Oklahoma City Bombing: Startling evidence proves cover-up

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Stubbornly pursuing a course that is destroying the planet


By Peter Montague

We are living in a world that is essentially new. Almost everything has changed in the past 50 years. Perhaps we are trying to understand this new world using habits of thought from the old world. Maybe that is why things seem so confusing. Let's consider some of the ways the world has changed since 1950.

In the largest sense, here is the big change of the past 50 years: For aeons, there was a shortage of people and an abundance of nature. We set up all our institutions (churches, corporations, governments, laws, courts, media, schools) to encourage population growth and economic growth (the accumulation of capital assets -- farms, factories, highways, ports, power plants, and so on). Now we find ourselves with a shortage of nature, a superabundance of people, and a glut of capital assets -- more than we know what to do with, really. Because of this fundamental shift, almost everything is different now than it was 50 years ago. But our institutions, our language, and our mental tools have not changed. As a result, we are stubbornly pursuing a course that is wrecking the future.

Let's review some features of our new world:

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Facing the New Dark Age: A Grassroots Approach


by John Michael Greer

ABSTRACT: Despite four decades of detailed warnings, industrial civilization has failed to turn aside from self-destructive policies of exponential growth and dependence on nonrenewable resources. At this point, stark limits of time and resources as well as a failure of political will make attempts to prevent the fall of industrial society an exercise in futility. Individuals, small groups, and communities can still prepare for the approaching crises by mastering low-tech survival skills now to lay foundations for a sustainable society in the future.

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9/11 Politics Turns Bizarre

Untitled Document

As I have told people many times; there is ONLY one solution and that is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous legislating N.W.O. Zion-Nazi mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of OKC, 911, Bali, 7/7/2005 and the phoney War on Terror and Freedom, and their black-robed priests and reinstate God’s Perfect Laws of Liberty:- http://jahtruth.net/plan.htm

Time is running out:- http://jahtruth.net/signs.htm




Wisconsin politicians display ignorance, paranoia, and pandering, Scholars say

Madison, WI (PRWEB) October 12, 2006 --- The Governor of Wisconsin, Jim Doyle, and his GOP rival, Mark Green, both want to fire a controversial instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for holding views about 9/11 they don’t like. Kevin Barrett, a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, is discussing 9/11 and its impact on relations between the US and Islam in a course on Islam he is offering this semester. 

  Barrett has now inflamed political passions by drawing comparisons between Adolf Hitler and George W. Bush in a forthcoming essay. “Like Bush and the neocons, Hitler and the Nazis inaugurated their new era by destroying an architectural monument and blaming its destruction on their designated enemies,” he writes, where the Twin Towers played a role parallel to that of the German Reichstag.

  “That may sound like an exaggeration if you have never studied what happened on 9/11,” observed James Fetzer, the founder of the scholars’ society, “but what we have discovered lends considerable weight to the parallel.  The Twin Towers, for example, were brought down by special kinds of controlled demolition, not by the impact of the planes, the jet-fuel-based fires, or any kind of pancake collapse.” 


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Empty Storehouses

last updated 17.10.2006

" King of kings' Bible - 2 Esdras ...6:22 (ii) And suddenly shall the sown places appear unsown, the full storehouses shall suddenly be found empty (of food, including the seas from over-fishing)
6:23 (iii) And the trumpet (6th or 7th - Rev. 9-10) shall give a sound, which when every man heareth, they shall be suddenly afraid.
6:24 (iv) At that time shall friends fight one against another like enemies, and the Earth shall stand in fear with those that dwell therein, the springs of the fountains shall stand still, and in three "hours" they shall not run.
6:25 Whosoever remaineth from all these that I have told thee shall escape, and see My Salvation, and the End of your World.
- The "Signs" of the "End" Times




Oct 16, 2006
Booming populations threaten East Asian coasts
"Growing populations and booming economies are threatening fragile coastal areas in East Asia, and the region's coral reefs could face total collapse within 20 years, according to a new United Nations study."


October 12, 2006
Grain stockpiles at lowest for 25 years

"The world’s stockpiles of wheat are at their lowest level in more than a quarter century, according to the US Department of Agriculture, which on Thursdayslashed its forecasts for global wheat and corn production.... "


04 October 2006
The century of drought
One third of the planet will be desert by the year 2100, say climate experts in the most dire warning yet of the effects of global warming


04 October 2006
Get ready for freak weather, world's polluters told

The world's top polluting nations were told on Wednesday to prepare for decades of weather turmoil, even if they act now to curb emissions and pursue green energy sources.


