that... that's an interesting way to think about it."

Also in Washington this week the now-Bush-controlled Department of State held a major conference about the 1967 Arab-Israeli war... a conference clearly designed to further historically whitewash the most outrageous Israeli attack ever on the U. S. military itself (hard as this may be for non-experts about the region and about [the Jewish State in] Israel's complicated relationship with the U. S. to understand).

In this case, those in power refused to give a forum to the man who once headed the U. S. military, to former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer, who long ago reached the opposite conclusions to those of the historical whitewash and has felt the need for some time to come foreward in public and to directly challenge the Israelis and their many think-tanks, agents, propagandists and fellow-travelers.

Graphic [Terrifying] US military video showing the killing of three Iraqi people

Who really is the TERRORist here?

ter·ror·ism : the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion


Graphic US military video showing the killing of three Iraqi people is being circulated via the web after appearing on US TV news channel ABC News.

The one-minute file, filmed from a US Apache helicopter, shows three suspected Iraqi insurgents being shot with 30mm cannon fire. The clip was cut from a longer video obtained by ABC News last week and verified by a senior US army official.

The MPEG format file has been posted to several right-wing US forums, where the effectiveness of the Apache's firepower has been celebrated.

So far though, in spite of its graphic nature, the film does not seem to have attracted much attention from the anti-war movement.

Tony Sleep, a freelance photographer in the UK, was one recipient of the file. He was emailed a link to a US academic site that temporarily hosted the MPEG file.

"It's very uncomfortable to watch because it's so calculated," he told dotJournalism. "It's quite pornographic actually."

Video download (WARNING: some viewers may find this material disturbing):

https://100777.com/media/apache.mpeg http://www.journalism.co.uk/imagesn/apache.mpeg

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Personal message/question from Roland

From: Roland Croteau rolandcro[at]earthlink.net
Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2004 10:31 PM

Good Morning to All,

We hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

Rather than send you another "Forward" regarding another aggressive move against our liberties by the evil forces behind the NWOdor, I thought I would "think out loud", present it for your consideration and see if there is anyone out there who would like to offer back some input.

Most of you know I was the "other fellow" that joined Bob Schulz in the "fast until death" in Washington, DC in July of 2001 but not as many of you know that during that 20 day fast I was given the opportunity to offer my thoughts on Bob's site.., www.givemeliberty.org

We were told hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of people were monitoring Bob's site to track our progress. I considered those people, that audience if you will.., to be the most "AWARE" in this country. With that in mind, over that 20 day period, I posted a request at least twice (possibly 3 times - I can't remember) for other "patriots" to drop whatever they were doing and come join Bob and I on this "fast until death".

We are like lemmings. I could envision perhaps 5 or 10 patriots coming to DC. We could post that on Bob's site and if 5 or 10 would come then perhaps 100 would come and if 100 would come then 1,000 would come and if 1,000 would come then the proverbial dam would burst and we could potentially have MILLIONS come join us on a fast until death and THAT would attract international media and THAT would have to get the government's attention.

What Bob started could have been an historic "window of opportunity" for "patriots to ACT. WHAT could possibly be more important? Because WHEN we COMPLETELY lose this country.., NO ONE will have a "life" as we know it today. "Patriots"/dissenters to survive will have to go "underground" just like the "early Christians".

Do you know how many came to DC to join Bob and I? NONE! ZERO!! ZILCH!!! So, for all their whining and (intellectual) complaining (sitting behind their computers researching countless sites about conspiracy theories and what-have-you).., NOT ONE would ACT even when there was a public forum with 2 others already standing up ready to die for freedom (their freedom also). "Patriots" were given an EXAMPLE and an opportunity.., but failed to ACT!

What did that tell me about the "God-fearing, 'patriotic heart' "of this country ? It was all talk. Just show. Blather.

