September Clues

created 04/07/2007 - 17:10, updated 10/07/2007 - 13:33 by cybe
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Evidence of video image manipulation in "live" news reports on 9/11


If you've ever looked at the "live video" of the suppposed plane strikes on 9/11 and thought they looked off, these videos demonstrate why.

Documented evidence of video image manipulation as well staged "eye witnesss" testimony. [Description from Brasscheck TV]

also available on youtube, and here




Wednesday, June 13, 2007 at 5:25 AM


(please read this before commenting on september Clues, thanks for your time)

This statement is meant to clarify a series of issues and points which I find important to make, given the incredible response SC has had in only a month – a vast majority of positive feedbacks but also some odd and frankly gratuitious comments on a few websites – even on some I used to respect.

My motivations are to find solely in my personal quest for justice in the light of more... the most horrid and murderous hoax of modern times. My longstanding research (helped on by every single component of the wide 911 truth movement) reached its decisive turning point when I was able to analyze the footage/audio of the televisions’ broadcasts of that fateful day. I have double-checked every media (i.e.footage) that has come under my scrutiny and confronted it scrupulously with official television archives and other verifiable sources. Now, if anyone still questions the authenticity of this media, I will gladly help financing a FOIA act to retrieve the original, high-definition footage from the various tv networks.

I initially hesitated to publish this work on the www – if only for the sheer difficulty of displaying by means of low resolution video some of the more subtle details in this study. For instance, the pixel-count of the ‘nose-in/nose-out’ on Fox Tv (see SC part1) may be unconvincing on video but is formidably precise in full format / high-resolution graphics. So, anyone wishing to prove the nose-out is a different ‘object’ than the nose-in, has a formidable task on his hands.

Furthermore, I have reviewed all (over 20) of the existing shots of the 2nd plane hit including the Naudet brothers' footage (1st and 2nd hit). There are tell-tale signs of forgery in every single one of them. I'm putting my twenty years+ of experience in the audio/video field at stake by ruling out beyond any reasonable doubt that the planes seen on tv (and on 'amateur' footage) were real.

What does this mean for the honest, 911 truthseekers (all of them) ? It simply means having solid, tangible proof of foul play – something which has not been available for almost six years. This study does NOT invalidate the hard work of the many 911 truthseekers - let this be very clear. This is just the last - and most factual - piece of a frustrating puzzle which has taken too long to assemble.

I will gracefully listen to anyone's objections and suggestions - but I'll ask fellow truthseekers to cut the disinfo accusations. I understand the shock this is for many : to realize the extent of human evil and deceit is never a painless process.

Sunday, June 10, 2007 at 3:04 PM

Important note : having seen some comments on 'famous' sites linking this research to various organizations, I want to stress that :

I am not linked to any special interests, to anyone whatsoever. I'm a LONE researcher am not affiliated to organizations of any kind. Of course, I have a few very smart friends out there which have helped me through - you know who you are, I love you all.

Also, if anyone questions the authenticity of the TV footage used for this research - go to the more... 911 Chronology Sources Television Archive it's there for all to see :

BUT BE WARNED : the entire FOX5 helicopter-shot has been edited out and replaced with planeless shot (only fireball) similar to CBS's - while commentary has remained unaltered....
Friday, June 8, 2007 at 2:11 PM

Thanks to everyone who leave a comment here.

I deeply appreciate every single opinion on this painstaking research.

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Commentary from Danny


Thank-you for your reply Staffan.

When the subject is video-fakery, it's always going to be difficult to ascertain who is telling the truth. You'd need all the original footage to check against etc etc, correct? But it does make some very good points yes.

If you put yourself in the shoes of the plotters, as they were finalizing the 9-11 plot, is it not plausible that for the last bastion of deceit, as the final "firewall" of protection to prevent the truth from being accepted by ordinary folk... they decided to carry out the attack on the towers in such a manner that were the truth about how they did it, discovered, no-one (very few) would believe it?

They made sure we all "saw" the planes going into the towers. Over and over and over. Perhaps there was another reason for this, besides the "shock and awe" motive. To make sure any truth-seekers who stumbled upon the truth (missiles?) would have a tremendously hard job of convincing others this was how they did it. They would know, that honest truth-seekers, once these knew it was missiles (if indeed that was the case), would not continue to promote the lie that it was planes. And in so doing, the truth would work against them (or so they would believe).

Because, of course, "everyone" saw the planes crashing into the towers.

To me, that's how these people would think. Whether they actually did this or not, I do not know. But that docu sure is food for thought.

Remaining open-minded about this,






My reply to Danny:


Or you'd need to be there on the place.

You theory below [above, about the reason] sounds interesting. I wouldn't wonder if they by now have precise statistics and computer programs on how humans react and how to best manipulate people.

Perhaps the main reason to use a missile instead of a plane was that the plane would practically just crumple against the tower sand most of it would hang/fall out on the other side and not cause the desired huge fireball explosion that would give the viewer the impression that this then caused the collapses.

The list of witnesses, most being MSM people is also very suspect. If they are lying then I wonder what freemasonic-like oaths they've taken.

BTW, since the commenting is working quite well on I could do something to enliven it even more, perhaps have a few regulars giving insights and help with moderation.

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More TV-fakery clues

"If only there were some way to know what the view in the park actually looked like on September 11, more... 2001. Were there trees planted there? Were there lampposts? If only we knew, then we would finally have proof.">
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911 Octopus


"September 11, 1990: President Bush reveals a plan to destroy America and establish a one-world government. He calls it "a big idea, a New World Order".