September 30, 2006
India Digs Deeper, but Wells Are Drying Up

The country is running through its groundwater so fast that scarcity could threaten whole regions like this one, drive people off the land and ultimately stunt the country’s ability to farm and feed its people.

"...Indian law has virtually no restrictions on who can pump groundwater, how much and for what purpose. Anyone, it seems, can — and does — extract water as long as it is under his or her patch of land. That could apply to homeowner, farmer or industry.

Electric pumps have accelerated the problem, enabling farmers and others to squeeze out far more groundwater than they had been able to draw by hand for hundreds of years. ..."


August 16, 2006
World water demand 'will double'
WORLD demand for water will double by 2050, with a third of the globe's population already facing shortages of the precious resource, an international expert has warned.


Aug 11, 2006
Pacific 'Dead Zone' Said To Exceed Fears
Scientists say the oxygen-starved "dead zone" along the Pacific Coast that is causing massive crab and fish die-offs is worse than initially thought.


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Momentum Transfer


This site is supposed to contain one of the best breakdowns of the 9-11 demolitions, available, here


The Challenge.

We hear about pancake theory, and truss failure theory, and such like, but never in anything other than a vague notion of what exactly went on during the collapse.

So here is the challenge. I've published my theories on the Tower Demolition page and produced a narrative that fits the evidence. Now you can criticise the theory or the narrative as much as you like but If you want to replace it you have to improve on it. 
You can try out a part of the official version of you like but you have to show detail of how the various pieces of evidence can be accomodated. 
Tell me in detail how it collapsed, pancake, truss failure, mini nuke, EMP weapon, however you like.

If you want to take the challenge go to the Tower Demolition page. 

Will the real "junk scientists" please stand up. 

My E-mail address is gordonjross [at] yahoo [dot] com 

Please note that although I refer to my theory, the credit for discovery of these various facets of the collapse rests with many people from many sites on the web. All I have done is compile that work to show cause and effect of the various points raised. By putting my name to a compilation I am not assuming the credit that deservedly lies elsewhere. In a similar vein, I would welcome suggestions or comments, or photographs showing the evidence mentioned as well as other points of evidence that may exist. There is always room for improvement and I will continue to add to the site as I find clearer graphics and the time.



Reply to NIST

Tower Demolition

Momentum Transfer in WTC


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911PHYSICS.CO.NR - A Scientific Investigation Into The 9/11 Attacks

911PHYSICS.CO.NR - Chris Morganti

A Member of Scholars For 9/11 Truth


September 11th - WTC 1 & 2 | Boeing 767? | WTC 7 | Pentagon | Flight 93 | Osama
Terrorist Attacks - Bali Bombings | London Bombings
Articles - Conspiracy Theory! | Probability Of Collapse | Pyroclastic Flow | Debunking Popular Mechanics | Debunking 911Myths
New World Order - NWO Quotes | Skull & Bones
Miscellaneous Visitor Hall of Fame (Must See) | WTC Flash Animation | Free Documentaries




The Web 911Physics
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An Obituary, America (1776 - 2006)

An Obituary by Larry Butts

America (1776 - 2006)

America, often referred to by her nickname “Land of the Free,” was killed today in Washington, DC, by a drunk driver. The driver has been identified only as Commander in Chief. She had been ill recently.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 4, her parents included Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, and George Washington.

She was known in her youth as rebellious, and, after throwing off the shackles of a tyrannical dictator, she and her family pledged that they would prefer death to a life under an oppressor.

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Ahmadi-Nejad's speech at the United Nations

Address by
His Excellency Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nej ad
President of the Islamic Republic of Iran
before the 61 st Session of the General assembly New York, 19 September 2006



Madam President,
Distinguished Heads of State and Government,
Distinguished Heads of Delegation, Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen

I praise the Merciful, All-Knowing and Almighty God for blessing me with another opportunity to address this Assembly on behalf of the great nation of Iran and to bring a number of issues to the attention of the international community.

 I also praise the Almighty for the increasing vigilance of peoples across the globe, their courageous presence in different international settings, and the brave expression of their views and aspirations regarding global issues.