I had entered DC looking for three things. I was looking for THE truth regarding the income tax. If We the People (of which I, at that time, considered myself one) could get the truth about the income tax into a public forum then we should have been able to get rid of that evil leech (if not rid ourselves of the Federal Reserve) and arrive at REMEDY and REMEDY from evil IS Justice. So, I was looking for THE Truth, Remedy and Justice. What did I discover? None of the three exist in Washington, DC (the government, the "system") BY DESIGN. But worse.., for all the "patriots" talking about loving God and country..? when it came right to it.., that "moment of truth"..? where, if you want to be in this fight you have to "take the pledge" (to lay your life, your fortune and your honor on the line).., they were all blather.., EMPTY WORDS.., just like that FRAUD CON-stitution we all hold up as our "banner of truth"/"protector" and "savior". EMPTY, HOLLOW, meaningless BLATHER. Just words.

Let me ask you; HOW can we, who claim we are God-fearing, Christians who love our children and this country NOT ACT?? It is our watch. How can we sit behind our computers KNOWING that if we DON'T ACT to make things right.., our children will inherit a world WORSE than Nazi-Germany?

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Orwell Today

Orwell Today is a work in progress and will have additional features as time goes by. You are invited to visit regularly to read news stories*, articles and commentary posted under the heading " Today's Orwell " . The postings are chosen for their similarity to concepts presented in " 1984 " .

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'Power Hour' blocks Kaminski at last minute

Greetings John,

I hope this finds you and yours well and in good spirit.

So you will know.., I was up at 5:00 this morning to hear that first hour on the "Power Hour". When you didn't come on I thought I may have written down the wrong date because there was absolutely NO MENTION OF YOU. Were you sick? Had something prevented you from being on? Nothing.

I do understand your frustration. You may or may not know of Bob Schulz's "We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education". After many years of striving to find a remedy to a problem I was having with the IRS, I met Bob who had another approach. He seemingly wanted to "strike at the root" by entering DC (after his own years of petitioning the government) and enter a "fast until death" in an effort to get government to "show him/us the law" (requiring the average state citizen to file a 1040 form). I joined Bob on that fast with the same commitment. On July 20, 2001 Bob and I obtained a "written promise" from government to meet us in a PUBLIC FORUM (per our First Amendment GUARANTEE) and "air" this issue once and for all. Long story.., government eventually reneged on it's promise.

Bob Schulz continued to chase down that "rabbit trail" (petitioning government). I realized the CON-stitution and Bill of Rights were an empty-worded fraud (once tested).

I wrote a 7 page affidavit and broke it into 3 parts. Part A: My list of grievances (which apply to most everyone - and to explain my actions). Part B: My "Declaration of Independence" (because I have a God-given right/duty to throw off evil/oppressive government) and Part C: My "Rules of Engagement" because it was/is VERY clear to me this is about ALLEGIANCE. It is war and it is to the death. My point? I WILL LIVE FREE OR DIE.., but I was/am all done with their evil "color of laws" law/ organized crime to extort me and my family.

I sent that affidavit to President Bush, then Leader Daschle, Speaker Hastert and all of my congress-critters right down to the local level. I then posted it on the internet and it found it's way to Europe. A man I had never heard of wrote me and said he had read my affidavit and if it was okay would like to point out an error. You see, in my affidavit I stated I would live under my God's Laws AND the Constitution and Bill of Rights AS INTENDED (for I was taught Christian men had framed up God's Laws inside the Constitution and Bill of Rights and I was also taught our problem was we had drifted away from these principles and all we needed to do was get back to them).

This man from Europe wrote back and said it is impossible to live under God's Laws and our constitution as every CON-stitution ever written on this planet has been a CON. He asked I read Deuteronomy 4:2. I did. Indeed, if we believe there is a God (and I KNOW there is a Supreme Ruler of this Universe) then there can only be one set of legal laws for this planet and they were given to Moses. Few paid attention to those Laws.., so The Supreme Ruler sent his Son to show us how to live The Ruler's Laws. Jesus said, "I am not come to destroy the prophets or the Law. I am not come to destroy but to Fulfill The Law." Not only have we been given the UNIVERSAL Laws to live under in word but also in Spirit.., BY EXAMPLE. Simple.

