9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

created 13/09/2011 - 07:33 by cybe
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Everything you ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes.

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9/11 towers collapse

The conspiracy theory is more the fact that it is being called a conspiracy theory. The buildings collapsed because two commercial jets flew at high speed fully loaded with jet fuel, that burns at a tremendously high temperature, into the towers. I am just an ordinary retired person and it makes sense to me. My brother is an engineer and it is plausible to him. The design of the building, where the elevator shafts were, etc, all contributed to the pancake effect. Both planes were caught on film flying into the buildings. We knew what airport they left from and how long they had been in the air, so they actually had almost all the fuel left for a cross country flight. In fact, that is why those flights were chosen to have the greatest amount of fuel on board at the time of impact. We know there were 20 muslims who had trained to do this to America at our own flight schools. The government officials were informed by at least one instructor that there was something strange going on when a student wanted to learn how to fly, but didn't care if he learned how to land. Talk about a red flag! But the government failed to act on the information. One of the 20 was detained in a traffic incident, so the final count of terrorists on board the planes was 19. We had an audio account from flight 93 of what was happening and how the terrorists overtook the plane with box cutters. What better testimony is there?

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You must be crazy to keep

You must be crazy to keep believing the lies from the government even when you've seen all the evidence presented on this page!!!

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