Today, humanity passionately craves commitment to the Truth, devotion to God, quest for Justice and respect for the dignity of human beings. Rejection of domination and aggression, defense of the oppressed, and longing for peace constitute the legitimate demand of the peoples of the world, particularly the new generations and the spirited youth, who aspire a world free from decadence, aggression and injustice, and replete with love and compassion. The youth have a right to seek justice and the Truth; and they have a right to build their own future on the foundations of love, compassion and tranquility. And, I praise the Almighty for this immense blessing.
http://i.am/ jah/truth.htm

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911 Mysteries

Untitled Document

Part 1 - Demolitions

The first 9/11 movie designed specifically for the mainstream audience, a theatrical quality movie-length DVD with a full original soundtrack that will rivet you to your seat and blast out of your home theatre system. Listen to what the 9/11 Superstars are saying:

  • David Ray Griffin "Excellent -- the best of the 9/11 movies."

  • Professor Steven Jones "WOW! is my reaction to this movie. With graphics and interviews, it provides great insight into demolitions and what really happened on 9/11/01."

  • James Fetzer "An outstanding contribution to understanding 9/11 -- simply superb."


Available on Google Video.
Bittorrent available here
Download available here or possibly here

911 Mysteries Website



Tall buildings shatter in 10 seconds, steel beams buckle as if crushed by Superman. A volcano of ash darkens the sky. Can jet fuel perform such a feat?



A 757 dives into the Pentagon, penetrating to its core. Invisible Arabs hijack airplanes, passengers make history and untraceable phone calls. “Elementary, my dear Watson. Let’s roll.”

NORAD’s fighter jets are everywhere but in the northeastern skies. The President reads a story of a goat with schoolchildren. Would Dick Tracy know the proper time to scramble?


PART 3: WHO BENEFITS (to come)

Stock trades and civil rights go haywire. An empire is born as citizens enjoy the perfect Big Sleep. Bogart did say, “All you owe the public is a good performance.” But who’s backstage?




Review by The French Connection

A woman in California named Sofia is invigorating the 9/11 movement with a truly new video, 911 Mysteries.

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America: Freedom to Fascism



A documentary that explores the connection between income tax collection and the erosion of civil liberties in America...

Bittorrent of the complete movie available atleast here

The complete movie is, at the moment, available on Google Video.
Alternative download here


About those faked Beirut photos...

The following is commentary by Whatreallyhappened.com about the incidence with the photoshopped photo of Beirut in 2006. We at 100777.com couldn't agree more.



Looking back at the Public Relations aspect of the recent debacle in Lebanon, one incident deserves a final parting examination. And that is the furor that erupted over a Reuter's photograph of Beirut that was obviously doctored.

Beirut Photo After

In the above, the top panel is the original photograph, and the bottom is what Reuter's released. The obviousness of the alteration quickly attracted notice and the photographer was suspended and Reuter's withdrew the photo. Isdrael then claimed that all the work done by Reuiter's in Lebanon, in particulat the Qana massacre, was now suspect.

How very convenient.

My "day job" is in an industry that is expert at image trickery. I work in film visual effects. It was that expertise that resulted in my outing of the Vincent Foster murder almost 14 years ago and launched this website.

But one does not need to be an expert to see that the altered photo is altered. Someone used the rubber stamp brush in Photoshop to swirl the clouds around, causing the repeating pattern seen in the plumes.


Take a look at the original image. Does it need alternation or enhancement? Do the changes made with photoshop in any way alter the content or meaning of the photo, or make the captionm more or less appropriate? No. The alteration has no purpose at all ... except to call attention to itself, at a time when Israel desperately needed to discredit the reports coming out of Lebanon.

One final point. Photographers do not select which of their photos get published and which so not. That decision is made by numerous other people, including the photo editor, the section editor, and finally the managing editor. For this photo to have gone out, many people had to sign off on it. Do you really think that the altered photo got all the way through Reuter's management, office staff, photo editors, webmasters, etc. without someone noticing the obvious signs of fakery?

Me neither.

This fake was designed to be spotted. It was put out by Reuter's intentionally with the sole purpose of handing Israel a means to discount media reports of the war crimes being committed inside Lebanon.

Who in Reuter's put the welfare of Israel above their oen company's credibility, I wonder?