Having said all of this.., I am learning how to live "The Way".., which is SELFLESS. JAH, the man who showed me my errant thinking asked I read "THE PLAN" at www.i.am/jah/plan.htm When I entered DC, I was looking for the truth, remedy and justice. I found NONE of that in DC so I kept looking. Two pages into the "THE PLAN" I KNEW I had found what I was looking for. I'm rather certain I have gone farther than most to discover "The Truth" and for this.., I've been shown and been given what I have been searching for. Not only do I "see" what is wrong but I can now point people to what I KNOW is the ONLY remedy
(www.i am/jah/plan.htm). Funny thing.., I can't tell you how many shows I can't get on just to offer that information. It's "just words". What are they afraid of? We go past recognizing we have a problem. We go right to WHAT to DO about it.

Yesterday, I was finally (after 3 attempts) able to talk with Dave Von Kleist. During our chat we were able to tell him a good part of our story. We finished by me asking him if I could send him a copy of an audio presentation of "THE Law" (at no charge). "THE Law" is the most commonsense answer/explanation I've ever heard. It makes PERFECT sense if we are educated at all and are sincere seekers.

May I make you the same offer? All I need is your snail mail address and whether you would like it on CD or audio-cassette tape.

Long live The Fighters,


P. S. Part of what I do is make this same offer to anyone who is ready to go to that next level and suggest that if they like what they hear.., make copies and continue to spread The Word.


On Wednesday, January 14, 2004, at 10:33 AM, John Kaminski wrote:

'Power Hour' blocks Kaminski at last minute

Host objects to author's plan to speak about Zionist media influence

By John Kaminski skylax [at] comcast [dot] net

So there I was, waiting on the telephone, ready to be interviewed Wednesday morning (1/14/04) by Joyce Riley and Dave Van Kleist on their show, "The Power Hour," a radio webcast on the Genesis Communications Network.

It was to have been my third appearance on this network, having previously been a guest on shows hosted by Tom Valentine and John Stadtmiller. In addition, Stadtmiller has rebroadcast that interview. At three minutes of nine a. m., I called the number and was told by a polite voice to wait. A few minutes later, the voice came back on the line and said, "Uh, John? ... Joyce said she's going to have to reschedule you .... "

Global Governance for a New Global Union

By Mary Louise


Last week (1/6/03) we explored Dick Cheney's "Project for a New American Century", which is related to the widespread school of global thought or ideas that has permeated and infected society in general.  In a speech to the Council of the Americas (COTA) on May 6, 2002 filmed by C-Span, Cheney said that everything is on schedule for completion by January 2005, of the "Free Trade Area of the Americas" (FTAA).  The FTAA will become the "American Union". At this time and there will no longer be a Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The old "Fast Track Legislation" has been renamed the "Trade Promotion Authority".  They often change the names when people catch on to throw us off the track, in addition to disseminating conflicting, confusing, and false information through the media and other organizations.  The globalists couldn't get the support they needed for the League of Nations so they just called it the United Nations instead and so it is with the New World Order, which has now become the New Global Union.

With the European Union (formerly European Economic Community) already established, one of the milestones of completing the American Union will be to oouttlaw private ownership of firearms by U.S. citizens.  To prepare for the anticipated resistance and protests, the Elite have created the Office of Homeland Security to control law-abiding gun owners who are stirred up about gun confiscation, not to protect us from [fake] terrorists.  They have already previously established concentration camps on military bases in almost every state, to confine resisters to the transition of the American Union.  Then they will change the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), created by George H.W. Bush in 1989, to the new name "Asian Union" around 2010, which during this time the former "Soviet Union" will be resurrected under direct control of the Elite.  Around 2015 or sooner, the governing body will assume full command over all four of the Global Regions, controlled by the same secret cabal.  By this time, if all goes as planned by the globalists who conspire continually, national sovereignty of all nations will be a thing of the past and all people will be enslaved under the strict Global Elite.