The Octopus is too weak to carry out his vision in 1990 because the news media are not under total control. The Octopus spend the next ten years planning a "New Pearl Harbor" event that will terrorize the American Public into abandoning their Bill of Rights and join a Global Fascist Police State where cruel and unusual torture is common and resistance is met with secret detention, mind-altering drugs, and execution.

The Octopus plans to enforce their scheme through the use of little-understood high-tech weaponry and intensive propaganda spread through the news media.

With their tentacles carefully placed in strategic positions within the FBI, the Justice Dept, and the Military, the Octopus decides to attack at the Dawn of a New Millenium, exactly 11 years after their plan was announced by the elder President Bush.

Using an imaginary threat of global "Islamic Terrorism" the Octopus enlists the Neo-cons, Zionists, and Right-Wing Christians to spread their propaganda, making empty promises to each group. Little do they realize that as soon as the Octopus takes total control, Israel and the Religious will be betrayed, and all of mankind will serve only one master: The Octopus.

Loose Change and Terrorstorm helped open your eyes, now see through the lies of the mainstream media and understand clearly what is happening.

This movie has nothing to do with Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, or Britney Spears Drunk. But it's still entertaining, new, interesting, and fun. Disturbing not sexy. No webcam girls in this one. Please wake up your friends."

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This one is from this page at
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More of Wescam?

Someone comments: "I have established that this was definitely part of the wescam equipment so I will remove this video shortly"
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Bluescreen layers out of sync

Here is that first event only in a short 7 sec clip.


I quickly made an animated GIF out of the first layerdrift featured in the above clip. I've used 11 frames from the clip and stabilized the camera motion + added a slight orange overlay on the houses. Quite a layer shift there!, poorly disguised by something like "noise", "pixelisation"or "loss of digital signal". I havn't yet looked carefully at the other clips featured in the clip above.

UPDATE 1 : I colored the other building orange too and improved the clip slightly. Someone should do a high quality exposé like this of the original footage...

cybe's picture

High resolution 911 material

I'm currently downloading high resolution 911 material in the hopes of validating the things shown in these video clips above...The download will take quite some time. The Internet Archive doesn't seem to carry high resolution videos anymore but I found a 40Gb Bittorrent download on the Conspiracy Tracker...
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Czech hacker fake video

If Czech hackers faked the video below, what do you think more powerful organizations can fake?
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Exclusive: Proof that New 9\11 Film "September Clues" is a Fraud

Just came across this article, but it's not very impressive to look at, and compare highly compressed youtube clips.

Still hoping to download and look through 40+ gigabytes of 911 footage from the conspiracy tracker:

Anonymous's picture

I'm all about the validity

I'm all about the validity of some conspiracy theories surrounding 911, but people have to be careful not to go to such ridiculous extremes, thereby threatening the legitimate validity of conspiracy claims that might be correct. Remember, the biggest conspiracy/cover up may be the simplest: that the government was caught with their pants down and created a self-perpetuating web of lies to save their asses
simon shack's picture


The definitive, high-resolution version
available for free download here :

Recommended easy-to-download files .
"SEPTEMBER CLUES first half"
+ "SEPTEMBER CLUES second half"

The newsmedia's active complicity on 9/11 should
be clearly apparent to anyone with the necessary
patience to look at the evidence now available.

best regards

simo shack

simon shack's picture


The definitive, high-resolution version
available for free download here :

Recommended easy-to-download files .
+ SEPTEMBER CLUES second half

The newsmedia's active complicity on 9/11 should
be clearly apparent to anyone with the necessary
patience to look at the evidence now available.

best regards

simon shack (author of September Clues)

Anonymous's picture

Plane Speed

I worked near an Airport for 3 years and I researched the Boeing airplane to conclude that there was no way a 757 could travel near sea-level at 500 MPH.

We keep hearing that the speed of the jet was too fast for the fuel to ignite inside the WTC tower .

But the Boeing Specs for those engines also warn Pilots that the engines will burn-up and melt if they exceed the speed limits for 5000,10'000,15'000,20'000-45'000 feet above sea-level . The WTC towers were hit at about 900 feet and less , plus the drone and doppler effect from the jet going by the Firefighter on the Street reminded me of the Planes coming in to land that came down from 10'000 at less than 200 MPH with the nose partially up.

Please, oh please get an opinion from Boeing or a Airline Pilot to prove me wrong because someone somewhere is telling a big lie to help back their theory for what really happened.

Boeing specs show that a full-throttle take-off from an Airport has a 90 second or less limit befor the throttle must be pulled back or the plane must climb through the 5 and 10 thousand foot level with thinner coolers air.
The Plane was pressurized and the massive amount of fuel made the Plane similar to a water-chisel that cuts through metal and steel plates.

I'd really like to believe that Bush was a Genius and mastermind behind this whole complicated attack that needed thousands of people to be part of the cover-up , but so far there are more Muslims claiming that Islam did it then there are non-Muslims denying Islam did it.

Anonymous's picture

I was there. I saw the

I was there. I saw the second plane. Yes it was a plane, I'm not retarded, I know what one looks like. I guess the news media forgot to erase my memory while they were busy altering your television video.

Peir57's picture


This is obvious disinfo designed to make the truth movement look stupid. Judging from the comments on utube and Google, people aren't buying it. Many people know what cointelpro is.

JWU's picture


[ " This is obvious disinfo designed to make the truth movement look stupid. " ]

Well...your comment sure makes you look stupid.

I allways knew those planes couldn't fly into those steel towers...just ask any honest engineer. On those videos we see the nose of the plane making a hole in the steel wall.

But that nose is made of thin aluminium, it would crumble like a piece of paper. Just look at all the wreckage of the real plane crashes that occurred in history.

So when i saw SC i learned how it was possible to do the trick...just 'ollywood special FX...

Thanks a lot, Social Service ( Simon Shack ) !

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