BRITAIN: The mysterious case of the disappearing 'terror’ plots


by Norm Dixon

Readers of Britain’s newspapers are regularly accosted with blood-curdling banner headlines screaming of the “thwarting” of potentially catastrophic “terror plots”, of “Islamic fanatics” being apprehended in daring midnight raids. “Chilling” details, “revealed” by anonymous police and government “sources”, underline why “we” must accept a “trade-off” between civil liberties and “security”, the editorials assure an apprehensive populace. Months or even years later, however, news that many of the “plots” never actually existed is buried behind the latest sex scandal or exploitative “expose” — if reported at all.

On August 10, deputy commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police Paul Stephenson declared that a plan to “cause untold death and destruction” and “mass murder on an unimaginable scale” had been foiled with the arrest of 24 people. “We believe that the terrorists’ aim was to smuggle explosives onto planes in hand luggage to detonate them in flight”, Stephenson alleged. Britain’s and the world’s mass media trumpeted the claims.

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Good-bye Main Stream Media, Hello alternative

Thursday, September 07, 2006

By Mark Meza

Many mainstream television programs today claim to offer the viewer an impartial approach on any given issue, this just isn’t true, there is no longer any such thing as an unbiased television program in the MSM [mainstream media]. For all intents and purposes every network is subservient to its owners and management, which is largely pro-Zionist in our contemporary world. Many people like to point out that the networks are “owned,” by stockholders and “managed,” by a “Board of Directors,” and that the only bias they have is one directed at profit. When I hear this I feel it necessary to point out that Enron was also a publicly traded corporation and it too had a Board of Directors. Despite this it only took a few individuals at the very top to drive the corporation into the ground. In other words Enron stockholders had no say whatsoever in the direction Enron was taking, if they had, the corporation wouldn’t have gone bankrupt, it’s really ! a matter of economics 101, stockholders aren’t interested in pursuing policies that will reduce their holdings by more than a thousand percent, but nonetheless, that’s exactly what happened at Enron. The television networks are also in theory “owned,” by stockholders, but the networks are managed by hardcore Zionists whose sole agenda is as un-American and downright treasonous as anything any enemy of this country could ever perpetrate on the people of this nation.

The Next Phase of the Middle East War

by Michel Chossudovsky

September 4, 2006

Israel's war on Lebanon is an integral part of a US sponsored "military roadmap". 

The war on Lebanon, which has resulted in countless atrocities including the destruction of the nation's economy and civilian infrastructure, is "a stage" in a sequence of carefully planned military operations. 

Lebanon constitutes a strategic corridor between Israel and North-western Syria. The underlying objective of this war was the militarization of Lebanon, including the stationing of foreign troops, as a precondition for carrying out the next phase of a broader military agenda. 

Formally under a UN mandate, the foreign troops to be stationed on Lebanese soil on the immediate border with Syria, will be largely although not exclusively from NATO countries. This military force mandated by the UN Security Council is by no means neutral. It responds directly to US and Israeli interests. 

Moreover, the timely withdrawal of Syrian troops, following the February 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri has contributed to opening up a "new space". The withdrawal of Syrian troops served Israeli interests. The timely pullout was of strategic significance: it was a major factor in the timing and planning of the July 2006 IDF attacks on Lebanon. 

In the aftermath of the Israeli bombings and the "ceasefire", UN Security Council Resolution 1701, drafted by France and the US in close consultation with the Israeli government, has paved the way for the militarization of Lebanon, under a bogus UN mandate. 

The Next Phase of the Middle East War

Confirmed by official statements and military documents, the US in close coordination with Britain (and in consultation with its NATO partners), is planning to launch a war directed against Iran and Syria. US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton has already initiated the draft of a UN Security Council resolution with a view to imposing sanctions on Tehran for its alleged (nonexistent) nuclear weapons program. Whether this resolution is adopted is not the main issue. The US may decide to proceed in defiance of the Security Council, following a veto by Russia and/or China. The vote of France and Britain, among the permanent members has already been secured. 


Please follow the weblink for the complete article

"Lucky Larry" Silverstein

by unknown

You've got to be lucky to make $4 Billion killing on a 6-month investment of $124 Million

Larry Silverstein is the New York property tycoon who purchased (made a bid for) the entire WTC complex just 6 months prior to the 9/11 attacks. That was the first time in its 33-year history the complex had EVER changed ownership. (The bid for the lease to the World Trade Center was accepted on July 24, 2001)

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Preview of World War Three

Dear Group,

I hope everyone is well and in good spirit.