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Living In A Kakistocracy

kak·is·toc·ra·cy plural: kak·is·toc·ra·cies noun. bad government: government by the most unscrupulous or unsuitable people, or a state governed by such people (Early 19th century. From Greek kakistos "worst" + -cracy.) Thesaurus * http://encarta.msn.com/encnet/features/dictionary/DictionaryResults.aspx?refid=1861623617

kak*is*toc*ra*cy Pronunciation: (kak"u-stok'ru-sE), [key] n., pl. -cies. government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power. http://www.infoplease.com/ipd/A0503062.html

kak·is·toc·ra·cy Noun. Inflected forms: pl. kak·is·toc·ra·cies Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens. Etymology: Greek kakistos, worst, superlative of kakos, bad; see caco- + -cracy.

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Dean Blames God for Queers

This is one of those issues I mentioned where Howard Dean and I diametrically disagree, and where I have to question the man's intelligence.

First, there is no such thing as "overwhelming evidence is that there is a very significant, substantial genetic component to it.", "It" being homosexuality, and Dean, you idiot, God not only considers it sin, but also an abomination (IN WRITING) so obviously, God didn't create gay men or women.

Damn, read the book, will ya?

Leviticus 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them.

I don't understand why people mistake homosexuality for anything but what it is: A sexual fetish that is no different than when certain people want to have sex with animals, little children or vacuum cleaners. Some people have a sexual fetish for tractors and volkswagon bugs, did you know that? No, I'm not kidding. Seriously, when I was in Bangkok back in the early 70's, I witnessed people who were into some of the most bizarre sexual practices imaginable, and not one of them ever suggested they were born that way. Whatever floats your boat, that's your fetish, and gay men like having sex with men. It's as simple as that, so get over it.

And Howard, if you want to get elected, stay on topic and don't let these people divert you into tangents like this. You have nothing to gain, and everything to lose, and all you have to say is you felt it was the right decision at the time. Period.

Carl F. Worden

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Let's tell legislators: There ought to be a freedom

To All,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

Regarding the following post.., I don't know about you but I have thought about "where does this [law-making] end"? After 9-1-1 I read something about terrorism I found to be interesting. Perhaps you will also. The thrust of the article had to do with a study done on the concept/use of terrorism. Pretty simple actually. Let us say we were being terrorized by a source outside of the U.S.  The world knows the U.S. has the most formidable military this planet has ever seen. It is the "elephant". In other words a "frontal assault" would be suicide. Small, sustained "terrorist attacks" won't seem to do much to this "elephant" BUT, the "terrorized people" ASK for more and more "protection" from their governments and governments do respond with more and more laws and soon, the "terrorized society" has a police-state that is so out-of-control repressive.., the people rise up in rebellion and the country is destroyed from within. This concept/use of terrorism is easily linked to the Hegalian Dialectic.., "Problem", "Reaction", "Solution". It has been used for centuries flawlessly.  

Most, if not all of you are aware (the NWOdor OPERATING THROUGH) the U.S. government, at the very least, was complicit with the 1993 attempt to bomb the World Trade Center buildings, the bombing of the Murrah Building in OKC and 9-1-1. And most of you are aware of the plans of the NWOdor to destroy Amerika and reduce the world population by 85%. Hopefully you can see how all of the pieces to this world puzzle fit. From the elitist/globalist point of view, this planet cannot "sustain" an ever growing population and there is certainly truth in that position, so, they intend to play god's and DO something about it. We are experiencing the unfolding of their plan. How do you like it so far?

There is only one way to end this madness; ENFORCE "THE PLAN" @ www.i.am/jah/plan.htm

Please read on.


Let's tell legislators: There ought to be a freedom
by Mari Werner

Imagine a world where there are laws against eating too many sweets, standing on the top step of the ladder, or failing to show up for your doctor appointment. If you want to change your job or residence, you have to hire a lawyer to fill out and file the sheaf of forms required.

Imagine a world where every murder or assault trial requires years of litigation just to determine the charges. There's a different law for every location, weapon, and motivation. (Was it motivated by hate, gender, race, greed, stupidity, or some other syndromes or state of mind?)

Imagine a world where whole sections of large cities have been devoted just to housing the law library.

How far is this world from the one you live in?

Congress has been averaging about 235 new laws per year, and the California state legislature passed close to 1,000 laws last year alone. Has there ever been a session of Congress or any state legislature that ended with fewer laws on the books than there were at the beginning? Where is this leading?

Deuteronomy 4:2, The King of king's Bible Ye shall not ADD unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish [ought] from it, that ye may keep the Commandments of the "I AM" your God which I COMMAND you.
12:32 What thing soever I command you, observe to do it: thou shalt not add thereto, nor diminish from it.

Our legislatures are passing laws on top of the laws that are already there just to make political points. The California legislature recently passed a law against attacking and threatening abortion clinics. Didn't we already have laws against assault and harassment? How many laws do we need to cover a single act?

Have we become such a race of cowards and whiners that we need laws to protect us from phone solicitors, laws to dictate how people can talk to us, and police involved in every corner of our lives?

It seems government is being looked to as the solver of every problem. And of course, government's problem-solving tool is law. As the saying goes, to a man whose only tool is a hammer, every problem is a nail.

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Giant Space Shield Plan To Save Planet

By Mark Townsend
The Observer - UK

Just like doctors prescribing medicine to their customer$...I mean patients, as a remedy, these scientists (or the people with power) do not not address the CAUSE of global warming, instead they let the global warming and destruction of the earths ecosystem continue.(and continue making $$profit $$) and just put a big shield up in the sky to make it all better.

Ofcourse someone is going to earn massive amounts of $$ from the projects outlined below... -100777.com


 Humanity could not exist without it - yet in an extraordinary plan that underlines the catastrophic implications of climate change, scientists now want to curb the Sun's life-giving influence to save mankind from its biggest threat: global warming.

Key talks involving the Government's most senior climate experts have produced proposals to site a massive shield on the edge of space that would deflect the Sun's rays and stabilise the climate.

Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of metallic 'scatterers' would be ejected into the upper atmosphere under the plans. In addition, billions of tiny barrage balloons could serve as a secondary barrier to block rays from the Earth's nearest star.

On land, giant reservoirs holding saline water could be built to offset the rise in sea levels caused by the melting of the polar ice-caps. The oceans, too, would be modified to cope with the planet's increasingly warmer weather. Massive floating cloud-making machines would be dotted across their surface while, below, large plantations of algae would be grown to absorb greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

The theories were discussed by Britain's most eminent climatologists at a meeting in Cambridge last week to analyse the latest theories to tackle the problem of the planet heating up. They included the Government's chief scientist, Sir David King, who warned last week that climate change was the most severe problem facing civilisation.

Professor John Schellnhuber, former chief environmental adviser to the German government and head of the UK's leading group of climate scientists at the Tyndall Centre, said: 'These are exotic ideas and we probably will have to come up with the right mixture. But the problem has not gone away, so we think this analysis is just in time.

'The present climate policy does not seem to be working. We are not saying we have the magic bullet, but this is a desperate situation and people should start thinking about the unconventional. Preventative plans on a larger scale are needed.'

Environmentalists maintain that the solutions are so radical they serve only to underscore how unprepared governments are to deal with the threat. Last week researchers predicted that a quarter of land animals and plants will die out because of global warming over the next 50 years.

2004 - Year Of The Slave

You are a slave.

I know that's not what you want to hear as you hoist your New Year's champagne, but it is the unpleasant truth that we all face going into 2004.

Movies and public school like to portray slaves as bound by chains and beaten with whips, creating a polarized image of slavery that can be pointed to with the comment, "You are not like that, therefore you are not a slave." But history shows that slaves have been treated in all manner of ways, some more cruel than others, yet even with the most kind treatment, a slave remains a slave.

Setting aside the stereotyped image of a slave as a bleeding chain-bound wretch, slaves throughout history are often hard to recognize. In some cases, such as the Medieval Serfs, they were held slaves to the rulers by religious belief and did not see themselves as slaves even though they were treated as such. The favored slaves of Asian potentates wore jewels to make a movie star gasp, yet were still slaves for all their finery and comfort.