A reader reacted to this article by asking: "Could the fight against Satanists serve as a common denominator for Christians and Muslims to shrink their differences? " (see right at the bottom, please.)

I immediately thought "Yes, especially if they all knew about the King of kings Bible!"

Those who agree please contact Henry Makow at [email protected] ca Perhaps he will write something about it.. who knows?



Preview of World War Three

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

September 01, 2006

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

In coming days and weeks, sock-puppets like George Bush will jawbone about stopping Iran's "nuclear enrichment program."

If you understand the big picture you can tune all that out. If it weren't nuclear enrichment, he'd find some another excuse to menace Iran. Here's why: 

The London-based Illuminati central bankers want to complete their Masonic world dictatorship by extending their power over Russia and China. (The Illuminati is an occult society that controls Freemasonry, the largest secret society in the world. That's their emblem on the US dollar.)

In "The Grand Chessboard" (1997) Carter National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski said control of the Middle East and Central Asia, including Afghanistan and the Caspian oil fields was a prerequisite to controlling Russia and China.

To justify the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the Illuminati engineered Sept. 11 (Yes, the Bush Administration, Federal Reserve, CFR, CIA MI-6 and Mossad were behind it.)  As Brzezinski wrote: "the pursuit of power is not a goal that commands popular passion, except in conditions of a sudden threat or challenge to the public's sense of domestic well-being. The economic self-denial (that is, defense spending) and the human sacrifice (casualties, even among professional soldiers) required in the effort are uncongenial to democratic instincts. Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization. " (p.35)

(See Michael Ruppert, "A War in the Planning for Four Years: How Stupid do they Think We Are?" )

In 2001, Russia and China together with four Central Asian states set up the "Shanghai Cooperation Organization" to expel the US from! the region.

Iran, Pakistan and India were granted observer status. Iran was regarded as the linchpin to the whole region. In other words, under no circumstances will Russia and China let Iran be defeated. The same applies to the Taliban in Afghanistan. World War Three will pit West against East, NATO against the SCO.

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The oil in your oatmeal

A lot of fossil fuel goes into producing, packaging and shipping our breakfast


Chad Heeter

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Please join me for breakfast. It's time to fuel up again.

On the table in my small Berkeley apartment this morning is a healthy-looking little meal -- a bowl of imported McCann's Irish oatmeal topped with Cascadian Farms organic frozen raspberries, and a cup of Peet's Fair Trade Blend coffee. Like most of us, I prepare my breakfast at home, and the ingredients for this one probably cost me about $1.25. (If I went to a cafe in downtown Berkeley, I'd probably have to add $6 more, plus tip, for the same.)

My breakfast fuels me up with about 400 calories, and it satisfies me. So for just over a buck and half and an hour spent reading the morning paper in my own kitchen, I'm energized for the next few hours. But before I put spoon to cereal, what if I consider this bowl of oatmeal porridge (to which I've just added a little butter, milk and a shake of salt) from a different perspective. Say, a Saudi Arabian one.

Then what you'd be likely to see -- what's really there, just hidden from our view (not to say our taste buds) -- is about 4 ounces (113g) of crude oil. Throw in those luscious red raspberries and that cup of java (an additional 3 ounces (85g) of crude), and don't forget those modest additions of butter, milk and salt (1 more ounce (28g)), and you've got a tiny bit of the Middle East right here in my kitchen.

Now, let's drill a little deeper into this breakfast. Just where does this tiny gusher of oil actually come from? (We'll let this oil represent all fossil fuels in my breakfast, including natural gas and coal.)

Nearly 20 percent of this oil went into growing my raspberries on Chilean farms many thousands of miles away, those oats in the fields of County Kildare, Ireland, and that specially raised coffee in Guatemala -- think tractors as well as petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides.

The next 40 percent of my breakfast fossil-fuel equation is burned up between the fields and the grocery store in processing, packaging and shipping.

Take that box of McCann's oatmeal. On it is an inviting image of pure, healthy goodness: a bowl of porridge, topped by two peach slices. Scattered around the bowl are a handful of raw oats, what look to be four acorns and three fresh raspberries. Those raw oats are actually a reminder that the flakes require a few steps 'twixt field and box. In fact, a visit to McCann's Web site illustrates each step of cleaning, steaming, hulling, cutting and rolling that turns the raw oats into edible flakes. Those five essential steps require significant energy.