So, what is a slave? How do we define a slave? What test do we use to tell if someone is a slave. What makes them different from free people?

Free people can say "no." Free people can refuse demands for their money, time, and children. Slaves cannot. There is no freedom without the freedom to say "no." If someone demands that you do something and you can say "no" and refuse to do it, then you are a free human being. If you can be forced to do something or surrender something that you do not wish to, then you are a slave. No other test need be applied.

When you are forced to surrender half your life's work to the government in ever-increasing taxes, then you are a slave. Throughout history, slaves were expected to perform the work needed for their own upkeep, then perform additional work for the rulers. For Roman slaves, the ratio of work-for-self versus work-for-rulers was about 50-50. The same ratio applied to Medieval Serfs, and even to the slaves of the American South. And, when you add up all the overt taxes, covert fees, tariffs, excises, plus the increased price you pay for products to pay the taxes of the companies that make those products, you will find that Americans are at that same "half-for-self" versus "half-for-rulers" ratio! Can you say "no" to the confiscation of half of your life? Can you even get the masters to maybe reduce the burden by a significant amount? No? Congratulations. You are a slave.

The masters have decided they want wars on anyone living over oil. The idea is that it is better for American corporations to steal the oil they need than to pay for it. Millions of Americans (and millions more around the globe) did not want the war, but the masters started them anyway, by lying to the people. Could you refuse the war? Can you refuse being lied to? No? Congratulations. You are a slave.

The rulers want your children for their future wars. Legislation for a draft is already in Congress. Can you refuse the confiscation of your children? No? Congratulations. You are a slave.

The government has been caught lying over and over again to the people, from who really did 9-11, to the legality of the tax system, to Cheney's Energy Task Force papers, to Saddam's WMDs. Americans are the most lied-to people on Earth. Can you refuse to be lied to? Can you punish the liars? No? Congratulations. You are a slave.

Vote fraud is rampant in the nation, and the mandated imposition of audit-less electronic voting systems means that elections will be decided (as Stalin admitted) not by those who vote, but by those who count the vote. Can you refuse a dishonest voting process? No? Congratulations. You are a slave.
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One of the most memorable lines from the movie, "The Patriot" was spoken by actor Mel Gibson who asked, "Why should I trade one tyrant 3,000 miles away, for 3,000 tyrants one mile away?"

The question was posed by Gibson's character during deliberations to authorize a levy in support the Colonies' war of independence against King George and his army. I often wonder who the average brain-dead, flag-waving crazy American today considers "The Enemy" to be.

Back during the build-up to the actual Revolutionary War, our Founding Fathers had no illusions whatsoever as to whom the enemy was, nor did they have any reservations in deciding what to do about them.

Back then, the enemy was King George, his troops, and the American Loyalists who considered the Crown to be the rightful American government, while individuals like James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington saw the same tyranny and oppression they left behind coming right back at them here in America.

The Founding Fathers, and all those who fought for their freedom in the Revolutionary War, didn't sit around like a bunch of cowardly Christian pansies, writing letters and protesting, while urging the masses to pray for their leaders. No, once they realized their peaceful options had been exhausted, they issued a Declaration of Independence, signed their lives and fortunes away, and started killing the King's men. They also hanged quite a few Loyalists for treason; let that be a lesson to you who presently call yourselves American Patriots.

If you place yourself in the mindset of the average American Loyalist in those early days, you would have regarded yourself as a true-blue American Crown patriot, while those who promoted revolt to secure freedom and a Republican form of government would be regarded as extremists, potential terrorists, and outright traitors.

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Horowitz again spewing his poison

Denver Post: Attorney General John Ashcroft and right-wing gadfly David Horowitz no doubt share many views. They also have one dangerous common goal: They want to turn us into a nation of snitches. Just like the good old days of Joseph Stalin and Sen. Joseph McCarthy, they want Americans to spy on one another.
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Much farther down the road to hell

To All,

We hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

The following is rather lengthy but feel it is worth the read because there is so much "meat" in it.