Next, my oat flakes go into a plastic bag (made from oil), which in turn is inserted into an energy-intensive, pressed wood-pulp, printed paper box. Only then does my breakfast leave Ireland and travel 5,000 fuel-gorging, carbon-dioxide-emitting miles by ship and truck to my grocery store in California.

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The mass poisoning of humanity: an exploration of human stupidity

Posted Monday, June 13, 2005 by Mike Adams
on http://www.newstarget.com/008511.html

As human beings, we're the only species stupid enough to actually poison ourselves. As part of modern living, we create a wide variety of chemical toxins that go into the ecosystem through rivers and streams, the air, the soil and so on. Not only that, we actually synthesize toxic chemicals and then inject them directly into the food supply -- knowing full well that they are poisonous and are major contributors to the epidemic rates of chronic disease we are experiencing today.

The Seven Most Dangerous Ingredients in Conventional Foods

King of kings' Bible - Enoch 68:14 Since they (men) were only created, so that, like the angels of heaven, they might remain righteous and pure.
68:15 Then death, which destroys every thing, would not have affected them;
68:16 But by this, THEIR KNOWLEDGE (science - 1 Tim. 5:20), THEY PERISH, and by this also its power consumes them.
http://i.am/ jah/kofkad.htm

Grocery Warning: The Seven Most Dangerous Ingredients in Conventional Foods

NewsTarget Insider Alert
By Mike Adams
NewsTarget.com /Truth Publishing LLC, June 7, 2006


1) Sodium nitrite -- causes cancer, found in most processed meats like hot dogs, bacon, sausage. Used to make meats appear red (a color fixer chemical).

2) Hydrogenated oils -- causes heart disease, nutritional deficiencies, general deterioration of cellular health, and much more. Found in cookies, crackers, margarine and many "manufactured" foods. Used to make oils stay in the food, extending shelf life. Sometimes also called "plastic fat."

3) Excitotoxins -- aspartame, monosodium glutamate and others (see below). These neurotoxic chemical additives directly harm nerve cells, over- exciting them to the point of cell death, according to Dr. Russell Blaylock. They're found in diet soda, canned soup, salad dressing, breakfast sausage and even many manufactured vegetarian foods. They're used to add flavor to over-processed, boring foods that have had the life cooked out of them.

Source: A new book by Mike Adams, entitled "Grocery Warning" takes a scientific look at a plethora of problematic ingredients in the everyday foods we eat.

Learn more: http://www.organicconsumers.org/2006/article_705.cfm


The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N. W. O. Zion-Nazi bankster mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of OKC, 911,
7/7/2005 and the phoney War on Terror and reinstate God's Perfect Laws of Liberty:- http://i.am/jah/plan.htm

Time is running out:- http://i.am/jah/signs.htm http://thewayhomeorfacethefire.info/

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Former head of Mossad gives game away?

by Skywalker
http://www.libertyforum.org/... (with continued discussion)

There was an interesting article written by the former head of the Mossad (Efraim Halevi) and published in the Jerusalem Post on the 7th July (same day of the London attacks).

Now, considering that at first, for at least 2 days, the media reported that the bombs did not go off simultaneously but over a time-span of approximately 50 minutes...

... how did this person know that the bombs had gone off simultaneously and that there was "sophisticated choice of timing as well as near-perfect execution"?

Please read the following, quoted from Efraim Halevi's article, written(?) and published on the same day of the attacks:-

The multiple, simultaneous explosions that took place today on the London transportation system were the work of perpetrators who had an operational capacity of considerable scope. They have come a long way since the two attacks of the year 1998 against the American embassies in Nairobi and Dar-Es-Salaam, and the aircraft actions of September 11, 2001.

There was careful planning, intelligence gathering, and a sophisticated choice of timing as well as near-perfect execution. We are faced with a deadly and determined adversary who will stop at nothing and will persevere as long as he exists as a fighting terrorist force.

Amazing knowledge of the careful planning, intelligence gathering and sophisticated choice of timing, let alone his claim of "as well as near-perfect execution".

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Will Amnesty International help Mr. Germar Rudolf?

This is a letter from Paul Grubach to Amnesty International.


August 16, 2006
Amnesty International




I have been informed that one of the main purposes of your organization is to defend human rights worldwide. I am writing to you now to inform you of a very serious human rights violation that is taking place in your own nation, and to request that you would publicly speak out about it.