LLTF, Roland

As ever it proves that Bible prophecy is true.

Please be sure to read the quote from Isaiah and the links inserted below.

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan:- http://i.am/jah/plan.htm

The ONLY Armageddon Survival-Kit is available from:- http://i.am/jah/ask.htm


Begin forwarded message:

From: John Kaminski <skylax [at] comcast [dot] net
Date: Fri Jan 9, 2004 12:51:37 AM US/Pacific
Subject: Much farther down the road to hell

Much farther down the road to hell

Americans ignore U. S. atrocities in Iraq

(Editor's note: Kaminski on "The Power Hour," Jan. 14, 8 a. m. EST, more info below.)

By John Kaminski skylax [at] comcast [dot] net

Maybe I'm only deluding myself, but I seem to remember stories during the Vietnam war when American reporters at least pretended to be outraged when U. S. troops were accused of sickening war crimes. I mean, the My Lai massacre was a big deal when it was revealed — accidentally, as I recall. At least a couple of officers were prosecuted and sentenced to long prison terms in country club jails, and TV and newspapers reporters at least wagged their fingers while proclaiming this was not the way Americans were supposed to behave.

But on the other hand, we noticed that recent exposé in the Toledo Blade newspaper in which it was revealed that many U. S. units in Vietnam were given carte blanche by their superiors to butcher women and children in a pathetic attempt to frighten the Vietnamese natives into supporting the froth-mouthed white-skinned invaders who were eviscerating their jungle paradise.

Wild as they were, the 1960s were a more innocent time in America. Doing the right thing and treating foreigners with respect had not yet been eliminated from the social repertoire of American behavior.

But that was then and this is now.

Savage terrorists who hold nothing sacred, least of all the precious lives of innocent civilians, are now running roughshod over the obliterated dump once known as the prosperous nation of Iraq — and they are wearing American uniforms. http://i.am/jah/horse.htm

But most Americans don't notice. They don't mention that stuff on TV anymore. The reporters are embedded with the troops, and those who try to report accurately from the battlefield — and there are numerous instances of this nowadays — wind up with an accidental bullet in their heads if they do. Another example of the new American way.

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True teeth care - re-enamalize naturally


Letter from Gerard F. Judd , Ph. D. , Chemist, Researcher for 18 years and Professor of Chemistry for 33 yrs.


April 2002

Dear Government Executive and Employee:

We can all stop spending billions for American dental work and research. Let me tell you why: I have learned the real causes of dental cavities and gum infection. People, including you, will now be able to take care of their own dentistry with insignificant cost, and end with perfect teeth. Cavities and gum infections are ended! http://i.am/jah/heal.htm

A great amount of REPUTABLE DENTAL RESEARCH proves the following:

1. Tooth cavities will be ended simply by rinsing acids off the teeth. ACIDS ALONE EAT THE ENAMEL. There would be no cavities in the world if all people rinsed acids from their teeth promptly. Just sip water, milk or other liquid while eating. Water reacts with acids.

2. Foods and drinks, other than those containing acids, have no action on tooth enamel. SUGARS HAVE NO ACTION ON THE ENAMEL.

3. Bacteria cannot damage the enamel (calcium hydroxy phosphate). There is no such thing as decay of the enamel since bacteria require carbon and hydrogen to live. Billions of human and animal remains show teeth and bones are resistant to earth-bound organisms.

4. Teeth reenamalize when clean. TO MAKE TEETH CL EAN ONE BRUSHES WITH ANY BAR SOAP. ( There are good toothpastes at the health food stores. Check the ingredients before buying. Don't get anything with glycerine in it.) Soap washes off in just 2 rinses. What about toothpastes? Glycerine in all tooth pastes is so sticky that it takes 27 washes to get it off. Teeth brushed with any toothpaste are coated with a film and CANNOT PROPERLY REENAMELIZE.

5. Taking calcium and phosphate in the diet results in reenamelization of the teeth, but only when they are clean. Bar soap does a perfect job in cleaning the surface. The enamel thickens and becomes less sensitive. Adenosine diphosphatase furnishes phosphate to teeth.