Mr. Germar Rudolf, a former chemistry doctoral candidate at the prestigious Max Planck Institute, is a German citizen who was forced to flee his native Germany because he has questioned and refuted certain aspects of the Jewish Holocaust story. In short, I believe that he showed that the alleged Auschwitz gas chambers never existed. In the United States, near Chicago, Revisionist scholar Rudolf was recently torn from his American wife and their child and delivered to Germany. He is in prison in Stuttgart.

They Want Your Soul

"It's really hard to describe this video with words. It features assaulting visuals, with facts and combined information that you will find in no other documentary, laid over an music score that you wont soon forget. With the intense audio/visuals and loads of information you may need to watch this several times to absorb the many things you've probably never heard of. The information contained in this video applies to all Americans and humans alike, regards of beleifs or affiliations. This is as unbiased as it gets".

Major Talking Points: Political-Bias-Neuroscience, Controlled-Media, Pop-culture / sports, Elite, TV & Radio-induced-ignorance, Death-of-the-Middle-Class, Disaster-Profits, Our-new-hybrid-political-system, Bush / Kerry, Skull & Bones, Hack-Elections, 911-Commission / Prior-Knowledge, Fear-Mongering, Freedom / Terrorism, Shredded-Constitution, War-in-Iraq, PNAC, Military-Net-Centric-Computing, NSA-Wiretaps, Data-mines, DARPA Internet2, TIA/MATRIX, National-ID's, GPS car/phone tracking, Verichip-Implants, Nanotechnology, NBIC, Masonic-DC, Artificial-Intelligence, God-on-Earth, Singularity, Transhumanism, Biological-Brain-Computers, Cyborgs, Beast-of-Revelation, New-Age, Occult, Mayan 2012  





This is a copy of http://ignoranceisntbliss.com/ dated 21.08.2006

Seabed dying in the Baltic Sea: Study


HELSINKI –– An increasing lack of oxygen at the bottom of the Baltic Sea is causing animal and plant life to die, with parts of the Gulf of Finland seabed resembling a desert, a European study published on Thursday showed.

"The bottom fauna monitoring gave the worst results so far. An abundant and diversified bottom fauna was now found only at four observation sites of 47" in the Gulf of Finland, the Finnish Institute of Marine Research and the Finnish Environment Institute said.

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August 2006 Terror Scare

This is a growing list of articles concerning this event.

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N. W. O. Zion-Nazi mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of OKC, 911, Bali, 7/7/7 and the phoney War on Terror and the people's rights, as I have been telling you since before 911 and since Bush came to power:- http://i.am/jah/plan.htm


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George Galloway: Israel is a Terrorist State

George Galloway has spoken out in support of Lebanon, saying he believes Hizbollah is justified in defending Lebanon against Israeli attacks. The Respect MP also lambasted media coverage of the war and said the UN resolution means nothing.

via Kurtnimmo.com

Note how the techies at Murdoch’s Sky News potted down the volume on Galloway, as he made too much sense and was cleaning the anchor’s clock, and then brought up the volume of b-roll footage to drown him out. You’d think, by now, the corporate media would steer clear of Galloway, as he consisently tells the truth, a forbidden fruit in the fraudulent “war on terror,” that is to say state-sponsored terrorism against Arabs and Muslims resisting the murderous aggression of Israel and the United States.

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Also see this commentary by Daryl Bradford Smith
"If Zionists control the media, then why would George Galloway be allowed to criticize Israel on mainstream television or radio?"

Collapse Of Greenland Ice Shield - Consequences


By Dr John James

08 August, 2006 Countercurrents. org

The Greenland glaciers that cover the island contain enough water to raise sea level twenty feet, or seven meters. It was once thoughts (and that was only six years ago) that the glaciers would be self-sustaining even in a warming world because of size and so on.

We now know that this is not true. Not only are the edges melting fast, but the surface melt is seeping through the ice to lubricate the junction between the ice and the rock underneath. This is the unexpected factor that has turned scientific attention onto this escalating problem.