6. Gums are disinfected by brushing with any bar soap. Not only bacteria and viruses are destroyed promptly by small amounts of soap in water, but also white flies and aphids. Gardeners: Spray 1 tsp of dishwashing soap in 1 gallon of water to kill white flies and aphids.

7. Plaque, a poorly formed crystal stuck to the bottom of the enamel, is prevented and eventually removed by brushing with bar soap. Dental procedures to get the badly formed crystals off dig holes through the enamel. These cavities catch food and cause gum infection.

8. Prevention of plaque retards gum pockets. Gum pockets are formed as the plaque pushes the gums away from the teeth. Gum pockets, from 1 to 8 mm deep, are also formed by FLUORIDE, which severs the protein molecules adhering the gums to the teeth. SOAP PREVENTS GINGIVITIS caused by bacteria which is lodged in the gum pockets.

9. VITAMIN C AND PHOSPHATE help knit the gums back to the teeth. Pressing against the gums with fingers forces adhesive materials from the gums onto the teeth, which helps the process. Abscesses can be offset by holding Cepacol (14% alcohol) in the mouth 5 minutes.

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An Unnatural Disaster: Global Warming to Kill Off 1 Million Species

An Unnatural Disaster: Global Warming to Kill Off 1 Million Species
Scientists Shocked by Results of Research; 1 in 10 animals and plants extinct by 2050

Published on Thursday, January 8, 2004 by the Guardian/UK
by Paul Brown

Climate change over the next 50 years is expected to drive a quarter of land animals and plants into extinction, according to the first comprehensive study into the effect of higher temperatures on the natural world.

The sheer scale of the disaster facing the planet shocked those involved in the research. They estimate that more than 1 million species will be lost by 2050. The results are described as "terrifying" by Chris Thomas, professor of conservation biology at Leeds University, who is lead author of the research from four continents published today in the magazine Nature.

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A Truly *Wide-Awake American

From rense.com; Name Witheld, 12-25-03

I am one American who IS wide awake on what is going on in my country and around the world. I could explain things that would curl your toe nails. [He claims to bewide awake. If he really were wide awake, he would know The Way to Defeat the New Worl Order]

As a free nation, the United States is done. Via the pre-planned "inside job" 9-11, and the subsequent Patriot Acts, Dept of Homeland Security, Presidential Executive Orders, and new "enforcement" laws buried deep in legislation passed by our "zombied" Congress, the peoples of the United States are being placed under increased "lockdown", and, with another pre-planned 9-11 looming on the horizon, the endgame is total lockdown. Hitler's concentration camps for the Jews and other undesirables will pale in comparison for what the U.S. government has in store for its "undesirables". The majority of Americans are placated with the many of life's "trinkets". As long as they can have their Twinkies, SUVs, Gameboys, Barney, and Monday Night Football, life's just great! - whether it's being a couch potato at home, or a sardine in a 4' x 5' cell in a "re-education center" in the future. Too many Americans are overweight, out of shape, malnourished from nutrient-stripped foods, on drugs (whether legal or illegal), in denial, turned-on, tuned-out, turned-off, brain-dead, etc, to be able to muster any kind of effective resistance to what is about to take place across the American landscape. As a consequence, millions will die.
Terrorism is big business! And, all too often, big business is terrorism. The common misconception in the public's mind is that terrorists are a bunch of dirt poor malcontents who somehow manage to bypass our best security and commit horrible acts against us God-fearing, flag-waving, freedom-loving Americans. In other words - as President Bush would have us believe - they (the terrorists) hate us because of our freedoms.
For 9-11 to have happened was more than whatever Bin Laden could have dreamed up or even financed. Bin Laden, as powerful as he certainly is in his own right, does not, however, have the power to cause the United States Air Defenses to "stand down" and "delay" during the aircraft hijackings and subsequent attacks. That kind of power could only come from "within" the United States and would take enormous amounts of money to plan 9-11 and to guarantee the cooperation and silence of the many players and participants, at whatever levels of their respective operations. And where does that kind of money come from?
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