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En judisk avhoppare varnar Amerika

The following item is the exposé "Benjamin Freedman - A Jewish Defector Warns America" in Swedish. Also available in English, and Finnish


En judisk avhoppare varnar Amerika

av Benjamin H. Freedman

Se även: Orginal, Finsk Översättning

Länkar samt kommentarer av JAH, översatta av 100777.com

Benjamin H. Freedman var en av 1900-talets mest fascinerande och häpnadsväckande personer. Freedman, född 1890, var en framgångsrik judisk affärsman från New York och stod som huvudägare till Woodbury Soap Company när det begav sig. Han bröt med den organiserade judendomen efter den judisk-kommunistiska segern 1945, och tillbringade återstoden av sitt liv, samt merparten av sin ansenliga förmögenhet på minst 2,5 miljoner dollar, med att exponera det judiska förtrycket som kommit att inhölja Förenta Staterna. Freedman visste vad han talade om eftersom han varit en insider på högsta nivå i judiska organisationer och judiska intriger för att erövra makten i vår nation. Freedman var personligen bekant med Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermyer, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Kennedy, John F. Kennedy och många fler pådrivare och omstörtare i vår tid. Det här talet hölls inför en patriotisk åhörarskara 1961 på Willard Hotel i staden Washington å Conde McGinleys patriotiska tidskrift Common Senses vägnar. Även om detta vittomspännande och oförberedda tal har blivit föråldrat i vissa mindre avseenden är Freedmans väsentliga budskap till oss -- hans varning till Väst -- mer angeläget än någonsin tidigare.
-- K.A.S.



Sionisterna styr Förenta Staterna

Första Världskriget

Dödläge år 1916. Sionisterna erbjuder att gå Förenta Staterna med i krig

Förenta staterna tvingas med i Första Världskriget efter Balfourdeklarationen.


Effekten på tyskarna å de förstod judisk aktivitet

Freedman säger att det första världskiget drogs igång mot Tyskland.

Tyska fångläger år 1933

Tyskar bekämpade judisk kontroll.

1933: Judar förklarar heligt krig (och handelskrig) mot Tyskland

Reichskristallnacht samt upprustning

1961: Kärnvapenkrig? För Israel?

Sekretess (likt sionist avtalet med Förenta Staterna) kan inträffa igen

Historia om "judar"

Kol Nidre: Bevis om otrogenhet

George Washington's Vision




Sionisterna styr Förenta Staterna

Här i Förenta Staterna har sionisterna och deras religionsfränder total kontroll över vår regering. Av många anledningar, för många och alltför komplexa för att gå närmare in på här och nu, styr sionisterna och deras religionsfränder Förenta Staterna som vore de det här landets enväldiga monarker. Det kan hända att ni menar att detta är ett allt för generellt uttalande, men låt mig visa er vad som hände medan vi alla sov.


Don’t Let Go of Your Guns!

by Curt Maynard

From this writer’s perspective the absolute best thing to come out of the Presidency of George W. Bush is the fact that so many liberal Democrats have changed their position on gun control. It’s as if the scales were lifted from their eyes, they realized that government itself could no longer be trusted, they witnessed the election of 2000 hijacked, and four years later they saw the same thing happen again without nary a word of dissent from the Democratic candidates. Former gun grabbers in the hundreds of thousands no longer feel the intense desire to disarm their fellow citizens in the name of a better society, in fact many of them have since armed themselves and joined gun clubs and gun lobbies. Good for them. These liberal Democrats now understand the true nature and purpose of the Second Amendment, it was never designed to enable us to obtain wild game whenever and wherever we liked, it was always about being able to defend ourselves from a corrupt and evil ! government. Guess what? That government is here! http://i.am/jah/politics.htm

Even the stupidest American now understands that there is no real difference between the Democans and Republicrats at the highest levels, if one is against unrestricted illegal immigration, which fully eighty percent of all Americans are [A true bipartisan issue], one is compelled to vote for some pro-Israel and pro-war Republican piece of filth that only recently changed his position on the immigration issue in order to get enough votes from the majority to get reelected or to belly over, surrender America’s sovereignty and allow some pro-Israel, pro-war piece of Democratic filth to open the flood gates to the Third World. The Republican will only change his/her mind yet again after the election and vote for some Kennedy sponsored bill that grants amnesty to criminals and spits in the face of the American electorate!

Was 9/11 an 'inside job'?

So why is nobody doing anything about it?

Why are people not up in arms enforcing The Plan? - http://i.am/jah/plan.htm



Thursday, August 3, 2006


More than a third of the American public suspects that federal officials assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them so the United States could go to war in the Middle East, according to a new Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll.

The national survey of 1,010 adults also found that anger against the federal government is at record levels, with 54 percent saying they "personally are more angry" at the government than they used to be. [also see https://100777.com/911/reality]

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